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Why more young people have been leaving social media…

The NYPost did this interesting little article that more young people leaving social media is on the rise. Ya know, young people giving up social media sites like facebook, twitter and instagram.

Why do people leave social media? Ya know, when people leave social media they always get accused of being “attention whores”. Just leaving for attention just so they can be liked when they return… that sort of thing, ya know? I disagree.

I think people leave social media ’cause maybe people don’t have time for it anymore? They want to find better things to do with their lives. Some find social media too addicting to them that it’s taking themselves away from the real world.

There are many reasons why people leave social media, however. Let me think of some… well for starters, people leave social media ’cause of too much negativity, drama, gossip and soap opera stuff. Maybe people got too fed up with all the negativity and drama and they quit for that reason?  FB is full of drama and negativity everyday on my newsfeed so I can’t blame them. Too much cyberbullying and harassment going around, blah blah blah, you get the deal.

Maybe people also leave ’cause of political posts and they just simply got bored with it.

I hear them, though and I can’t blame them at all. Social media is the devil — it really is. I almost came this close to leaving social media myself ’cause I couldn’t stand all the drama. Simply put, people leave social media to escape all the bullshit. I know a lot of people that don’t even use social media at all and they are happy without them.

I despise social media too and I’m only on them ’cause I have fans and supporters. If I leave, they’ll talk me into coming back. Happens every time.




Don’t like getting negative messages on Sarahah? Then why did you make one? This is what cyberbullying looks like…

I think it’s pretty funny that people are already complaining about getting negative messages on Sarahah. Many people already deleted their accounts ’cause of it. Seriously? You really thought you would get nothing but positive and lovely messages written about you? This is what cyberbullying looks like for those of you who have never experienced it before.

I know what being a victim of cyberbullying is like ’cause I’ve been a victim of it for many years. People attacked me online pretty much everywhere I went. It goes way back since the old myspace days long before Sarahah came around. I’ve gotten cyberbullied in myspace, local music message boards, facebook/twitter, even right here on my blog, etc. I can keep going.

Some may think it’s my fault that I get attacked by people ’cause they think it’s the way I post but I never thought so. It isn’t me at all, it’s just that people are so dumb. People are simply negative these days, opinionated and judgemental. Period. End of story. If you’ve never experienced getting cyberbullied before well, welcome to it.

I’m not defending “Sarahah” ’cause I don’t condone cyberbullying, I’m not a fan of it myself. I never really believed in going around the internet attacking people for no reason but unless they attack me first, I might attack back.

Anonymous cyberbullying already existed long before “Sarahah”. To those that knock “Sarahah” for cyberbullying, where were those cyberbully activists years ago? They haven’t spoken out about cyberbullying until “Sarahah” came around. I have a feeling “Sarahah” may not last long ’cause the site could possibly get pulled from the internet due to the pressure of cyberbullying activists out there.

Admittedly, I might be an easy target for cyberbullies, trolls and haters but I’m willing to cope with it and rise above it. I used to be upset over this stuff but they helped motivate me to be tough over them. I have no time for drama and negativity anymore ’cause I’m better than that. I’m a musician and that’s all I care about doing… making music.

One thing I liked about Sarahah was that it showed how whacked and messed up some people can be nowadays. It helped showed who people really are.


More on Sarahah… I honestly have mixed feelings with that site/app so I don’t know…

I kind of experimented with Sarahah a little bit. Just sending random women some messages and just playing around a bit just to see what the site is like… just an experiment and that’s all. Turns out that I have mixed feelings with it… some good and some bad.

The good… well, you can talk to people however you want to, just speak your mind. You’re afraid to tell people how you really feel about them… whether you love them, have a huge crush on them and hate them, whatever… it’s a good place to express your real feelings toward that person when you’re afraid to say this stuff to their face or not hide behind anonymous names.

The bad… well, it could lead to cyberbullying, absolutely. Somebody could find out who you really are just by your writing style alone and then they could expose you publicly. This site could also lead to destroying friendships, family relationships and all that stuff. If you aren’t careful using Sarahah, it could destroy your reputation as a person. Having a  Sarahah account could lead to your haters leaving death threats and all that stuff. They’ll also be saying things like “Go Kill Yourself” and all that crap.

Sadly, it’s looking like this site/app is going to be around for a long time. Sarahah could end up becoming the next big thing, I don’t think it’ll get bigger than FB/twitter but ya never know. This app is getting bigger. I don’t see this site going away ever.

Once again, would I create my own Sarahah account for you all to write on? Still not sure yet ’cause I know it’s gonna be a playground for all the trolls and haters that I have out there, lol but I guess I gotta put up with the negativity if I’m gonna do it. Maybe people’s negative thoughts about me would help motivate me, ya know? It could help me stay above the haters. Not sure if I’m gonna do it or not yet.

Yeah, people are gonna write all kinds of crazy things on your Sarahah account ’cause why? It’s because this world is crazy that’s why! You just gotta learn to embrace it.

