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Thought: Is facebook really the devil of social media? I would think so…

Okay, I’ll admit it. I hate facebook. Fucking hate it. Why do I continue to use it anyway? The only reason I’m at facebook is I use it to help promote my blog site, music, and hoping to get gig opportunities. I also go there to interact with local musicians that I know around the area and talk with fans/supporters in a more personal way. Sure, I use it hoping to make some new friends in my life, keep in touch with old class mates from school I haven’t seen in a long time and keep in touch with family members, but I mostly use it to promote my website & music. That’s pretty much it.

Read this little article on how Facebook is turning more users off, here.

My personal facebook page seems to get more action with people there than here in this blog. People respond to my posts more there instead of here. Not sure why that is, maybe people don’t feel like registering to a wordpress site? I have to leave my site where people have to register just to keep anonymous haters out of here.

I agree with that one person in that article that mothers posting pictures of their newborn kids publicly in facebook is wrong. Even worse, mothers even post x-ray photos of unborn babies publicly. I don’t know why couples make this stuff publicly when this stuff should be for your own privacy to enjoy. Not only that, posting pics of your children online is very dangerous. People don’t know how dangerous this is, no wonder predators and pedophiles are on the rise. That’s why it’s dangerous. It could attract criminals to your pages. Kids have been kidnapped because social media is part of the reason. No wonder so many children go missing these days.

More reasons on how facebook is the devil, too many people are drama queens. People have weird communication skills. People can get pretty negative in their walls and comment discussions as well. I also don’t like how couples make their romantic lives public when it should be private. People also post too much personal information about their lives when they don’t realize what they are doing. When women have relationship troubles or having trouble hooking up with a guy, all they do is complain about it.

Plus, people use facebook irresponsibly because too many illiterate people use the site to play facebook games, a lot of them catch facebook viruses, etc.

I thought about leaving the site too, but I don’t think I can. Need to keep in touch with musicians and venues who might want to book me for gigs, that’s why I stay there. Facebook is shit. It continues to be shit with their new settings and features that I don’t like on there as well.


Report: Winklevoss Brothers loses lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg over facebook…

The Winklevoss’s long battle over Facebook against Mark Zuckerberg is finally over. A huge announcement made the news today, that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, revealed they couldn’t undo their settlements. They were calling for a $20 million cash payment and partial ownership of, Facebook. The appeal is rejected by the judge.

More on it, here.

Hmmmm, big victory here for Mark Zuckerberg, but I have a feeling that the Winklevoss twins won’t give up on their fight. They’ll find another way to get share of Facebook with good lawyers. I don’t think this feud is done yet. Mark is probably smiling and relieved….for now anyway.


Report: CNN’s article on “5 Facebook profile pics that makes you look like a tool”…

Give this article, a read.

Do you agree with it or not? The way I look it, I agree with some of it and don’t agree with some of it, both at the same time.

I do agree with CNN, that posting wedding pics on facebook right after you get married is a totally bad idea. Wedding pics are supposed to be for your own private use. When facebook came around, wedding memories are no longer private because people’s been posting their weddings on facebook lately. I do agree with CNN, that people posting default pics of their pets, baby pictures or an object is a bad idea. Lately a lot of people have been posting pics of their dogs, cats, etc. It’s not only stupid, it can be very dangerous. How can posting a pic of your pet be dangerous? It can lead to crime, simple as that. People close to you or neighbors can go to your house and steal your pet if they like it. Something to think about animal lovers.

As far as baby pics, go, same thing. Pregnant women would post pics of their x-rays with their baby inside their bellies. I think women posting those pics is wrong because things like that are supposed to be for your own private use. I mean, shouldn’t women be sharing baby images with their boyfriends/husbands alone? When the baby is born, mothers would post new born pics of babies as their profile pics. Knowing how facebook child predators is on the rise, that’s how it can be dangerous.

