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Sorry but FOX News is actually the most reliable news source…

Politifact claims that FOX News is the most untrue news network in the media:


Here’s an interesting article exposing their lies proving that FOX News is actually pretty reliable, read the whole thing:


Most people especially liberals accuse FOX News of being on one-side. They accuse the network of having a GOP propaganda. People see FOX News as being too “conservative” but honestly, I don’t think so. I see them as trying to be realistic and truthful. I see them as supporting the 1st amendment and freedom of speech. They don’t protect anybody and they just wanna be real, ya know? That’s just my view of FOX News.

I think that is why liberals hate ’em ’cause they tell the “truth”.

If you wanna see stories on Benghazi or Operation: F&F you would not see that stuff on NBC, CBS or CNN. You would tune to FOX News which is sad. Stories like that should be reported everywhere. News media outlets like NBC, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, NPR, NY Times are the ones being on one-side. They only report stories that only has a liberal point of view. Those news networks I listed won’t report anything negative on the Obama administration but FOX news will. FOX News just refuses to protect people ’cause like I said above, they just believe in freedom of speech.

I don’t watch a lot of FOX News but once in a blue moon I”ll tune in when they have something serious about Benghazi that’s why I tuned in to watch that “13 Hours” Benghazi special.

In my opinion, FOX News is just doing some real reporting. When will other networks stop trying to protect liberalism and start doing some real reporting?

It’s why I don’t watch the mainstream news anymore, folks. Too liberal biased for me. Can’t take it. You can’t view that stuff as “credible” ’cause none of it is.

Love ’em or hate ’em, FOX News is actually pretty popular and they are very successful. They’re doing fine so the more liberal hate they get, the merrier. The liberal hate they get is what helped them stay in business.


Conservatism is still alive and strong, it’s just not being promoted hard enough…

Conservatism is still alive and strong. It may not seem like it but it is. Evidence of that is that Barack Obama’s polls and ratings are not doing too good. So I’m in good company when it comes to conservatives in America. Conservatism is actually bigger than liberalism. It’s hard to see because Conservatism is not promoted enough by the national news media. It’s pretty obvious that national media is being way too liberal: NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, etc. National media on the internet is a bit too liberal as well.

This is why a lot of people still can’t see Obama’s lawlessness. This is why a lot of people still can’t see that Hillary intentionally left 4 Americans dead at the Benghazi consulate. It’s because national media have been heavily promoting liberalism. Liberals look at liberal news as “credible source” while conservatives look at national media as a big joke. We don’t believe any of it. Many of us believe that the news media is just as corrupt and broken. They don’t wanna be honest about Obama’s lawlessness and the criminal actions of this administration.

Obama impeachment would have definitely happened if news media was more conservative. If the news media was more aggressive on Obama and if they reported his lawlessness more, than impeachment would have definitely been possible.

This is why I don’t pay attention to what goes on in national news like all those TV networks I listed above. I don’t watch any of them for news on politics. Too liberal for me… plus they make this administration look too good. I use the internet to follow what’s going on, mostly. The only news network that is more conservative is FOX News obviously. I don’t even watch that station either. Although, I think they’re doing a good job with the Benghazi investigation ’cause they are the only network being real about this administration. Why do you think Barack Obama hates them so much? Behind the scenes, I’m sure Barack tried to control FOX News and tried to tell them what they can and can’t report but FOX News wouldn’t go for his bullshit which is good for them. That’s why that network gets my respect. My question is, how come FOX News is the only network getting on this administration? We need more.

If the news media did their jobs… promote Obama’s lawlessness more… then it would be possible that we can take this guy down. People don’t agree with impeachment ’cause there’s not enough. The media is not promoting impeachment enough.

Republicans in Congress refuse to impeach Obama ’cause they’re worried of losing their career over racism. That is pretty much why Speaker Boehner decided to do the lawsuit instead of impeachment. Republicans are scared of impeaching the man for whatever reason. Even though they do know he is a lawless president and even though they don’t like Barack, they’re still afraid to impeach him. Why? Have some balls… do whatever it takes to save America even if it maybe a risk to your career. I would have lost my job just to save America. Anything. How come Republicans have to be such cowards about it?

