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Cool Videos: Temple of the Dog makes a surprise reunion…

The band Pearl Jam, are celebrating their 20 years of being together as a band, and their way of celebrating it, they play a surprise, PJ20, show on Sept. 3rd, at the Apline Valley Music Theatre, in Wiconsin. Before Pearl Jam played their set, Eddie Vedder invited Chris Cornell to sing four songs which would reunite, Temple of The Dog. Nobody ever thought a Temple of The Dog reunion would happen but it did. If Soundgarden can reunite why can’t, Temple? I think Temple should go back in the studio and record a second album because I loved their first one.

Enjoy the videos. Both Eddie and Chris seemed pretty thrilled to be back together and they still sound great!


Report: Kim Thayil says the new Soundgarden album is “definitely really heavy”!!!

Soundgarden is currently in the studio recording their new album. Fans worried what direction the band is going to take their new music to. Fans assumed that the new album might be mainstream pop, similar to the “Black Hole Sun” and “Burden In My Hand” era. Even worse, fans were also worried that Soundgarden is going to go pop because of Chris Cornell’s solo career with American Idol and all that stuff.

Well, guys, there’s nothing to worry about. Kim Thayill says the new Soundgarden songs are “definitely really heavy”. They also said they are going back to their old roots. Going back to what they sounded like in the old days of Soundgarden.

Read more on it, here.

I’m glad they are giving what the fans want, heavy rock music. That’s what Soundgarden is supposed to be and now I can’t wait for the new album!


Reunited Soundgarden performs the Soundbox nightclub in Seattle…

The reunited Seattle grunge band, Soundgarden, performed their first gig at the Soundbox nightclub in Seattle since getting back together. Listening to audio clips of the gig through Youtube, I’m absolutely fucking blown away. The band still HAS IT. That same tight energy they always had. Except, Soundgarden is meaner, stronger, and tighter than they ever were before. I think their tight energy comes from Matt Cameron’s impressive drumming skills. Cameron is a monster drummer just listen to him. I think Matt Cameron playing in Pearl Jam just made him a better drummer for Soundgarden, indeed.

When playing in a band, in my opinion, I think the drums is the most important instrument out of all instruments. If you want to be a tight and aggressive band, the drums do that for ya. It doesn’t matter how well you play guitar or bass, it’s the drums that makes all musicians play better.

Soundgarden is scheduled to play one gig so far, which is headlining Lollapalooza in Chicago. This isn’t the first time Soundgarden played Lollapalooza as the band played Perry Ferrell’s festival many times. I remember one year Lollapalooza was in Saratoga Springs at SPAC back in ’92 when RATM and Soundgarden were both the main headliners.

I really hope their Lollapalooza show in Chicago isn’t their only gig and hope Soundgarden sticks around for a full time tour, and hopefully new album. I think their Soundbox gig was just a test to see if they still have that popularity and if they can still play live. Yes, they still have both. How about that Matt Cameron? Their Lollapalooza gig is gonna be great. I’m glad they didn’t play, “Black Hole Sun” and played mostly their classics that fans want to hear! Chris’s vocals in these tracks are incredible. Just proves his solo career was a huge mistake.

Enjoy these amazing bootleg audio clips below.


Report: Chris Cornell and wife threatening to sue craigslist over Brittany Murphy video…

Craigslist, the popular anonymous advertising site, is in more legal trouble. Chris Cornell and his wife Vicky, are furious over a Brittany Murphy video that has surfaced for sale at craigslist. On the video, had private wedding footage of the Chris and Vicky wedding. In the wedding video had Brittany Murphy partying on it since she was in the wedding as maid of honour. As some of you may or may not know, Chris Cornell and Brittany Murphy were very close friends. The video was immediately pulled off the site, imagining that Chris’s team of lawyers sent them “cease and desist” letters. The Cornell team claims the video was a victim of stolen copyright and argue it’s a federal crime. The Cornell’s wants craigslist to track down the person responsible for stealing the video.

More on it here:


We better hope that wedding video is copyrighted, if the judge finds that it isn’t, then Chris won’t be able to do anything about it legally.


Report: Chris Cornell surprises fans at Download festival…

Chris Cornell, shocks fans by giving them what they want at the Download festival. He brought out the metal rocking, Chris Cornell. Not the mainstream pop, Chris Cornell. During his set at Download, he played mostly Soundgarden and Audioslave classics. He only played 2 or 3 songs from his solo career.

More on it here:


It’s nice to see Chris finally giving what the fans want and not being a selfish man for a change. Hopefully, Chris will smarten up and make a metal/rock record when he records a new one.

And I fucking love how he threw Temple of the Dog’s hit “Hunger Strike”, that song is incredible and it’s nice to see Chris perform that song.


Report: Chris Cornell sounds like he is dying to reform Soundgarden now!!!

Ever since the brief Soundgarden reunion in Seattle, Chris is still talking about it. I think we’ll get an official Soundgarden reunion later this year with Chris as frontman! Soundgarden should go on tour with Metallica or Alice in Chains! And put out a new album too!

Blabbermouth reports:



Report: Chris Cornell hints at wanting to rejoin Soundgarden as frontman…

Chris Cornell said he was totally surprised by the Soundgarden reunion with Tad Doyle as frontman at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle, Washington. Chris says he wished he was there and wished he was the frontman instead. When asked about rejoining Soundgarden, he said, “You never know”.

Sounds like he is definitely interested in re-joining Soundgarden again and I hope it happens.

More on it here:



Report: Chris Cornell defends his new album, “Scream”…

Chris Cornell is getting so much negative heat on his new album “Scream”, which is an R&B and electronic influenced album which is produced by Timbaland. Chris claims it’s mostly the older Soundgarden fans that are shitting on the album. They don’t like him going the distance from the hard rock and metal genre that Chris usually does.

Then he goes on saying, he’s just doing whatever makes him happy, that he needs to discover new things and go in different worlds when it comes to making music. Meaning that he doesn’t want to stay in one genre, all the time.

More on it here:


I agree. Chris brings up a good point. Musicians do get bored playing the same genre all the time. It don’t hurt to mix it all up a bit.

I haven’t even heard his new album, “Scream”, yet, but maybe I will pick it up sometime and check it out.

Chris is aiming for a younger fanbase, and he’s doing a great job at it too.


Report: Chris Cornell goes R&B for next solo album “Scream” produced by Timbaland…

The former Soundgarden/Audioslave leading frontman Chris Cornell is about to release his third solo disc titled “Scream” which is produced by R&B superstar Timbaland. Cornell announced he is taking a step away from his usual hard rock and metal to go for a different direction in his music…R&B. His third solo album “Scream” will hit record stores Oct. 14th of this year. Chris also sang on a few songs with Timbaland for the new album.

You can hear samples off the new album from Chris’s myspace page here:


“Scream” is the follow up of his last solo album released in 2007 “Carry On” which he covered a Michael Jackson song “Billie Jean” on it. Chris Cornell’s first solo disc is “Euphoria Morning” released in 1999.

Billboard reports:


Has Cornell gone insane? Did him covering Michael Jackson a bad influence in him? We just lost a rock n’ roll Chris Cornell and now we get a pop/R&B Cornell. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I heard the new songs of the new samples in his myspace, and they are crap. Sorry Chris, but I prefer your older stuff better. What the hell is the man thinking? Does he want to be a pop star now? Blech!!!!