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Justice for Brittany and Simon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like most, I was disgusted to learn the news that actress Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack both may have been murdered by rat poison. Whether or not you like these two, they both deserve their justices. So lets hope they find out who murdered them and who ever the killer is, hope he/she will get some harsh punishment. This is a heartbreakin’ story. I kind of always knew that it couldn’t have been the prescription drugs that killed her.


Edit to add: I’ve just learned that people are blaming the government for her death ’cause she supported a whistleblower. Is Brittany Murphy another one of President Obama’s murder victims? I wouldn’t be fucking surprised… holy shit….

BREAKING NEWS: Simon Monjack’s death was the same as his wife, Brittany Murphy…

Man, Simon Monjack’s death is sounding more like a suicide everytime. Did he want this to happen? He loved his wife too much that he wanted to die exactly like her? Questions needs to be answered here. This is mysterious.

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BREAKING NEWS: Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy’s husband found dead…

This is shocking news for a Monday. Simon Monjack was found dead. Honestly, he was a pretty shady guy. I never trusted him. Personally, I think it was his fault that Brittany Murphy died. Don’t want to jump to conclusions but in my opinion, I think Simon committed suicide. It’s either he felt bad to what he did to Brittany or he couldn’t live his life without her. Either way. Wouldn’t surprise me if Simon overdosed on drugs.

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Report: Brittany Murphy death could have easily been prevented…actress had pneumonia and prescription meds…

Brittany’s death results are in. She was sick with pneumonia and she was using prescription and over the counter, meds that were legal to help make her feel better…but her death was accidental. They also said that her death could have easily been prevented and her life could have been saved if she saw a doctor earlier.

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Well, there’s your proof that Warner Bros. is not responsible.


Report: Chris Cornell and wife threatening to sue craigslist over Brittany Murphy video…

Craigslist, the popular anonymous advertising site, is in more legal trouble. Chris Cornell and his wife Vicky, are furious over a Brittany Murphy video that has surfaced for sale at craigslist. On the video, had private wedding footage of the Chris and Vicky wedding. In the wedding video had Brittany Murphy partying on it since she was in the wedding as maid of honour. As some of you may or may not know, Chris Cornell and Brittany Murphy were very close friends. The video was immediately pulled off the site, imagining that Chris’s team of lawyers sent them “cease and desist” letters. The Cornell team claims the video was a victim of stolen copyright and argue it’s a federal crime. The Cornell’s wants craigslist to track down the person responsible for stealing the video.

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We better hope that wedding video is copyrighted, if the judge finds that it isn’t, then Chris won’t be able to do anything about it legally.


Thought: Perez Hilton is a piece of garbage…

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton is on his site, feeling sorry and sad for her death when the idiot bashed her plenty of times in the past. Googling his past blog entries when he bashes Brittany, I can find plenty of his older posts…

Such as this one calling her loopy and accused her of being on the pills…


and this post while writing about her getting fired from a film, he called her “wacktress”:


and this post, he called her a “nutjob”:


In this post while reporting her role of the “Expendables” movie, he called her a washed up actress:


You look at his latest posts writing about Brittany’s death,  he’s writing all kinds of nice things about her and feeling sorry for her now?

Check it out:


Most of the people commenting on his site are doing the right thing bashing the hell out of this guy ’cause he deserves it.

I hope he gets sued by Brittany’s family.


RIP: Brittany Murphy 1977 – 2009

I was never really a big fan of her acting, but she deserves my respect. Actress, Brittany Murphy died today, due to cardiac arrest according to TMZ. She’s starred in a number of movies and TV shows over the years of her career.

Of course, the film that made her famous and well known, is “Clueless”. She’s also starred in other well known movies such as “Don’t Say a Word”, “Girl, Interupted”, “Sin City”, “Riding In Cars with Boys”, “8 Mile”, and more.

Recently, she was signed for a small role in the upcoming Sylvester Stallone action flick, “The Expendables”, but due to Sly writing her out in a script re-write, her role was excluded of the film.

She was also known as a supermodel actress which she appeared in pictorials for many men’s magazines such as Maxim, FHM, etc. She’s usually very high in almost all top women’s lists.

News broke first on TMZ where she died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a hospital in Los Angeles. She was 32 years old. So young, taken so soon. So sad, since this is just before the Holidays.

2009 has been a sad year for celebrity losses.


Report: “Expendables” casting continues…Brittany Murphy, David Zayas join…

Even though, “The Expendables” is filming right now, Sly is still not done casting for the film. I heard Sly just signed a few Brazillian fighters for the movie, now he just signed Brittany Murphy and David Zayas to join the cast.

Brittany Murphy is set to play Mickey Rourke’s girlfriend, she’s a singer, and she’s set to perform a song in the film. David Zayas is most known from the TV show “Dexter”, which he is set to play the dictator in “Expendables”.

Stallone will film in Brazil for a while, then the cast and crew will move to Louisiana, to film scenes with Mickey Rourke, Charisma Charpenter, etc. Then off to California to film Arnold’s scenes. I’m pretty sure Arnold’s scenes would be the very last thing Sly would film.

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