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Report: There’s a serial killer in Long Island…

To those living in Long Island or near it, there’s a serial killer out there. While Long Island police were searching for a missing woman, Shannon Gilbert, a prostitute, they found 10 dead bodies of other young women at Gilgo beach. This is another prostitute killer, so he’s not after random people.

Read the full story, here.

Prostitution maybe bad and against the law, but they are still women and human. This is a horrible crime, and the guy that did this is still out there. It’s going to be a long time to figure out who he is and where he is, but they’ll get him. Lets hope they find him and put him away soon.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this story.


Thought: About the Darth Vader bank robber in Long Island, my take on it…

So Darth Vader came to invade Earth ’cause he needed money for a new lightsaber. I know bad joke, but why would an obsessive Star Wars fan rob a bank with a Darth Vader suit on? This news story has created some controversy today. Why would a robber do this? For laughs? For attention? Maybe a little bit of both, definitely, but he didn’t just put on a Darth Vader suit for nothing. There is a better reason why he did it. 

Simply put, it was a smart way for a clean get away. The reason for the Darth Vader suit was that, there needed to be some kind of distraction for the customers and the bank tellers behind the counter. Would there be some kind of crowd reaction if he just walked in with a ski mask or any other type of Halloween mask on? No. The people would know that he would be robbing the bank immediately, they would get scared easily and might call the cops right away.

So what would be the best costume to walk in a bank to confuse people that it was just for laughs and entertainment? He has chosen the Darth Vader suit for that reason. He would walk in, people would laugh for a while. It’s a trick so that the customers or bank tellers won’t call the cops quicker. It was a laugh for a while, but when Darth walked up to the bank teller and pulls out a gun, it’s no joke anymore.

Empire music plays, “You don’t know the power of the darkside”.

So what if the bank robber did walk in with just a ski mask, paper bag over his head or any other Halloween mask? He wouldn’t last long in there. What the Darth Vader guy did was a smart way to rob a bank (seriously). Most bank robbers would just walk in with or without a mask, and the police would be after them in a flash. The Darth Vader suit was a different way to do it.

It may have been pretty funny and comical, yes, but the robber obviously wanted it comedic to create a distraction, to get away faster, I repeat. Btw, using Darth Vader’s gloves wouldn’t leave his finger prints on things. He used a Darth Vader mask so his head wouldn’t be seen ’cause if you wear a regular mask, people can still see you through your eyes. The black eyes on Vader’s helmet covered his eyes completely.

The only mistake that this Darth Vader robber did was the camouflage pants he was wearing instead of Vader’s rubber pants. Police maybe able to figure out who he is easily with those camouflage pants. He’ll probably be caught sooner or later, but not this quick. The first thing law enforcement will look at are those camouflage pants.

Hope I got my point across.