BREAKING NEWS: Craigslist killer, Michael Anderson, sentenced to prison for life for murdering woman…

I have been following the trial of Michael Anderson story, the craigslist killer who lured a young woman to his home posing under the name of Amy looking for a babysitter in the “help wanted” sections of craigslist. I didn’t want to post anything in my blog about this case until the verdict. Well the verdict is read, and this 20 year old guy, Michael Anderson has been found guilty and sentenced to life. He posed under a fake woman named Amy, hoping he would get sex from this young woman name Katherine Olson, who’s only 24 years old. He shot her in the back and hid her body in the trunk of her car.

More on it here:

So an Illinois Sheriff sues craigslist a Federal lawsuit for promoting prostitution and now a young woman gets murdered?

Just more reasons that craigslist deserves to get shut down and be taken off the internet permanently.

Craigslist is not a safe site, peeps. Just a word of advice for you women in the Capital District or all over this world, don’t use craigslist to hook up a date. Most men in that site are looking for a good fuck, end of story.

It is definitely not a safe website to meet people. The reason craigslist is an easy target for criminals is because it’s free and anonymous. Criminals think they can get away with crimes by visiting that website.

Another 2cents of advice for the women, never use the internet to look for a babysitter. If you want a babysitter for your child, only hire someone you know really well and can trust.

A life sentence is what this asshole needs.

I think it’s time for the public to go on an all out war against craigslist and protest to get that site taken off online. The Illinois Sheriff already started that.


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