This is exactly how Obama won’t get impeached. The race card would get played.

If that’s how Republicans are gonna be, then they are traitors. All of them. If Barack was a conservative president and white, he wouldn’t have lasted long at all.

I still say never say never on Obama removal from office. If not impeachment, then he might resign if too much info of his scandals gets out there. We’ll have to wait and see.

Back to conservatism vs. liberalism, I’m not saying get rid of the liberal party completely. I’m saying to give us a little more respect. This country doesn’t revolve around liberals. They need to respect our beliefs and opinions. Give us a little more freedom… that’s pretty much why we’re getting a little fed up with them. That’s why we criticize them a lot. Like I said before, conservatism is still alive and strong… it’s just not as mainstream as it used to be.

If Reagan was still alive, he would have been disgusted with liberal media too. He would have started another conservative revolution if he was still here. He would have did whatever it took to make conservatism big again.


Why liberals are more hateful than conservatives who hate Obama…

You see… when it comes to discussion debates in politics a lot of people wants to look at conservatives/right-wingers as bad people. It’s mostly liberals who do. The reason left-wingers hate right-wingers ’cause left-wingers look at them as racists and homophobes because of their views on Obama’s politics and gay marriage. Conservatives aren’t hateful bigots… we are just more honest and realistic on things. Conservatives/right-wingers actually “care” for the American people. We are true patriots who care for all people… even the liberals. All we want is for them to wake up and look at reality for once. Liberals should be thankful for “right-wingers” ’cause we wouldn’t be here as a country if it wasn’t for conservatism. Conservatism is a huge part of what keeps America going thanks to Reagan. I think “right-wingers” deserve more respect in politics ’cause us “rights-wingers” get treated like shit.

Whatever our views are on Obama, health care, gay marriage, gun control, abortion, the Zimmerman trial, the Bundy Ranch controversy, etc. Liberals would have opposites of opinions as the conservatives do. It seems that us “right-wingers” aren’t allowed our freedom of speech anymore. When liberals disagree with our views in politics, they’ll get all over us. Their hate can be a lot worse than our hate against Obama.

I can go back and find tons of comments by liberals for evidence of that to back it up if you want me to. It’s pretty hypocritical of liberals to call out “right-wingers” for their hate against Obama and they think it’s okay to hate right-winger celebrities such as Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, etc. They’ve also said a lot of hateful things about George W. Bush and they blame him on a lot of things. Liberals want to believe that Benghazi is nothing while a lot of them are 9/11/01 “inside job” conspiracy theorists.

Liberals are hypocrites. All of them. I’ve been saying it for days. “Right-wingers” aren’t that bad. We just care about our country and our constitution while liberals are fantasizing about their human rights and equal opportunity bullshit.

Conservatism is diminishing while liberalism is taking over the US media and I can’t stand it. It’s like “right-wingers” aren’t welcome in the USA and we aren’t allowed to voice our opinion anymore. It seems that the country revolves around liberals now. More proof of that, the news on TV like CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, etc. is more liberal than ever. You have late night TV being more liberal than ever too.

Conservatism used to be pretty strong back when George W. was president but when Barack got elected in 2008… liberalism suddenly have gotten big ’cause of the topic of “gay marriage” pretty much. I blame the “gay marriage” debate for making liberalism so huge.

While I’m proud to be a “right-winger” some of my views in politics isn’t 100% “right-wing”. I do agree with some liberal politics but not too much.

When the 2016 elections come around and if we get a black conservative president in the White House… I’m pretty sure liberals will start hating him and right-wingers can call them racists for doing so. That’ll be our revenge, right there. Ha ha!

Point being that liberals are real evil, man. I’ve had many bash the hell out of me ’cause of my “right-wing” views and that’s why I try not to talk politics in facebook anymore. I just discuss politics here instead.

I’m pretty sure liberals look at Harry Reid a hero for calling “patriots” domestic terrorists over the Bundy Ranch thing.

There’s nothing wrong with conservatism. I like where I am. I like conservatism and will defend it in every way if people try to put “right-wing” in a bad light. We do need a “right-wing” president in the White House, though.

Happy Easter.


