Will I ever return to local music scene? I don’t think I ever will but I’ll always make music, though…

So I haven’t played any gigs in the local music scene in a long time. There’s a pretty good reason for that is that I kind of quietly retired from playing shows. When I did a lot of that in the past, trying to play everywhere as much as possible, I’ve had a mixture of good and bad experiences throughout the scene. Yeah, when you’re playing out you gotta deal with a lot of haters, assholes and negative criticism for sure… all musicians go through that but at the same time you’ll grow a fanbase along the way. People will love you too.

I’m not interested in coming back to a music scene that is pretty toxic and it’s much worse right now. Why would I come back to the music scene when most musicians and promoters do nothing but ram leftist politics down everyone’s throats? This is a scene that doesn’t leave politics out of music and that still goes on today.

On top of that, many musicians around here are pretty arrogant and short tempered douchebags. Some of them are good people though, you just gotta find ’em.

I’m not really interested in playing out again ’cause the Albany scene has tons of problems still and it won’t get any better. Still the same ol’, same ol’, the scene doesn’t change.

I’m still making music though. I’m working on trying to get back into songwriting again and still learning covers, trying to improve my playing and singing too. I still release videos of playing songs from time to time… I haven’t done that in a while but gonna get back into that too.

Life is good. I’m enjoying life positively by going to the gym, keeping my 4 day a week gym routine going… yes, still doing the bodybuilding and powerlifting training which I love. I’ve been watching movies/TV shows, listening to albums, doing some reading, etc. Life is real good.

I’m not really worried about playing out for the time being. Just playing music for yourself ’cause there’s nothing wrong with that and that’s what music is here for to begin with.

Not trying to sound dramatic, just ranting a little.



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