Picked up the new Myles Kennedy album “The Ides of March” on Vinyl today…

I went to the Northshire bookstore in Saratoga Springs today to look at books and their small vinyl section that they have. I’ve been wanting to get the new Myles Kennedy album “The Ides of March” for a while and now that it’s out, I picked up the vinyl.

I’m a huge Myles Kennedy fan. He’s definitely one of the best singers in rock today. I’ll be honest that I don’t listen to his main band, Alter Bridge with Mark Tremonti that much but I should. I do have all of the Myles Kennedy albums he did with Slash, though. I love the Myles Kennedy/Slash albums. I also have Myles first solo album “Year of the Tiger” which is excellent.

Haven’t listened to the “Ides of March” yet but gonna get around to it this weekend.

Myles is a talented guy… good guitar player too. You should check him out as well.


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