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It’s hilarious seeing all these leftist women lose their shit over abortion… it’s all entertaining really… I stay out of these debates, though!

I’m a pro-lifer, 100%… totally against abortion and while it’s long overdue that Roe vs. Wade is being struck down by the US Supreme Court, I just love how leftist women losing their shit about it in social media. It’s like really? They’re getting so pissed off and going crazy. You don’t want to argue with them or you’ll get attacked and hated on.

The same leftist women that said “masks are safe” and tried to push the vaccine on you… the same women that said “my body, my choice” are now suddenly mad that abortion rights getting taken away from them?

Women are now showing their true colors, showing that they hate men even more. They’re in social media attacking and hating men like crazy. It’s funny to see. Another reason why I shouldn’t date a leftist female.

These leftist women call conservatives and Trump supporters racists but they are saying all kinds of racist things just because things don’t go their way.

I try to stay out of controversial things like this but it is funny seeing these leftist women get so mad. Better not talk to a leftist woman especially now. Now they understand the topic of “men and women” again. Now all of a sudden the topics of trans and non-binary don’t matter. What happened to that?

It’s all entertaining and funny to me. I just laugh at it all. I don’t get into these topics in social media ’cause I got better things to do and better things to worry about.

The Constitution, learn it, live it and love it.

Who ever leaked that document though is in a lot of trouble ’cause that’s a crime and should be held accountable.