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The President’s speech on drones and Gitmo yesterday showed how much of a tyrant and liar of a President he really is…

I was gonna post my response to the President’s speech on the drones & Gitmo prison yesterday but didn’t feel like posting on the blog. I’ll do this now and get this out of the way. Yes, I did watch President Obama’s speech on the drones and Gitmo yesterday afternoon on TV. Watched it on CNN.

Ya know, I completely understand that the President needs to respond to 9/11 /01 and fight terrorism like any president would. It’s understandable that the U.S. needs to target and kill those who are a threat to the U.S. but I still disagree with his obsession on drones. It was too predictable that he was gonna play the innocent victim on the drones. Not only that he killed innocent U.S Citizen’s with the drones, I’m sure he has killed 100’s of innocent civilians over-seas who didn’t deserve to be killed. I still think he’s a lying and evil son of a bitch. That’s all he showed in yesterday’s speech. You can see the hate and the anger in his eyes throughout that speech.

He still refuses to give us answers on Benghazi, even though he mentioned the Benghazi attacks a few times. He still refuses to acknowledge Christopher Stevens and the three other Americans that were killed there. He still continues to give Muslim people more respect than us and even went as far as saying that Muslim people are part of the American family. The President did talk about Anwar Al-Awlaki more than anything else. It’s good that the U.S. took down Anwar and it’s understandable why the U.S. had to kill him; I agree with it but… Obama still acted like the 3 other U.S. Citizens never existed. Eric Holder’s letter on the drones that was released this week. He admitted that the Obama administration used the drones to kill 4 U.S. Citizens overseas and he admitted that 3 out of 4 of those Americans weren’t targets. That includes that 16 year old boy Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki.

If you do your research on Abdulrahman the 16 year old kid. He was innocent. An innocent 16 year old kid that was killed by a drone by mistake. He was a good kid who had nothing to do with terrorism. His family spoke out for him and stood up to him. Abdulrahman who lived a good life and was killed by the President for no reason. While’s it’s good that the President mentioned the kid’s father, he ignored Anwar’s son completely.

Sure enough, there is going to be someone there at the speech who wasn’t gonna let Abdulrahman out of the picture. A woman who happened to be a CODE PINK protester interuppted Obama and protested a number of things. She says that Obama can close Gitmo right now if he wanted to easily and she wanted to let Obama know that he is an evil son of a bitch for using drones for killing innocent people such as Abdulrahman who didn’t deserve it. To those who don’t know what CODE PINK is, it’s a women’s organization who fights for peace and protests many different things in the world, it’s considered a left-wing organization. Medea Benjamin was the woman’s name who was from this group. She is the CODE PINK founder and creator. She maybe left-wing but anybody who has the guts to interrupt the President and tell the truth, gets my respect. So this woman should be looked at as a hero by all Americans.

I absolutely agree that Obama can close Gitmo anytime he wanted. I don’t know why it’s taking him so long for him to do it. He’s the commander-in-chief. It is claimed that Gitmo can’t be closed ’cause Congress blocked it but I’m not buying it. Obama just likes to blame everything on Congress and likes to play the innocent victim like he did yesterday in his speech. How can Obama easily close Gitmo anytime he wanted? Read this little piece and it’ll explain how. It’s all about the NDAA law that everyone doesn’t like.

You see, President Obama is a lying piece of garbage. He has been lying to us ever since the beginning of his Presidency. He has even been lying to us long before that during the first elections.

Obama clearly showed in his speech yesterday that he has evil written all over his face. I posted a similar rant about this in facebook yesterday, and my facebook post about it got several likes, and got one re-share. So I believe I’m doing a good job telling the truth about President Obama. While President Obama is quickly losing a lot of respect and people are just starting to see what kind of man he really is finally, sure enough, he is still gonna have a few people who still sympathizes with him. Obama still has loyal supporters who has his back and those lefties will think he’s doing nothing wrong. If you think he’s doing nothing wrong, then you’re totally misinformed.

