Thought: Why Hollywood wants us to watch David Fincher’s “The Social Network”, yeah, the Facebook movie…

So two trailers have hit the internets now, of David Fincher’s newest movie, “The Social Network”, based on the popular social networking site, well, um, Facebook. You ask yourself? WTF? This is weird, there is nothing on these two trailers, how can the public give feedback on these? The thing that viewers don’t understand that, it’s the whole point. The film makers purposely made these two trailers this way, as their way to confuse you. It’s their way of getting people talking. I see reader comments in other movie blogs and message forums, saying, “Why don’t they make myspace the movie?”

Why isn’t there a myspace movie yet? Because there doesn’t need to be one. There are many reasons Facebook needs to be a movie. On the Facebook website, there are a lot of secrets and behind the scenes stuff that we don’t know about. Maybe the Facebook movie wants to reveal all the secrets? How the site started, all the stuff behind it, how the site got it’s popularity, the media, etc. Plus, try to remember that when Facebook first started, it didn’t start in a very good way. Mark Zuckerberg first started a social networking site when he was in Harvard College, that site was for that school only. Then he was sued for it or something. I don’t know the whole history. I’m sure the movie wants to get more into detail with that. Get the hint with the trailer in the video below, it even mentioned Mark Zuckerberg getting sued.

Is the Facebook movie being made for box office money? Of course, but I’m sure there are more important reasons Hollywood wants this made. “The Social Network” will be a learning experience. It’ll help us understand why we are all on the site to begin with. Why we were all drawn to it? The site was made by some bored college kid who probably had no social life, so being the computer expert he is, he decided to build a site of his own. It started off small with just himself using it at first…now the site is mainstream, worldwide. It is more popular than myspace now. Mark Zuckerberg still runs and owns the site today after all these years. He is still young and he is still in his 20’s.

The Facebook site and Mark Zuckerberg himself has quite a bit of history that we need to know about.

I know this film is getting tons of negative backlash, so I wanted to write in some thoughts to help defend the movie a little bit. I think this is a unique and interesting idea for a film. I’m looking forwardr to seeing more of it. I’m sure we’ll soon see another trailer with actually actors and clips from the film. David Fincher is a fantastic director, he’s made many great films in the past and I’m sure he made this a great one too. Make no mistake with David Fincher!


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