People posting up party pictures. I see it all the time. Plenty of facebook users would post up pics of themselves with a beer in their hand or worse a joint or smoking a bong. Not cool. You could lose your jobs or won’t get hired for one, and lots of consequences will happen because of it.

What do I think about guys putting up shirtless pics of themselves and women posting sexy looking pics (lots of make-up and cleavage, etc.) of themselves on facebook? Well that’s one thing I completely disagree with. I think this is completely normal. If people want to show off, go for it. I find nothing wrong with sexy women pictures because personally, I enjoy my eye candy. It’s one thing I like to do is look at cute pictures of women in facebook. It’s the same thing as looking at sexy women through men’s magazines such as Maxim, FHM, Playboy, etc.

This is the reason why I only talk about entertainment news online: music, movies, fitness, etc. It’s just my way of keeping my personal life off the internet. I try to be careful not to put my life online, but I talk about entertainment news online for a reason. Many people put their lives online for the world to see, but with me, I try not to do that. It’s the best way to keep yourself safe.


Thought: Why Hollywood wants us to watch David Fincher’s “The Social Network”, yeah, the Facebook movie…

So two trailers have hit the internets now, of David Fincher’s newest movie, “The Social Network”, based on the popular social networking site, well, um, Facebook. You ask yourself? WTF? This is weird, there is nothing on these two trailers, how can the public give feedback on these? The thing that viewers don’t understand that, it’s the whole point. The film makers purposely made these two trailers this way, as their way to confuse you. It’s their way of getting people talking. I see reader comments in other movie blogs and message forums, saying, “Why don’t they make myspace the movie?”

Why isn’t there a myspace movie yet? Because there doesn’t need to be one. There are many reasons Facebook needs to be a movie. On the Facebook website, there are a lot of secrets and behind the scenes stuff that we don’t know about. Maybe the Facebook movie wants to reveal all the secrets? How the site started, all the stuff behind it, how the site got it’s popularity, the media, etc. Plus, try to remember that when Facebook first started, it didn’t start in a very good way. Mark Zuckerberg first started a social networking site when he was in Harvard College, that site was for that school only. Then he was sued for it or something. I don’t know the whole history. I’m sure the movie wants to get more into detail with that. Get the hint with the trailer in the video below, it even mentioned Mark Zuckerberg getting sued.

Is the Facebook movie being made for box office money? Of course, but I’m sure there are more important reasons Hollywood wants this made. “The Social Network” will be a learning experience. It’ll help us understand why we are all on the site to begin with. Why we were all drawn to it? The site was made by some bored college kid who probably had no social life, so being the computer expert he is, he decided to build a site of his own. It started off small with just himself using it at first…now the site is mainstream, worldwide. It is more popular than myspace now. Mark Zuckerberg still runs and owns the site today after all these years. He is still young and he is still in his 20’s.

The Facebook site and Mark Zuckerberg himself has quite a bit of history that we need to know about.

I know this film is getting tons of negative backlash, so I wanted to write in some thoughts to help defend the movie a little bit. I think this is a unique and interesting idea for a film. I’m looking forwardr to seeing more of it. I’m sure we’ll soon see another trailer with actually actors and clips from the film. David Fincher is a fantastic director, he’s made many great films in the past and I’m sure he made this a great one too. Make no mistake with David Fincher!


Report: David Fincher to direct, “Facebook – The Movie”…

David Fincher is in talks to direct, “Facebook – The Movie”, a film that will focus on the beggining of the social networking website. The film will actually be titled, “The Social Network”.

Variety Reports:


The film will probably have Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook creator in the film played by a different actor.

Here is Mark here:

Mark is just a young kid, in his late 20’s I believe. So a young actor would have to play him.

Fincher would probably go for Jake Gyllenhaal to play him. Fincher already worked with Gyllenhaal once in “Zodiac”, I’ll bet your money he’ll get Jake for this too.

What’s next? Will Hollywood do a movie on “Myspace” and “Twitter”?