You see, when I hate on President Obama… I don’t do it to express my hate on him, it’s not just about that. I’m just trying to get people informed on what kind of man he really is. Trying to get people to wake up and listen. He’s an evil tyrant, and dictator. Him and Adolf Hitler are pretty much the same right now. Of course, there will be a few people who will think I’m insane for comparing Obama to Hitler but it’s true if you think about it. Obama is making all the former presidents from the past look good. America needs to wake up and learn what kind of man Obama is. If you’re the type of person who is going to ignore all the bad stuff he has done and call him innocent, then that makes you an evil person too and you’re a traitor to America. A lot of people are hating on Obama ’cause we know our stuff and we are pretty well-informed about him. We don’t hate on him for no reason. When a president does his job badly, commits some crimes, disrespects the Constitution… we’re not gonna sit bad and ignore all that stuff. We’re gonna give some honest critiques about his job since it’s all out there publicly. We have the right to say whether a President does his job badly or not.

Obama needs to be impeached. He needs to be questioned. He needs to be questioned by law enforcement — FBI even — and he needs to be held accountable for his evil actions.  When people say this stuff about him on the internet, we don’t do this just to hate. We mean well and just keeping things real. I’m sorry guys but I don’t see how people can still side with this man. Our government maybe bad now but it’s just gonna continue to get worse. This is only getting started. It’s just gonna keep getting more interesting for you guys. When will those libs/lefties realize that Obama is a tyrant? To me it’s insane on how they want to stay on his side.

I never liked Obama from the very beginning. I always saw that he was gonna be something bad and I was right. He’s not our President and he really needs to go. The reason he is still standing ’cause he’s an expert of a liar and he can get away with just about anything, plus, the color of his skin helps make him look good. I’m not stopping my Obama protests. I’m gonna keep going until the American people can see what kind of man he really is, and I’ll be the one to tell everyone, “I told ya so”.


Edit to add: Post corrected for a few spelling mistakes and errors.

Surprise! Surprise! The Obama Administration finally admits to killing 16 year old Abdulrahman… and three other American citizens…

You see it’s understandable that the Obama administration sends out drones overseas to kill people who are a threat to the U.S.; however, that 16 year old boy Abdulrahman didn’t deserve it. He was a good kid who was living a good life. Abdulrahman didn’t have anything to do with terrorism at all. Do your research. The facts are out there. Over the years there have been speculation and rumors that the Obama administration may have killed Abdulrahman and his father with drones. It’s understandable that the father had to be killed since he associated with terrorists but it’s the kid who had nothing to do with terrorism.

The Obama Administration are evil sons of bitches. If this is not good enough for the supporters to turn their back on Obama yet, then I don’t know what to say. The drones is worthy of an impeachment and an investigation, guys. We don’t make this stuff up. We’re not going to ignore the President’s evil actions. The White House needs to be investigated. They need to get raided and searched. Everything. Who knows how many criminal acts they’re hiding in the White House? I’m sure the White House is hiding all kinds of confidential information about Benghazi and the IRS.

Take ’em all down. Impeach ’em all and throw ’em all in prison. The President, Vice President, everyone from the Cabinet, etc.

What’s even funnier is that London is going through some terrorism right now, a Muslim guy murdering somebody with knives. Terrible! I’m not blaming that on Obama but still wouldn’t surprise me if Obama is linked to that somehow because of the Muslim thing. If you think Islam is a peaceful religion, you’re really delusional and need to wake up.

I’m looking forward to Obama’s speech about the drones this week. He’s probably gonna play the innocent victim like he usually does.


