Rock and Roll ain’t dead, it’s still alive and well… don’t listen to the idiots out there that claim it is…

Well lets see… we have Greta Van Fleet, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown, Alter Bridge, Ghost, Royal Blood, Dirty Honey, The Struts, Badflower, Rival Sons, Kings of Leon, Tame Impala, Black Stone Cherry, La Luz, Alabama Shakes, black midi, Gojira, Black Pistol Fire, Bully, Tetrarch and the list goes on and on and on.

I used to defend Gene Simmons at his “rock is dead” comments but I won’t anymore ’cause there’s so many new modern rock bands out that are doing well for themselves, honestly.

Rock has never really died and all those bands I listed above are pretty great too. Those bands I listed are “rock”. Yeah, rock is trying to make a comeback in the mainstream but it will and I think it’s about to. People are tired of pop, rap and country dominating the industry so a lot of people are turning to rock.

There are also still long time rock veterans that are still active in music today like Cheap Trick, AC/DC, Weezer and the Rolling Stones… still actively touring and putting out albums even to this day. So rock isn’t dead, no. Don’t listen to those that saying that rock isn’t going anywhere ’cause at the same time, rock is starting to become more successful again, it’s amazing to see.

I’ve been listening to a lot of the new stuff lately and there’s a lot of great new rock out there especially a band called black midi, they’re the best I think. Some of the bans I listed I haven’t heard much but I should get into them more. I love Gojira too, though… they’ve been around since 2001 so I still consider them pretty new. They make great metal and I love their new one “Fortitude”. Great shit.

I bought Weezer’s new album “Van Weezer” out of curiosity. I stopped listening to Weezer for a long while but I bought “Van Weezer” ’cause it’s a metal album. Looking forward to hearing it, though.

Those saying that rock is dead well, they’re living under a rock and it never has gone away.


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