Media & NeverTrumpers that bash the Trump family for wearing all black at the Vatican… did they forget that Michelle and Barack did too???


Fake News Media and the NeverTrump crowd is at it again. Doing whatever it takes to make the Trump family look bad. There are a couple of different memes going around FB that picks on Melania and Ivanka for wearing all black and wearing black veils on their heads.

Doing a little digging, I see that Michelle Obama did the same when she met with the Pope at the Vatican.

When you want to meet the Pope at the Vatican there is a strict dress code in order to do so. You see Ivanka, Melania and Donald Trump wearing all black ’cause that’s part of the dress code at the Vatican. It’s like a traditional kind of thing, ya know?

Sure, Melania and Ivanka didn’t wear Hijabs in Saudi Arabia ’cause the Saudi’s gave them the permission that they didn’t have to wear one if they didn’t want to.

It’s just that it is required to wear all black at the Vatican, even men have to wear an all black suit.

I think the NeverTrump crowd knows all this but they are just being ignorant and dumb about it. They just love picking on the Trump family, that is all. The funny thing is, the NeverTrump crowd gets all over Donald for treating women horribly but the NeverTrump crowd treats Melania & Ivanka horribly. They should look in the fucking mirror when they accuse Donald of treating women horribly.

Fake News Media wants to make the Trump family look bad over wearing all black at the Vatican, how come they’re not showing the pic of Michelle and Barack wearing all black? Amazing how one-sided these assholes continue to be. I really despise the NeverTrump crowd.



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