Soundgarden is probably gonna announce a breakup soon but will they still release one more studio album??? They probably will…

So Soundgarden didn’t play Rock on the Range over last weekend. They took off the rest of their tour dates on their official website too:

So there’s a few signs that the band is probably gonna announce a breakup real soon. They’re pretty much done, I think. They can’t go on without Chris Cornell being the band’s main frontman ’cause Chris is Soundgarden. It’ll be a mistake for the band to continue without him.

Even though it’s looking like the band is gonna call it quits due to Chris’s passing, will they still release another studio album? That’s a definite possibility and I can see it happening ’cause the band was working on a new studio album before Chris died. I don’t know how many songs the band completed before Chris’s death but hopefully they have enough for a full length album.

I would think Soundgarden will release the new studio album ’cause they know that’s what Chris probably would have wanted. Soundgarden releasing the new album would be a nice way for them to tribute Chris and they would probably do that. I hope they do release the new album and they’re probably gonna.

When will the surviving members do a little tribute for Chris on the Soundgarden website? I’m sure they’re gonna do something. They probably need more time to grieve and then they’ll do something for Chris when they’re ready.

What will the new Soundgarden album sound like? Will they go back to their heavy & hard rocking stuff or will it sound more like “King Animal”? A lot of fans said “King Animal” was kind of a disappointment but I loved the album. Soundgarden was another one of those bands who was not afraid to sound different every album and I would think the next album will be different once again.

If Soundgarden doesn’t have enough material for a full length album, maybe they’ll release those songs for a Greatest Hits album or something? They’ll figure something out.

Even though Soundgarden is pretty much done, I’m sure the surviving members: Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron would move on to other projects. Matt would probably go to Pearl Jam full time but I don’t know what Kim and Ben are gonna do, though. They’ll probably start new bands of their own. For right now, though, the boys need to find out what they’re gonna do with their next album.

They’ve been silent since Chris’s passing which is understandable but I’m sure we’ll hear from the band soon.


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