Really pop and rap music ain’t all that bad but I prefer mostly the old stuff, though…

Is all pop and rap music so bad like a lot of people say out there? I’ve always repeatedly said that I’m NOT against all pop and rap music. I actually like some of that stuff, really but I prefer the older pop and rap like in the 80’s and 90’s, ya know? Today’s pop and rap music is getting so horrible. I can’t get into stuff like Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Post Malone, The Weekend and all that crap.

If you wanna know the good stuff do you remember older pop and rap acts like Salt N’ Peppa, TLC, Destiny’s Child, Paula Abdul, early Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and rappers like 2Pac, Notorious BIG, Ice Cube and Dre? That’s the stuff that I’m talking about. Even though I hate Snoop Dogg, the only good album he did was his debut album, “Doggystyle” which was an album that I actually liked but he got less and less interesting after that fast.

Yeah, I do like pop and rap music. I don’t listen to rock and metal all the time ’cause a lot of times I feel like I have to switch it up some.

I’ve been listening to 2Pac and Biggie music all week and realizing that those two rappers were geniuses. Wow, they were amazing. I’ve read so much about 2Pac and Biggie over the years and watched documentaries about them so now I’m finally getting into listening to them. I do love older rap music like the NWA too as I do have their have their “Straight Outta Compton album. I used to be a fan of Eminem but don’t like him anymore, though.

I remember listening to stuff like En Vogue, their hits “My Lovin'” and “Free Your Mind”. Those are freakin’ badass songs. I do love the Fugees and Lauryn Hill too.

Some people were surprised that I actually do like some rap/hip hop music but I can’t make that kind of music myself since I don’t know how to rap. For some weird reason, I’ve had some people over the years wanting me to write my own rap songs but I can’t do it. I could probably write dance music though and maybe I will.

I like to listen to this stuff ’cause it’s also great workout music. Man, listening to pop and rap music can get ya all psyched up in the gym for sure. It helps.

Yeah, I do listen to this stuff too believe or not. I listen to all genres of music. It’s great to have eclectic taste in music. It’s good for the mind.


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