Soundgarden still wants to finish recording 7th studio album…

Soundgarden may never be able to play a live concert ever again but the band still hopes to finish their 7th album that they’ve been working on before Chris Cornell passed away. Before Chris Cornell committed suicide, the band were in the middle of recording their 7th album which would be the follow up to “King Animal” (released in 2012).

Cornell already recorded the vocals and guitar parts for the album; however, the songs don’t have a backup band and rhythm section yet. That’s what the band hopes to complete. They want to finish the album by recording additional guitar parts, bass lines and the drums so they can release the album someday in the future.

Only problem with that is that Kim Thayil doesn’t have the masters to Cornell’s demos. He has copies of the demos so he already knows what the songs sounds like but what he needs are the masters so they can overdub. Thayil says they are not in possession of the original masters and none of the guys in the band knows where they are.

I wonder if they talked with Cornell’s wife, Vicky about the masters? I bet Chris has them stored and locked away somewhere in his home. Maybe Chris has them on a laptop or on a burnt CD? Either Vicky has the masters or maybe the record labels do.

Who’s ever is keeping them is making a mistake ’cause I think Chris would have wanted the final Soundgarden album to get made and released. That’s why he recorded the demos to begin with. Somebody does have the masters, though and is keeping them to himself or herself.

Who knows, though… just wait ’cause now that Thayil spoke out maybe who ever has the masters will give them to the band soon. Like they all say, never say never!


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