Our government may have been messed up for years but this is the worst that it has ever gotten…

Ya know something. It’s NOT only Obama who’s the problem with the government and how he is running our country. It’s the whole government that’s messed up. Our government is way out of control between three different things: the IRS, Benghazi, and now the Obama administration are spying on reporters at the Associated Press. Now the Obama administration are spying on James Rosen a FOX News reporter. All of this is messed up. If you really think that the Obama administration and the White House are doing nothing wrong, then you’re really delusional and need to wake up.

It is starting to look like that the White House and President Obama already knew about the IRS stuff when they claimed they didn’t.

To those who think President Obama is just starting to be the worst of the worst. He has already been the worst of the worst ever since he was first running for President. Obama is losing a lot of respect but sure enough, he still has loyal followers who will defend him and have his back every step of the way. I think those lefties need to wake up too.

If it turns out that Obama really was behind the targeting of conservatives, if he was behind the Benghazi attacks… he could get impeached and get prison time, and he should also get charged for spying on news reporters which violates the Constitution. Our government is like a circus right now. It’s whacked. All of it.

I think the White House needs to be investigated ’cause they’re all a bunch of criminals. They should get raided by law enforcement. The Obama administration has been lying and covering up so many things, it’s just crazy. If you think nothing will happen to Obama legally, then you’re really delusional too. The law should apply to Presidents and other powerful people in the government; these scum bags think they’re above the law.

I love how people want to defend Obama ’cause they just don’t get it. It’s not really about hating Obama ’cause he’s black… I’m upset at his attitude, his behavior and actions in the White House just like most Americans are upset at him. Mychal Massie who is a well-respected writer and he’s a black guy, he’s a conservative who hates Obama too. Tomorrow, I’m going to post some of the stuff that Mychal Massie has been writing about Obama and it’s good stuff.

You can’t defend Obama on everything, man. I’ve been saying that Obama is a madman for years and still stand by it to this day. I’ll never change my opinions and thoughts about Obama no matter hard people try to defend him. Obama is gonna get impeached and arrested. You know it’s coming for him guys. He’s hurting America and that’s his plan for this country all along. He wants to turn it into an Islam/Muslim kind of country. He wants to destroy America and doing a pretty good job at it.


Cool Video: Senator Rand Paul officially confirms 2016 Presidential run with this teaser video…

2016 is not even here yet. We still have a long ways to go for the next election, and Senator Rand Paul is wasting no time announcing his Presidential Run for 2016.

Ever since Rand Paul’s 13 hour filibuster, I’ve been keeping a close eye on him and I’ve been liking him quite a lot. He’s becoming a favorite politician of mine. If Rand Paul can go as far as getting the nomination in the next election, I think he’s gonna get my vote for sure. He cares for the country, he cares for the Constitution and he seems pretty serious on fixing our broken government. On top of that, any politician who knows what President Obama is all about is okay in my book. I know this is Obama’s last term, he won’t be able to run again anyway but the man needs to be impeached for all of his wrongful actions. I think Rand Paul will be the guy to help get Obama impeached — just watch him. Obama needs to be impeached soon and quick ’cause he doesn’t deserve to serve his full term after all the harm he has caused for America.

With that being said, I think Rand Paul is going to make a great president. I don’t think he will be an evil one like all the other ones from the past. America deserves a good president for a change and Rand Paul will be that guy. I think Rand has what it takes to make America great and powerful again. I’ll see how he handles things in the future and if he keeps up the good work, he’ll get my vote for sure. I stand with Rand.



Thoughts about today’s Benghazi hearings…

Yes, I have been following the Benghazi hearings today as you have probably already seen on my twitter. Yes, I have been listening to it on the live video feed on the CBS website. I would have to say it was pretty interesting and powerful stuff. Very emotional and sad. When Gregory Hicks was describing the 4 victims being found, especially Ambassador Chris Stevens, Mr. Hicks was about ready to cry and you can really feel it too.

