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Ted Nugent is a goat rock star who deserves to get respected more in the music industry, was he blacklisted because of his right wing politics?

Ted Nugent, a legendary rock musician who had one helluva career in his younger years. He maybe most well known for his anthems “Stranglehold” and “Cat Scratch Fever” but Ted has many hit songs then those.

No matter what your political views are, you can not deny that Ted is a monster guitar player. He used to be all over the main stream in the earlier days but he’s still doing pretty well for himself today. He’s still going… putting out studio records and touring. Although Ted has had another lead singer in his solo band, he is totally capable of singing lead himself which he is also pretty good at.

I think Ted was totally blacklisted from the music industry… why? Probably because for a couple of reasons: 1) His hardcore “right-wing” views 2) His strong support for the NRA and for the 2nd Amendment and 3) His love for hunting and killing animals (they give him so much shit for that too).

Some clues that Ted was blacklisted from the industry: Not in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame when he absolutely should be, not on covers of music magazines and guitar mags, doesn’t get booked for any big festivals, never was a musical guest for Saturday Night Live and I can go on and on.

He has been on late night talk shows like Letterman in his earlier years

Anyhow, for many years the mainstream media likes to try and make Ted to be this bad man when he isn’t really. He seems like a good guy to me. When I hear him talk, he’s almost always pretty positive and humble from what I hear. He’s not that outspoken like people wanna believe.

I admire Ted and always been a fan myself. I only have two albums by him though but plan on getting more of his music when I get around to it.

It may seem like Ted is the most hated guy but in reality, he’s actually the most respected… he is most respected in the right-wing community anyways but lefties can’t stand him.

Ted is a monster musician who deserves more respect. It’s about his music… not his political views. It’s okay to keep music and politics separate is there? There are plenty of bands & music artists that I love who are very “leftist” but I support ’em anyways ’cause it’s about the music, ya know? Politics isn’t everything. The point of this blog post is that I wish he would be more respected for his music.

Anyhow, “Stranglehold” is a monster song and I’m trying to learn it myself so I can cover it on video which will happen soon.


Pop star Nicki Minaj is not for the vaccine… of course, she is attacked by liberals and the mainstream media…

Nicki Minaj has always been a pretty leftist pop star but did she just take the red pill about the covid vaccines??? It certainly seems so. She’s all over her twitter account attacking the vaccine like mad and I’m like blown away seeing all this.

I’ve never really been a fan of this lady but I’ll respect her for this one. She just made me like her just a little more.

Just like with Eric Clapton and Van Morrison, they spoke out about their bad experiences with vaccines, of course, they got trashed by leftism and now Nicki is another music artist speaking out about the bad experiences with the covid vaccine.

All she’s doing is speaking out her bad experiences with it which she is doing nothing wrong but of course, the left is accusing her of spreading misinformation.

I think what she’s doing is pretty mind blowing and hope she keeps it going.

What happened with “Freedom of Expression”??? We’re not allowed to have that anymore? It seems so with all this “covid” censorship in social media nowadays, it’s disgusting.

Just to be aware about something, not all leftist people are for the vaccine. I’m seeing plenty of die-hard liberals that are not for it. We all should have the right to question the vaccine doesn’t matter which side you’re on politically.

I almost want to buy a Nick Minaj album because what she’s doing is so great but not yet. I’ll start checking out her songs in youtube at least. I’ll wait to see if she doesn’t sell out, ya know, bow down to the left ’cause I hate it when this happens and then I’ll think about getting an album of hers.

I thought attacking blacks is racist??? But nope, here we are seeing all kinds of people bashing Nicki ’cause they don’t agree with her on something. They can’t call her racist even though I’m sure they want to.


Never Forget: 20 Years of Twin Towers attacks and 9 years of Benghazi…

With Joe Biden arming the Taliban is all you need to know about Benghazi. Then we have US soldiers left behind in Afghanistan. This is why we don’t forget these things.

Not only that Islamic terrorism is a real problem, our political leaders are really the big threat.

The things going on under Biden is pretty scary stuff.

Never forget the two 9/11’s ’cause I never will.


Forcing Masks and Vaccinations on everybody is dumb, what happened to freedom of expression???

If you want to tell the truth and speak your mind about Covid then be prepared to get censored in social media… either get fact checked, get sent to social media jail, etc. Whatever. If you get fully vaccinated and get a bad reaction and you want to talk about it publicly, get ready for a liberal backlash. Be prepared for a heated debate…

… like what musician Eric Clapton is going through. Clapton got himself vaccinated but had some bad experiences with it… feared that he couldn’t play guitar anymore ’cause of it. Sure enough, liberal backlash for Clapton. He is getting attacked like mad just for speaking the truth.

Is this the kind of country we’re going to live in nowadays? I thought this was America? What happened to freedom of expression? I knew our “freedom of speech” was being taken away for decades but no one believed me.

