Tired of the Leftist ideology being rammed down our throats constantly, are you???

BLM, Gay Pride, Abortion, Gun Control, etc. So tired of it all. So tired of seeing leftist politics and ideology getting rammed down our throats everywhere. Yes, you see it everywhere nowadays. On your TV, in movies, in your hometown, streaming services, bookstores, on the internet, businesses (whether chain or local), etc.

It’s getting worse. Why? Why is it all happening? I think the Obamas are behind it all really. They are still controlling the country even though Barack is no longer president… kind of weird since you still see Barack’s face everywhere still.

If you think America thinks like that, we don’t ’cause why do you think Trump won the election in 2016?

We don’t need to see BLM everywhere and we don’t need to see the rainbow flag everywhere. It’s all tiresome and boring. Politics isn’t everything.

Why would a full grown adult think leftist? People would look at me and say I’m just a hardcore right-winger but not really. Even the right-wing stuff drive me crazy too… I think like an American and think for myself. Why can’t we all be like that?

I’m tired of people following the leftist ideology and everywhere you go and every person you meet is a die-hard leftist. It’s getting nuts. I’m tired of the rainbow flag and BLM like most.

We really need to unite as a country ’cause it’s getting bad. That’s why they do what they do… “gay pride” and “BLM” is all part of divide and conquer. Period.

Yeah, things are getting crazy and the left will bash you if you are critical of their views and that’s getting tiresome too.

It’s getting scarier and scarier under Biden. Enough is enough. Yeah, things maybe pretty wild now but I continue to live my life the way I want to and continue to be happy the way I want. Life is good. I’m just enjoying life by playing my guitar, listening to music, reading books, working out, etc.

I’m trying to stay away from this leftist politics the best I can ’cause I’m not interested in any of it and you can throw covid in there too.


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