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Here we go, New York State is trying to normalize prostitution…

Scary shit. Since douchebag Cuomo is our governor, I wouldn’t be surprised that he’ll be all for this and he signs this to law if the bill gets to his desk. The two female senators who introduced this bill are both you guess it ***cough*** Democrats ***cough***. Prostitutes belong in jail, not out on the streets selling their bodies. We don’t need this in New York.

If this becomes legal in New York State, I can see other states following suit and will try to do the same thing… legalize prostitution all over America.


Ya see, first lefties rammed homosexuality and gay marriage down our throats. Now they were successful at legalizing gay marriage in America that will lead to crazy things such as legalizing prostitution and things like that.

Why do those two NY Democratic female senators wanna legalize prostitution in NY? They want these hookers to be protected from street violence and stop them from getting arrested. These nutjobs actually think “sex work is like a normal job”. Really?

Um, no you dingbats. “Sex work” isn’t a job… it’s a crime. They should be thrown in jail and not out in the streets selling their bodies. I see men in social media getting excited for this and that’s even scarier. Why is prostitution illegal in America? Well, for a lot of reasons… diseases for starters, drugs is another reason, could lead to underage sex, could lead to domestic violence, it helps pimps, less protection for women, etc. I can go on and on.

If these NY Senators think legalizing prostitution will help “protect” these women, they are delusional. I think they want to legalize “prostitution” ’cause I think they were prostitutes at some point in their life… that wouldn’t surprise me at all.

What I’m seeing in liberal New York is getting scarier and scarier. New York is still a “left-wing” state and it’s pissing me off. I can’t blame more people for moving out of this state.  Good for them, really.



Report: There’s a serial killer in Long Island…

To those living in Long Island or near it, there’s a serial killer out there. While Long Island police were searching for a missing woman, Shannon Gilbert, a prostitute, they found 10 dead bodies of other young women at Gilgo beach. This is another prostitute killer, so he’s not after random people.

Read the full story, here.

Prostitution maybe bad and against the law, but they are still women and human. This is a horrible crime, and the guy that did this is still out there. It’s going to be a long time to figure out who he is and where he is, but they’ll get him. Lets hope they find him and put him away soon.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this story.


Craigslist prostitution is on the rise in the “Erotics” section…

So let me get this straight. Craigslist gets sued by an Illinois Cook County Sheriff to threaten the site to take down the “Erotics” section. South Carolina threatened to press charges against craigslist which they got sued by the craigslist CEO for.

And how about this?


More and more states are fighting to get the “Erotics” section shut down in craigslist.

Why doesn’t craigslist shut down the “Erotics” section? It’s because the site makes them money, that’s why. All they care about is getting some dough in their pockets while innocent young women are being bought by men wanting a fling.

Of course, craigslist and the sites owners continues to defend themselves, maintaining their innocence. Craigslist is not a very good website anyway. I don’t know why so many people bother trying to sell stuff or to get laid on that stupid site when you can do that everywhere else.

If you wanted to sell something, do it at a yard sale or sell it on E-bay. Not an anonymous site like craigslist where you can’t trust anything. I don’t even look at that site anymore. I hope the United States win the battle of taking down the “Erotics” section, or even better to keep people safe…take the craigslist site off the internet altogether. I give the law kudos and respect for fighting back at that aweful website. They are taking a stand at something to what they believe in ’cause they care about people.


Report: Craigslist sued by Sheriff in hopes of stopping online prostitution…

A Cook County Sheriff, from Chicago, Illinois, Sheriff Tom Dart has filed a federal lawsuit against craigslist today. Craigslist is a popular no holds barred anonymous classified advertisement site. While you can use the site to advertise a variety of things, the most traffic the site gets is the “personals” section where people host erotic services.

The Sheriff wants craigslist to eliminate the erotic services promotion, and I agree.

The Associated Press reports:


Why do people like that site so much? Beats me. I personally think everybody just uses that site hoping to get laid.

I tried using that site a little bit, but I think I’m going to stop. Craigslist is not a good site at all. Beats me as to why the site made “Best Local Website” in the Metroland in the earlier “Best of’s”. The site is actually full of pathetic anonymous losers.

I hope that Sheriff guy wins the suit and the site gets taken off the net. There’s no real people there anyway. It not only attracts prostitutes/hookers, it’s also a big target for scammers, and bots promoting other websites.

If you want to meet people, craigslist is not a good place to do it, I’ve just discovered. Have some confidence, get brave and meet people in the real world, that’s what I vow to do. Craigslist is actually a dangerous website, I wouldn’t post there anymore.


Report: Ashley Alexandra Dupre to be interviewed by Diane Sawyer this coming Friday night on 20/20!!!

How much do you want to bet that all the other hookers and prostitutes roaming the streets in various cities in America are jealous of Ashley Dupre because Eliot Spitzer made a hooker famous? Ashley Dupre is set to be interviewed by Diane Sawyer on 20/20 this coming Friday night. Check your local TV guide for showtimes. It’s obvious this will be huge in the ratings. And this will be quite the interesting interview so I’m definitely going to tune into this.

Expect Ashley Dupre to defend herself, I expect her to clear the air to say that she’s not a prostitute that people make her out to be, she’ll claim that she made a mistake and she’ll explain that she’s trying to move on to positive things in her life. Maybe she’ll explain how she got into this mess with Eliot Spitzer but I doubt she’ll go into detail.

More on it here:


This is gonna be good!!!