Masks and vaccines aren’t for everybody. If you want to mask up and get vaccinated, that’s your prerogative but it should be a choice. It shouldn’t be forced upon every single person. On top of that, I don’t think masks and vaccines work anyways ’cause you can still get covid either way.

I never got vaccinated and never will. I’m done with masks now too.

Covid is just about done but sure enough, the control and bullying never stops ’cause they don’t want to lose their power. Period.

Speaking of Clapton, I’ve been a massive fan of his for years and even more of a fan of his now. I love what he’s doing…. fighting back at the covid control and bullying. I’m hoping he keeps it going and doesn’t bow down to the left. Clapton is a Brit, yes but is he a closet conservative as well? It’s not yet known that he maybe a conservative politically but probably he is.

Most governors and politicians are just going by what the CDC and Fauci says which is dumb. Fuck the CDC and Fauci. Everybody acting like “science” know it alls is getting crazier and crazier, I’ve had it.


Happy July 4th, y’all…

We need to be more patriotic now more than ever ’cause the left have been trying to destroy everything what it means to be an American for years. They were successful at banning the Confederate Flag and getting rid of it, now they’re trying to make it look like “The American Flag” is offensive. Well good luck with that ’cause “The American Flag” will be around forever and ever, the same with “The National Anthem” ’cause they’re trying to get rid of that too and replace it with something else.

Some lefties actually are patriotic too and they love the Flag and all that stuff but I believe they’re on the wrong side.

Crazy times we’re in.

Happy 4th y’all… enjoy it and be safe.


Feels amazing to finally be able to go out in public unmasked and unvaccinated!!!!

At long last, after a little over a year of this dumb mask mandate and getting forced to wear face diapers, we can finally go out in public places unmasked. Yes, we still have this dumb “vaccinated = unmasked” and “unvaccinated = mask up” policy but it seems like it’s your decision now whether or not you want to walk into businesses unmasked and unvaccinated.

I’m starting to go out in public unmasked even though I didn’t get the vaccine and don’t plan on getting it ever. I’ve been going into grocery stores, the gym and everywhere else lately and it feels great to breathe again. Yeah, you don’t really need a mask anymore even if you’re not vaccinated.

At the gym I go, the “mask required” signs were taken down and each time I walk into the gym with no mask lately, no one says anything. So far so good, no employee/staff asked me, “are you fully vaccinated”???

Yeah, there will be some asshole business owners that still has “mask required” but fuck ’em, they are leftist business owners still in panic mode so boycott any business that is still, “mask required”.

My body, my choice right? Freedom, that’s what it’s all about.

Wearing these dumb masks never worked and they were pointless anyways. Glad this mask shit is just about over, though, it’s about freakin’ time!

Yeah, the “vaccinated = unmasked” and “unvaccinated = mask up” policy is still in place but who cares about the rules? Fuck the rules, man!


Keeping masks on Children is really evil…. really, wake up…

While it may be exciting news that Cuomo finally opened up NY but it’s not completely free… yet… we still have this dumb “vaccinated = no mask” and “unvaccinated = masked” policy. Also, the CDC and Cuomo are still forcing children to wear masks in schools which is disgusting.

Lefties claim to be disgusted at children being kept in cages but they don’t say a thing about children being forced to wear masks. Masking up children is probably the most evil thing the CDC and left-wing governors could do. Ya kow, little children aren’t human lab rats and they’re being treated exactly that. It’s unfair and wrong.

Masking children is not healthy for them. Plus they don’t understand any of this of why they have to do what they have to do. They need to breathe… lefties probably hate children being masked but they don’t do anything about it. Lefties are just doing everything the CDC, the news media and their left-wing governors say.

Masks on children is very dangerous especially for children with that age, ya know?

As long as unvaccinated people are still masked up and children are still masked, we are not really a free state yet. Sorry, we’re really not. They say we’re getting back to normal but this isn’t back to normal. Getting back to normal is getting our freedom back 100%.

The CDC and governors don’t want to lift all restrictions and protocols ’cause they don’t want to lose their power. They’re obsessed and addicted to power. The more you comply, the worse they get.

Our country has gone completely batshit crazy and insane. What’s going on?

With that being said, I’m not getting vaccinated. It’s funny as hell ya know. People rushing to get fully vaccinated just so they can remove the mask, well I’m reading a lot of posts on FB of people experiencing some dangerous side effects after their 1st and 2nd shots. Their 2nd shots get much worse. They wonder why some of us are “anti-vaxxers”?

Scary stuff we’re seeing, I tell ya and it’s gonna get a lot worse.


Tired of the Leftist ideology being rammed down our throats constantly, are you???

BLM, Gay Pride, Abortion, Gun Control, etc. So tired of it all. So tired of seeing leftist politics and ideology getting rammed down our throats everywhere. Yes, you see it everywhere nowadays. On your TV, in movies, in your hometown, streaming services, bookstores, on the internet, businesses (whether chain or local), etc.