As for my thoughts on what went down in today’s Benghazi hearings — of course, the truth haven’t came out yet even if the three witnesses came up, told their story and answered the questions. Now if I may be 100% honest here, this is just my opinion and response to everything going in today’s hearings — it all still points to President Obama and Hillary. How? Well, one of the witnesses said that when Ambassador Stevens yelled, “We’re under attack”, the phone lines cut off right after he said it. Plus, the consulate was denied US military backup from Tripoli and was ordered not to help. The consulate was also denied fighter planes; there were no fighter planes to help them either. Also, another thing that sounds kind of fishy to me is that Barack and Hillary both called Mr. Hicks at the consulate after the attacks happened. Right after the attacks happened, that is. Mr. Hicks was being praised by the both of them, and to be honest with you, I truly believe that is not the reason why Barack and Hillary called Mr. Hicks. I believe they wanted to check in and to see what was going on there. Why? Because Barack and Hillary obviously knew what was going on that whole time.

Can you see why the public is pointing the blame on Barack and Hillary now? We don’t make this stuff up and we’re not gonna ignore it. These are human and innocent lives here. We care for them. When some lousy politician tries to hurt the US; they need to be held accountable.

So you have to ask yourself. Who would be the people who wouldn’t allow military back-up, fighter planes and other security to help the victims? Yes, that’s right. None other than the Obama administration who gives the orders. They’re in charge.

Honestly, it’s gonna be very difficult and challenging to get the truth behind the Benghazi attacks. How are we going to get the truth? Well, the only way I can think of is that none other than Barack and Hillary owe us an explanation; which we know they will never give. They know more about the Benghazi attacks than anybody but they’re covering things up and lying about things. Barack still refuses to speak about Benghazi. Another way to find the truth about Benghazi, is where ever Barack and Hillary are hiding the missing survivors that’ll be hard enough evidence right there that they were behind the whole thing.

It’s a real shame about Benghazi. All of this is bullshit. Politicians should be able to tell us the truth. Give it up and come forward when it should be really easy to do. If they refuse to speak about it then that shows even more that they don’t care about the American people. When you see people in facebook, blogs, and other places online speaking about Benghazi, we respond to it ’cause we care for our fellow Americans. When you hurt Americans in other countries, then you hurt us.

Sure enough, the Benghazi story today got overshadowed by the Amanda Berry and Jodi Arias stories in the news today. It’s a real shame what the media has become as well. Benghazi is more important, in my opinion. I didn’t care about the Ohio women and the Jodi Arias story; my complete focus was all on Benghazi. Benghazi is pretty serious stuff. It’s no joke. The Benghazi hearings was pretty interesting, glad I listened to it. I’ll be following the Benghazi stuff.

How much longer are Barack and Hillary gonna hide the truth from us? This just proves that Barack O’bama is all power. That’s all the man cares about and he is an evil son of a bitch. That man needs to be held accountable. Not just for Benghazi also for: “Operation: Fast and Furious”, the drones, and so many other things. The entire Obama administration needs to go down. They’re all a bunch of scum bags. I hate all of them.


Obama and Hillary about to suffer harsh consequences over Benghazi attacks??? I’d say they’re getting close to it…

Welp, three witnesses came up to testify for the Benghazi attacks and they will testify at the hearing this week. Gregory Hicks is one of those witnesses. CBS has some more information on the Benghazi attacks as well. It’s not looking good for the Obama administration and for Hillary Clinton. They could have some harsh punishment on their way. Hopefully, we’ll find out the truth about Benghazi, and it will come out soon enough. Obama and Hilary can’t hide the truth forever.

It’s funny, ya know. Obama and Hillary both sympathize for terrorist attacks in this country and gun violence, when the reality is: Obama and Hillary are two of the most evil people on this planet. They’re both tyrants. More than that, they are dictators. They’re both at the point where they are Hitler & Stalin. Not only that Obama and Hillary needs to be impeached; they need to be taken out of office. They need to go through a federal trial and suffer some pretty harsh consequences. They need life in prison is what they need. If Obama gets exposed for Benghazi, this will lead to getting the truth behind Obama’s background and nationality (that he was actually born in Kenya, not in the US), and this could also help bring out the truth that he was probably behind, “Operation: Fast and Furious”.

