Report: Ashley Alexandra Dupre to be interviewed by Diane Sawyer this coming Friday night on 20/20!!!

How much do you want to bet that all the other hookers and prostitutes roaming the streets in various cities in America are jealous of Ashley Dupre because Eliot Spitzer made a hooker famous? Ashley Dupre is set to be interviewed by Diane Sawyer on 20/20 this coming Friday night. Check your local TV guide for showtimes. It’s obvious this will be huge in the ratings. And this will be quite the interesting interview so I’m definitely going to tune into this.

Expect Ashley Dupre to defend herself, I expect her to clear the air to say that she’s not a prostitute that people make her out to be, she’ll claim that she made a mistake and she’ll explain that she’s trying to move on to positive things in her life. Maybe she’ll explain how she got into this mess with Eliot Spitzer but I doubt she’ll go into detail.

More on it here:,0,2175456.story

This is gonna be good!!!


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