Even though Chris Cornell passed on, Soundgarden is still scheduled to perform on “Rock on the Range” festival as headlining act tonight…

Even though Chris Cornell passed on yesterday, Soundgarden is still scheduled to perform at Rock on the Range festival tonight in Columbus, OH as a headlining act. The question is will Soundgarden still play tonight? Did the surviving members Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron get a last minute replacement for a new singer or will they use Chris’s pre-recorded vocal tracks?

We still don’t know if Soundgarden will even play tonight ’cause they might cancel on the last minute. They might cancel the rest of their tour ’cause they have 6 more dates left.


They might not be able to go on without Chris Cornell so I’m predicting a breakup is gonna get announced by the band possibly sometime today.

I can’t see Soundgarden moving on without Chris so they probably won’t play tonight. The band will probably break up and call it quits.

I’m sure the Festival will honor Chris in some way tonight which will be interesting. I’m sure all the bands will be paying their respects to Chris on that festival all weekend. I also predict a lot of bands on this Festival will be performing Soundgarden covers for sure. I’m sure Metallica will put on a tribute for Chris for their set this Sunday. Maybe even Metallica will perform a Soundgarden cover ’cause that would be badass.


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