A lot of people still believe that Obama is innocent in everything ’cause there hasn’t been any proof yet, but the truth will come out soon enough. You can’t lie forever, people. Obama and Hilary attacked the consulate in retaliation to that Islamic video that surfaced on youtube. Even if they had nothing to do with the attacks, they are still covering stuff up and lying about stuff. We just want the truth. We just want answers. We want justice for the people that were killed & injured during the attacks. We care for the American people, and we hate violence that happens to our beautiful American people. That’s why people care when the public responds to the Benghazi attacks.

Lets hope Obama will be done in office soon. Even better, he should be done living in this society. He should be in a tiny prison cell with no windows. He shouldn’t be allowed to see green grass or the light of day again. The man is the biggest terrorist of them all. Worse than Saddam Husein and Osama Bin Laden. When Obama gets exposed for all the horrible things he committed, I’ll feel bad for Michelle and the kids. It’s gonna be bad for them for sure, but the American people needs to learn how evil Obama really is. People like to defend Obama ’cause he’s black and they hate to hear the truth that he could be behind all of this.

Seriously, folks. When we call out Obama like this for his actions, it’s not about being anti-Obama. It’s about looking at the reality side of things. We’re not gonna make this stuff up. We care  for our country. We love the USA. We just want what’s best for us. When you get lousy politicians trying to bring down the USA, we’re not going to fucking ignore it and smile about it. All those damn liberal people who just ignore this stuff and still act like he’s a good guy are just ignorant fucks. I can’t wait to see the liberals reaction when Obama finally gets busted for this. Remember, you voted him second term.

More on the story, here.


BREAKING NEWS: Senate shoots down Obama’s, “Background Check”, proposals…

Today’s an exciting and joyful day, for gun lovers all across, America. The Senate has shot down, Obama’s, proposals on background checks for gun purchasing at gun shows, and on the internet. Sure enough, the President is angry, and crying about it. Accusing the Senate of “politics”, and accusing gun lobbyists, and it’s allies, lying about the bill. The Senate did the exact right thing, by respecting the 2nd Amendment. “Well-regulated”, doesn’t mean control or change. It means well-trained or well-disciplined. Look it up yourself. Also, what part of “shall not be infringed”, do people not understand? If you disrespect the 2nd Amendment, you are a traitor to this country.

This is not really about putting guns in the hands of every American; it’s about respecting the Constitution. That’s what this is about. That’s what the Senate did. The world doesn’t revolve around, Obama, just because he’s President of the United States. He’s all about power, and ego. His response today, totally shows it. It’s not a shameful day in, Washington. It’s actually a good day.

More on the story, here.


Gay marriage discussion rant…

I’ll say it once more, that it really is difficult having differences of opinion on gay marriage. Since the topic of homosexuals, gay rights, and marriage equality is so huge in the media, and gays seems to be taking over the world. It’s hard for anyone to have a difference of opinion these days. I understand that people want to support gay people even if they are straight as a way to have heart  and to feel all special, and all that stuff, blah blah blah. All that is fine and good. I’ve repeatedly stated, that I totally respect gay people all the way myself, but that doesn’t mean, I have to agree with gay marriage. Gay people seem to be a huge thing in the news, because why? The gay community is growing. It’s getting bigger. I don’t understand why they have to campaign for gay rights, when quite honestly, they have already have them. They can feel free to be open about it, and love who ever they want to, sure, but I’ll always believe in traditional marriage. It’s just my opinion. I have that right to believe in that.

Sure enough, people are going to be hurt and offended. If they disagree with it, they will reply and defend gay rights. It’s like, those who believe in traditional marriage are not allowed to believe in it anymore. The moment someone says a marriage  should be between a man and a woman, the marriage equality supporters, will call them an evil homophobe and all that stuff. That’s how it goes these days, ya know?

