4 Years ago Today, the Rock music world lost Chris Cornell…

Chris Cornell has always been my favorite and I’ve always tried to follow his music career over the years back when he was alive. Whether he was in Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave and his solo career… I tried to support it all. I loved everything he did.

While Chris definitely was one of the greatest rock singers of all time… he was one of the very few rock singers who could sing in such a high range but there are a few other things that are overlooked with this man.

Nobody wants to talk about what a great guitarist and lyricist he really was. I mean, from what I’ve heard and read through interviews and stuff, Chris was a real musician. He was such a great guitar player that he was able write songs that he hears in his head and get it all out of him on the instrument.

I try to buy every Soundgarden album which I have most. I have every Audioslave album I think. I also have all 4 Cornell solo albums that he recorded when he was alive. I don’t have his “No One Sings Like You Anymore”, the album that was released after he passed on yet but I’m planning on getting it soon. I used to have the Temple of the Dog album but I’m gonna get it again, I think but like to try and get it on vinyl.

I’m a huge fan of Chris. Man was a genius. Another thing that was overlooked was his personality… he seemed like a real good dude… he was always real humble and never full of himself.

I don’t want to talk about this heated Soundgarden vs. Vicky feud that’s going on right now but I want to talk about Chris and his musicianship. How he was important to the rock world. I mean, Chris was the one who helped the grunge movement explode in the 90’s.

A lot of people like to become immediate fans after a musician has passed but not this time. I was always a fan of Chris Cornell long before he passed ’cause I was always trying to buy his albums no matter what project he was in. I’ve always loved his solo stuff for sure, though.

Before Chris passed, I believe Soundgarden were gonna work on their 7th album and they wanted to finish it for Chris but they don’t have the master tapes of Chris’s songs and don’t know who has ’em. That was the last I’ve read. So I take it that Chris was the primary songwriter of Soundgarden? Yes, pretty much… although I’m sure Kim Thayil helped out with the songwriting a lot. I know Ben Shepherd the bass player wrote some songs for the band too. They all wrote, I think.

The rock world isn’t the same without Chris. A real shame what happened to him.


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