Glad I dropped Netflix, great timing… get ready for that platform to ram Barack Obama down our throats…

I cancelled Netflix not too long ago and then the next you know, I see some trailer with Barack Obama on it narrating some documentary about, nature and animals, “Great National Parks”, I think it’s called? That trailer making the rounds and sparking a buzz so I’m glad I’m off of Netflix and I’m gonna stay off of it for good.

Netflix are gonna start ramming the Obamas down our throats since now they are in control of it. I don’t want to put my money toward that garbage.

I’m feeling there will be more docs and shows with Barack and Michelle in them coming so yeah, good timing cancelling Netflix. Fuck Netflix and fuck them hard.

I have Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus and Prime Video so I like those more.

Obama is no longer president and he just can’t go away. Always gotta be in the public eye when the reality is no one cares about him anymore and he just needs to go away and disappear.

Last thing you want to do is listen to Obama about “science” and “nature” and all that shit as I’m sure he really knows nothing about that stuff.

Ugggghh, so glad I got rid of Netflix. Good timing for sure so I don’t feel bad getting rid of it at all.


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