Having a disagreement on gay marriage doesn’t make us evil, (I’m referring to the traditional supporters). The real evil are the ones who lash out at others for having a disagreement on gay marriage. The more you reply back and debate about it, the more it shows how crazy people can be. Everybody should have a right to believe in traditional marriage. I don’t see what’s so wrong about it. I have no problem with bills like DOMA, Prop 8, and others ’cause they are trying to save traditional marriage. I have no problem people starting campaigns and protests against gay marriage ’cause they are trying to save traditional marriage. I have no problem with professional politicians being against gay marriage in the USA, ’cause they believe in traditional marriage. If they can believe in traditional marriage, we can too.

It’s ridiculous how this is ’cause no matter what the traditional supporters say or believe, it seems that the marriage equality backers always win. I’m sick of it. When will the traditional supporters are gonna start to act tough, fight back, so we can save traditional marriage? The traditional marriage supporters are getting weaker, and the gay rights supporters are getting stronger, in this day and age.

If the equality supporters get to fight for what we believe in, we get to do it too. I warn ya. If marriage equality is victorious in Washington D.C., there’s going to be an even bigger fight by the traditional supporters. There’s going to be all kinds of lawsuits, repeals, protests, etc. You get the deal. Making gay marriage legal in the US is a very risky thing. You have to learn that it’s not for everyone.


Will the Obama supporters finally realize what kind of man he really is after signing the, Monsanto Protection Act, into law?

While everyone was kissing President Obama’s ass on gay marriage the last few days, what did he end up doing? Yes, that’s right, folks. He officially signed the “Monsanto Protection Act”, into law. Just to show you what I know what the law does is that it allows Monsanto (an agricultural company) to plant experimental crops all over the USA. This law will give Monsanto the freedom to plant experimental crops where ever they please, without the Federal Courts getting on their ass. Now, Monsanto, is not ordinary farming. They’re not natural farming, anyway. It’s experimental farming. Crops created by people, which could be very harmful and dangerous to humans. That’s why a lot of people are upset about this law.

For many years in my blogs, I’ve been pointing out all the bad and horrible things he has done over the years: Operation Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the NDAA, sending drones over seas killing innocent women and children, violating the Constitution rights many times, etc. Can I keep going with the list, people?

Remember, you voted this man a second term. So if you Obama supporters are whining about him signing the Monsanto Act into law, then it’s your fault for voting him a second term. I don’t see how you can defend Obama over something like this, the Monsanto Act. Obama has officially gotten to the point where he is the next Hitler and Stalin. I’ve been saying for years now, that Obama is a traitor to this country. Always has been. He doesn’t care for us, people. He has a plan. He has a vision of his own of how he wants America to be. He’s loyal to his father and following his dreams, and his father wasn’t that great of a man himself.

I’m sorry guys, but Obama needs to go. If you really think Monsanto is great farming and agriculture, then you need to get your head out of your ass, and wake up. It’s impeachment time.


Thought: How Rick Santorum can still win the GOP…

Some of you may think that Rick Santorum, or even Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul may not have a chance of getting ahead of Mitt Romney in the “GOP Race”. The other candidates STILL have a chance in getting ahead of Romney. Romney has 75 delegates so far, and if you look at the website, all you need, is “1,144” delegates to get to the GOP. The GOP election needs to do all the states in the US, they only did 4 so far. For Ron, Newt, and Rick, they would need to win a lot more states if they want to get ahead of Romney. This is still just the beginning of the GOP race. They still have ways to go. The GOP race won’t end ’til the end of June.

Today is the Nevada caucus, and I’m looking forward to seeing who will be victorious on that state. I’ll be following the rest of the GOP election. While the other guys still have a chance in getting ahead of Romney, I’m still rooting for Rick. So hopefully he’ll win Nevada today.