New Facebook design thoughts…

Seems like facebook changes the site around like once a year, and they seem to be doing it around this time. Adding a few new features like putting the “Recent stories”, being at the top of the news feed. Plus, when other people “like”, “comment” and “friend” other people instead of that stuff being in the news feed, they put it in a box in the upper right hand corner. Plus, when the fan pages that you “like” when they make a new status, you can also see it in that new box. Which is better that way , in my opinion.

Of course, most people are mad at this design. People are whining, complaining, and bitching about it like usual when Facebook make new changes. Why do people complain? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s like, “haters are gonna hate”. They just complain for the attention of themselves, so they can feel part of their crowd with their friends. Another reason, people are not used to the new look. Well, they’re gonna have to get used to it.

I find this new design useful and helpful. I have no problem with it at all. If you don’t like it, then why are people still on facebook? It’s not hard to delete your account and stay off the site, if you don’t like how they do things.

Aren’t there better things to complain about in life? It’s only facebook. It’s called technology. They all look to improve, change and get better.

People in facebook are assholes today. They’ve been complaining about the new design. They make some of the harshest rants I’ve ever seen complaining about the site. Like I said if you don’t like the new Facebook design, get the fuck off the site. Mark Zuckerberg can’t please everybody.


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