How to deal with online trolls and cyber bullying nowadays…

Hope I’m not the only one noticing that I believe that online trolls and cyber bullying online has become quite a problem nowadays and it’s getting a lot worse too. It’s like when you’re in a discussion or debate online like in social media, blogs, message boards, etc… and then suddenly you get personally attacked by someone out of the blue. You join in on the discussion or if you start a discussion and suddenly you get people saying mean things to you for no reason.

I’ve had this problem for a long ass time myself and I still go through it. Yep, you can betcha I still get trolls and cyberbullies attacking me even to this day. Some would think it’s your fault and you brought it upon yourself that you get these haters & cyberbullies but it’s not you at all. It’s just that a lot of people out there are nothing but assholes, ya know? When will people understand that people are just mean to you for no reason at all?

Why are some trolls mean to you for no reason? Why do you get all these nasty attacks? It’s simply because they are just like a bully in high school. They do it hoping to get a rise out of you. They want to try and get you upset just to amuse themselves. They have nothing better to do. They just think it’s funny and entertaining by picking on someone. Period. End of story. I’m also noticing that most of these trolls and cyberbullies are not really in happy in their lives and that’s probably another reason they do it.

It seems to me that you get attacked randomly just because you say things that people disagree with or if you say something wrong. They also do it ’cause they don’t like your views in politics, don’t like your taste in music or have a different opinion than them.

You just want to get into a fun and positive discussion but no matter how positive you are, you get attacked by some troll. Maybe that’s another reason they do it is ’cause they know how positive you are and they can’t stand it. It’s a proven fact that negative people can’t stand positive and happy people. It makes them crazy. When they see happy and positive people, they do all they can to bring them down to their level.

When I deal with trolls, I just ignore them completely nowadays. That’s how I’ve been dealing with them. If they say or do something about me that goes way out of line then I’ll do all I can to report them and try to get them banned but most of the time I just ignore them. If I feel the need to debate with them then I’ll just stick with my views and opinions and never back down. Stick to my guns no matter what they say ’cause they hate that.

Admittedly maybe some of the things I say is why I get haters and cyberbullies but everyone makes mistakes and we’re all human. Most of this are not yours or my fault.

Anyhow, when you’re getting attacked by people… most people do it anonymously anyways so don’t worry about it. People do it anonymously ’cause they don’t want you to find out who they really are just to save their own reputation and stuff. Many of them are cowards ’cause they do it anonymously.

Cyberbullying is a problem and it’s getting worse too. It used to bother me and upset me but not anymore. People just don’t understand that cyberbullies just want to make me look bad as much as possible most of the time. They are desperate. If you hear any nasty things about me said out there, don’t believe ’em ’cause most of it is bullshit.

I’m just a normal guy enjoying life, staying positive and am pretty happy. That’s all I am really. All I want to do is pretty much play my guitar and workout in the gym. I don’t care about the haters anymore. Life is really great.


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