This is my 2nd favorite speech at CPAC, way to go Tara Mack!!!

Tara Mack is probably the youngest person working in Congress (she’s 30). Here’s this gorgeous lady giving an inspirational speech about liberalism and conservatism. She’s trying to send a positive message that we should be compassionate and humble to those who disagree with us. I think what she’s saying in this speech is that she doesn’t like how liberals are treated like they’re special and wonderful while they look at conservatives as selfish and bad people. She’s trying to make a point that conservatives care about all people. She’s trying to send the message that conservatives aren’t as bad as you think.

Her speech is inspirational ’cause instead of complaining about how bad America is and railing against President Obama, she decided to send a more positive message.

Other than Rand Paul being my favorite speech at CPAC, Tara Mack would have to be my second favorite.

I spent some some listening to some CPAC speeches in youtube today: Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen.  Mike Lee, Sen. Paul Ryan, Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump and maybe a few others. All good stuff but I think Rand Paul and Tara Mack would have to be my favorite.

Sarah Palin later this evening at 6. She’ll be the good one and she’ll get the CPAC audience all fired up. Can’t wait to listen to Sarah!


More on CPAC…

So this afternoon, I was pretty bored so I decided to catch some of the speeches for CPAC live-stream on the internet.

I caught Dinesh D’ Souza’s speech, the guy who made “2016: Obama’s America” movie and he has a new movie coming out called “America”. Dinesh was saying stuff about how Obama wants to transform America in a negative way. Like how Obama wants to ruin America and all. Dinesh was also promoting his new movie, “America”. He also explained how Obama was upset at his movie, “2016: Obama’s America”, and Dinesh said, “If Obama’s upset at that movie, wait until he sees my new one.” Of course, the audience gave him a roar of applause for that one. I thought Dinesh gave a good speech. It was short but he did a good job.

I also caught a live performance of an acoustic musician who was singing conservative political songs.

There were also a couple of women who worked from Congress who gave interested conservative speeches. Can’t remember their names but their speeches were good.

I also caught some of Rick Santorum’s speech. Even though Rick Santorum isn’t everyone’s favorite, he still gave a great speech. He was talking about how he doesn’t just want his party to be winning, he wants all Americans to unite and win together. While he thinks that bashing President Obama is good and too easy, he just wants America to be a country again. I supported Rick throughout the 2012 Elections and still support him now after his speech today.

I also caught Rand Paul’s speech, and I think he gave the best CPAC speech so far. When you look at that guy you can already see that he has President written all over him. He delivered an incredible speech. Rand Paul is a professional speaker. He spoke from the heart. He wasn’t reading off of anything either. No teleprompter or any of that stuff. He had his eyes set on the crowd instead of looking down like he was reading off of something. Rand Paul was talking NSA, government spying, the 4th Amendment, imprisoning US citizens without trial, the President shredding the constitution, etc. Rand got the loudest cheers from the crowd than any other politician who spoke there.

I watch some of their speeches today and think to myself: “Wow, even they know that conservatives are in trouble”. It’s true. Most of the conservative politicians who spoke today knows that liberal media is getting horrible. Even some of them said it shouldn’t be a left/right thing, we all should unite and get our country back. They even want liberals to wake up and be on our side.

America’s in deep trouble. Everybody knows that all this administration wants to do is destroy this country. All this stuff that Obama is doing is no accident. All of this stuff is intentional and he knows exactly what he wants. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Obama wants to kill us all. Someday we’ll be a nation where we no longer have homes and no jobs at all.

Rand Paul said that we should be afraid of a government who imprisons US Citizens without trial. Even if this criminal/terrorist maybe a bad person, they need a trial ’cause what if this person is innocent and they didn’t do it? What would make this country look like if we gave a criminal the death penalty and he turned out completely innocent after his death? What if it turned out that Osama Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11 after all? Bin Laden could be a perfect example of this ’cause it’s been said that this administration just killed Bin Laden without trial with no actual proof whether or not he was responsible for 9/11.

I’m gonna try to catch Sarah Palin’s speech tomorrow and you know that she’s going to do nothing but rail against Obama. That should be entertaining.

I’m proud to be a die-hard conservative.