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The Facebook “dislike” (or thumbs down) button is on the way, says Mark Zuckerburg…

Some have wanted the facebook “dislike” or the thumbs down button for many years but it looks like they’re finally getting their wish. Facebook is planning on making that happen.


To be honest, I don’t like the idea of a “dislike” button and hopefully they’ll give you the option to turn it off if you want to in the “settings”.

I don’t want people hitting the “dislike” button even if the post is good, positive and informative. Some will hit the “dislike” button just for the sake of bullying others and that’s my problem with it, ya know? People will hit the “dislike” button just for the fun of it. That’s why I don’t agree with it.

I’m disliking facebook more and more. I came back to it ’cause I have too many supporters and a few friends I like to talk to in there.


Facebook is full of viruses and scams…

All that stuff in facebook: “The Dislike Button”, “The Profile Viewing Spy” (that software that allows you to see who’s viewing your profile), anything inviting you to scope out a video, clickjacking, etc. All that stuff is a virus and scam. What bothers me is that a lot of people that use facebook actually believe the “Dislike” button and “profile viewing spies” actually work, when they are actually a dangerous virus that could fry your computer. It just proves that a lot of people aren’t very smart with the internet  and don’t know much about the world wide web.

I use my facebook profile very carefully. I’m always careful on what I look at and can always tell if it’s a virus/scam or not. People fall for this stuff ’cause they are not computer literate.

The reason facebook would never add a real “dislike” button to the site is because, facebook has always been a target of cyberbullying. Even if facebook knows that everyone wants a “dislike” button, they don’t add it to the site for a pretty good reason. It’s a cyberbullying issue, that’s why. They want to keep teens and even adults safe. I mean what if you put up a really good status, that wasn’t all that bad and so many people gives you the thumbs down anyway?

Besides, why would you want people to give you the thumbs down on your statuses and comments? If you don’t like something being posted in facebook, just simply ignore it and don’t give it the thumbs up.

I don’t understand why people obsess with the dislike button and don’t understand why people obsess with “Who is viewing your profile”. It’s just a bunch of people living in their own delusional fantasy worlds. The reason I think they want the dislike button and the “who’s viewing your profile” stuff is that they want to see if people are actually paying attention to them. People are afraid that no one else is paying attention to their profiles. It’s an attention craving thing. They don’t want to feel lonely in social networking sites.