There’s a lot of liberals pretending to be conservatives… you can easily see it…

One of the amazing things about the Donald Trump president run is that he really makes me realize that this “right vs. left” really is a joke. I really don’t call myself a conservative anymore. I’ve thought about leaving the conservative party for a pretty long time now and I feel really damn good finally having to do it thanks to the Donald. He really is exposing how horrible both the right and the left really are.

There are too many reasons why the conservative party has been driving me crazy as of late. For one, too many liberals pretending to be conservative and let me explain. Some are pro-gay marriage… yes some of them do support  “marriage” equality and some are against Kim Davis.

Secondly, some of them are also pretty weak at calling out Barack Obama’s presidency. Some so-called “conservatives” knows he is a bad president but a lot of them think he’s not that evil. Like, they don’t think he has anything to do with Benghazi or the IRS targeting or any of the big scandals. Some of them don’t believe that Obama is a closeted homosexual and Michelle might be a man.

A lot of so-called conservatives worship Ted Cruz and I really hate how they love him so much, really I do. For one, Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president since he’s a Canadian. Plus, Ted Cruz backed a lot of Obama’s bad policies like Obamatrade and things like that. Yet conservatives thinks Ted Cruz is against Obama’s bad policies when he isn’t. Pretty crazy isn’t it?

Some so-called conservatives also hate Donald Trump. If you’re hating on Donald Trump and calling yourself “conservative”, then you’re not a real “conservative” in my opinion. For example, Glenn Beck, Megyn Kelly and Bill O’ Reilly claim to be “conservative” but the three of them have joined the Trump hating bandwagon.

Everybody wants to accuse Trump of being a liberal pretending to be a “conservative” but it’s not true. Trump is the true “conservative” than most people out there and it’s pissing a lot of people off.

If you hate Donald Trump then you either must love Bernie Sanders or that RINO Jeb Bush. *pukes*

Trump is being hated on by a lot of people on the “right” too, not just liberals.

I don’t call myself “conservative’ anymore but I’m still gonna be against gay marriage, I will still support gun rights and will still be against abortion and all that stuff.

From this point on, I’m going to be doing a lot of trash talking and be realistic on both sides. No more “one-sided” opinions from me, I’m all done with that. Seriously.



2 thoughts on “There’s a lot of liberals pretending to be conservatives… you can easily see it…”

  1. I know what you mean about not being on either side. I am a God-fearing, commandment following, racially harmonious Christian. I’m not on the left or the right. I’m on Christ’s side because He knows what’s best. I didn’t trust Donald Trump at first because I thought he was a liberal racist monster who was going to kick ALL POC out of the country(even those who are not illegals).

    Of course as Christian, I never have and never will support the gay agenda. I’ve been aware that it’s an agenda for quite a few years now. I realize now that Trump is not the problem. My trust is not in Him regardless, it’s in Jesus and God The Father only. I’ll be praying for Trump to make the right decisions. I do owe him respect as my President. I did not vote at all by the way as I felt we had two poor choices at the time. Now I realize that Trump was NEVER a cause for concern. Ultimately GOD placed the right person in office that HE wanted to see who was the choice for HIS people(we the Body of Christ).

    The ‘right’ is filled with Neo-Nazi’s whom I believe are actually working for and with those on the left. I believe the right and the left are working together quiet as it’s kept to destroy Christianity.

    The left hates Christianity and considers us all ‘bigots’ for not supporting gay marriage, abortion, feminism, pedophilia and all the other sinister plots they STAND for.

    So what better way to PROVE ‘Christians are a bunch of bigots who are taught to hate’ than hiring a group of street theater performers(Enter The ‘Alt Right’)to merely CALL themselves Christians, learn the bible well enough to QUOTE it WITHOUT having Holy Spirit revelation of what it ACTUALLY means and shamelessly spew hatred while mingling in the name of God and Jesus.

    These people have NO conscience and don’t seem to care that they are unrepentant hypocrites who are literally smearing their filth on the name of EVERYTHING holy and Godly. What real Christian would o that? I believe it’s been going on for DECADES, maybe even centuries.

  2. And not to mention there is a photo of Richard B. Spencer wearing a White suit with a black shirt(Illuminati color scheme) standing next to another White Nationalist(AKA Street Performer) who is making the ‘hidden 6’ hand gesture. Hmmm..Thought the ‘Alt Right’ were outspoken AGAINST the Illuminati. Food for thought.

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