It’s getting worse. Why? Why is it all happening? I think the Obamas are behind it all really. They are still controlling the country even though Barack is no longer president… kind of weird since you still see Barack’s face everywhere still.

If you think America thinks like that, we don’t ’cause why do you think Trump won the election in 2016?

We don’t need to see BLM everywhere and we don’t need to see the rainbow flag everywhere. It’s all tiresome and boring. Politics isn’t everything.

Why would a full grown adult think leftist? People would look at me and say I’m just a hardcore right-winger but not really. Even the right-wing stuff drive me crazy too… I think like an American and think for myself. Why can’t we all be like that?

I’m tired of people following the leftist ideology and everywhere you go and every person you meet is a die-hard leftist. It’s getting nuts. I’m tired of the rainbow flag and BLM like most.

We really need to unite as a country ’cause it’s getting bad. That’s why they do what they do… “gay pride” and “BLM” is all part of divide and conquer. Period.

Yeah, things are getting crazy and the left will bash you if you are critical of their views and that’s getting tiresome too.

It’s getting scarier and scarier under Biden. Enough is enough. Yeah, things maybe pretty wild now but I continue to live my life the way I want to and continue to be happy the way I want. Life is good. I’m just enjoying life by playing my guitar, listening to music, reading books, working out, etc.

I’m trying to stay away from this leftist politics the best I can ’cause I’m not interested in any of it and you can throw covid in there too.


It is interesting seeing all these people rushing to get vaccinated just to get Unmasked, really???

People never cease to amaze me. I know I haven’t posted in a long while but I have a rant to get off my chest. Seeing all these people out there rushing to get vaccinated just to get unmasked. Ya know, all this proves is that liberals hate wearing “masks” like the rest of us and if they’re in a rush to get vaccinated to take the mask off, there’s your proof that they hated the masks just as much.

That’s the problem with lefties, they believe everything they see on TV and believe what they see is real. I’m tired of it. Rushing to get vaccinated so they can have their life back and the vaccines both of them are NOT approved by the FDA.

Interesting how quickly things change. First, lefties thought it was a good thing to “mask up” and thought it was a selfish thing to do to go around “unmasked”. Now the liberal left are going after those and hating on the unvaccinated who prefers to keep the mask on. You see, some prefer to keep the mask on ’cause some of us don’t fully trust the vaccines and I’m one of them. I’m not gonna get vaccinated and keeping the mask on until the masks are “gone” for good.

It’s real sad and scary that so many can’t see that they’re being controlled by the gov. and the media over this Covid stuff. Pay attention to those in gov. and the media making billions off of Covid.

Masks, social distancing and all these strict protocols don’t work anyways. Do people ever think that they can control you for money and power? But nope, everybody just thinks they’re doing the right things. *yawn*

All this will be over for good very soon ’cause covid will go away forever one day and at one point, they’ll have no choice but to drop all this “control” and “power” they’re doing. There will be a point where there will be no choice but to give our freedom back. They won’t stop ’cause they don’t want to lose their power. So even if the covid numbers are going down and it’s going away, their abuse of power continues. Thankfully there’s a few states in America that are fully opened like Florida ’cause that governor is smart and knows what’s really going on.

Anyhow, all this covid bullshit continues and getting worse but I continue to live life to the fullest and I’m happy pretty much. Just trying to keep myself busy with guitar playing, watching movies, working out, playing video games, listening to music, doing some reading, etc. Life is good for me. Hope everything is going good for you too.


People That believe everything you see on TV as true like sheep are nothing to me!!!

I’m getting really tired of this… as long as TV says Donald Trump is a horrible and evil man then it must be true right? As long as leftism is good for the country and what the country needs but Republicans/conservatism is bad then it must be true right? Same can be said that racism is a huge problem for the country and that covid-19 is the most deadliest virus in the world (when it isn’t really).

I stopped watching the news years ago, pretty much when Barack Obama became president in 2008. It didn’t take me long at all to figure the news is nothing but leftist propaganda and it’s amazing to me that there are still too many dummies out there that still can’t figure it out.

That’s the problem with this country… too many brainwashed people that see what they see on TV as true. Honest journalism has been dead for years and the so-called “news” is much worse now than ever before.

Admittedly, I do watch TV still but I don’t watch the news and none of them TV news channels either… yes, even FOX News is getting bad too. Even right wing news channels like News Maxx or OANN are no good either really, I don’t even watch those.

When I watch TV at night, I would much rather watch professional wrestling, a good movie or a fictional TV show. That’s all I’m interested in.

I’m getting less and less interested in politics to be honest with you ’cause it’s getting really boring to me. This whole topic of “racist” is getting boring, long and boring tiresome topic. Enough.