Ted Nugent is a goat rock star who deserves to get respected more in the music industry, was he blacklisted because of his right wing politics?

Ted Nugent, a legendary rock musician who had one helluva career in his younger years. He maybe most well known for his anthems “Stranglehold” and “Cat Scratch Fever” but Ted has many hit songs then those.

No matter what your political views are, you can not deny that Ted is a monster guitar player. He used to be all over the main stream in the earlier days but he’s still doing pretty well for himself today. He’s still going… putting out studio records and touring. Although Ted has had another lead singer in his solo band, he is totally capable of singing lead himself which he is also pretty good at.

I think Ted was totally blacklisted from the music industry… why? Probably because for a couple of reasons: 1) His hardcore “right-wing” views 2) His strong support for the NRA and for the 2nd Amendment and 3) His love for hunting and killing animals (they give him so much shit for that too).

Some clues that Ted was blacklisted from the industry: Not in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame when he absolutely should be, not on covers of music magazines and guitar mags, doesn’t get booked for any big festivals, never was a musical guest for Saturday Night Live and I can go on and on.

He has been on late night talk shows like Letterman in his earlier years

Anyhow, for many years the mainstream media likes to try and make Ted to be this bad man when he isn’t really. He seems like a good guy to me. When I hear him talk, he’s almost always pretty positive and humble from what I hear. He’s not that outspoken like people wanna believe.

I admire Ted and always been a fan myself. I only have two albums by him though but plan on getting more of his music when I get around to it.

It may seem like Ted is the most hated guy but in reality, he’s actually the most respected… he is most respected in the right-wing community anyways but lefties can’t stand him.

Ted is a monster musician who deserves more respect. It’s about his music… not his political views. It’s okay to keep music and politics separate is there? There are plenty of bands & music artists that I love who are very “leftist” but I support ’em anyways ’cause it’s about the music, ya know? Politics isn’t everything. The point of this blog post is that I wish he would be more respected for his music.

Anyhow, “Stranglehold” is a monster song and I’m trying to learn it myself so I can cover it on video which will happen soon.



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