I’m noticing that women are more obsessed with Sarahah than men are — like I said in the previous post… women are obsessed with attention and validation nowadays. Crazy. Not that there is anything wrong with that, though ’cause there isn’t.

It is interesting how the site blew up out of nowhere. I’ll admit that it is kind of addicting sending people anonymous messages on it. I have mixed feelings on it so maybe the site will grow on me more.



What’s the point of that Sarahah app/site? You know that site going around social networking…

There’s an app going around that’s been getting my attention. An app called “Sarahah”, you’ve probably seen it too. It’s a messaging app where you get to write about people anonymously. Your name will not get revealed at all so that means that you can write to the person however you want to… no holds barred, anything goes. Yeah, that means you can either write good things or bad things about the person who made the “Sarahah” account. The app has gone viral and made the headlines. From what I’ve read about the site, the site was created by a Muslim from Saudi Arabia hence the name of the app “Sarahah” which means “honesty” in Arabic. The person that made an account, you can write your critique to that person of what you really think of him/her.

The guy who made the site said the purpose of it was that you can talk trash about your co-workers without getting fired and to help improve your friends behaviors. Something like that.

Anyways, when women make an account especially the good looking women, I’m sure they get all kinds of sexual and dirty stuff from guys. They want it ’cause they love that kind of attention from men, ya know? The site is getting popular with women mostly ’cause you know how women are obsessed with “validation”.

When guys make an account for people to write, I’m sure it’s a little different for us guys, though. I’m sure guys get hit on and maybe even get talked dirty by women through that app but I’m sure guys get mostly hate comments from people, lol. Well, I’m sure women also get a lot of hate comments from other women too ’cause you know how women have all kinds of drama toward each other and shit.

The site is kind of interesting, though. Writing about what you really think of the person which is what the site is for. I’m sure a lot of people don’t even want to use it ’cause they’re scared of it… to the people who do use it, kudos to them. It means they are courageous enough and strong enough to read about what people really think of them.

Does the site promote cyberbullying like the media claims? Hell no. The reason is, if you make a Sarahah account for people to write on, you gotta be brave enough to be able to deal with the negativity on it. If you can’t take it then you shouldn’t have made an account. See what I’m saying? You gotta be able to take it.

I think the site is kind of a nice idea ’cause if you misbehave and people don’t like you… people write all about it on your sarahah page, you could improve yourself for the better. I think that’s the goal with the site, really.

Would I make my own Sarahah account? I thought about it and still thinking about it. I’m probably gonna get people mostly bashing me anyways but ya never know, maybe people would write me lovely and positive things? Who knows? Who knows what women really think of me? Whether they think I’m hot & sexy or ugly so be it. Either way is cool with me.

I think it’s kind of fun to write to people however you want to on there. I hope some of my past bosses and co-workers who I didn’t like make a Sarahah account…. when they do, I’ll go on there and bash the person. It’s gonna be interesting to see how long this site will last. Could the site last for a long time? We’ll wait and see.


Major DDOS attack happening through twitter, Netflix and Playstation Network…

Last night, I was trying to watch the WWE “No Mercy” ppv on WWE Network but suddenly it stopped playing and can’t get on. I tried Netflix last night and couldn’t get on there either. All day today, I was having trouble with twitter, the Playstation Network and Netflix. Couldn’t get on any of those.

I thought it was just me but I thought wrong. It’s happening to most people on the East Coast and some other areas in the states. A huge DDOS attack online is what’s happening. It’s also happening to WWE Network and Spotify so if you can’t get on those if you subscribe to them, this is probably why…

Netflix, PlayStation Network, and Twitter down as huge DDoS strike continues

A major cyber attack is what it is.

Anyway, I can get on facebook and wordpress just fine. Nothing is happening to those two… yet but don’t be surprised that wordpress and facebook could soon become a DDOS victim. This is nasty. I wonder if Hillary or Obama is responsible ’cause they’re mad that Donald Trump is winning? LOL… anyway joking aside, I hope they get this fixed soon ’cause it’s frustrating!

I’m just playing some Batman: Arkham Knight on my PS4 this afternoon while this is happening.


Youtube must not be making enough money through ads, that’s the reason for the new services…

Youtube must not be making enough money through their advertisements on videos. Is that the reason for the new Youtube services like YoutubeRed and Youtube Music? I believe so. I really hate the way youtube is going these days. Youtube was once really cool back in the days before google and record labels took over. Yeah, I’ve been a youtube member for that long. Youtube used to be a cool place where musicians can upload videos of themselves performing cover songs. It’s gotten a lot harder for musicians to play cover songs for youtube ’cause of their strict “third party” copyright laws. It’s not the original artists that don’t like their songs covered, it’s just those whiny record labels who always cry, “copyright infringement”. It’s a proven fact that record labels treat unsigned and amatuer musicians like shit. Record labels are evil which is why I refuse to sign with any of them, not in this day and age.

Musicians should have the legal right to cover songs from bands & artists. I don’t see how it could be against the law ’cause it’s ridiculous, in my book. All the record labels care about is money, that’s all they do it for. Threaten legal action to people for copyright infringement. All musicians should be able to cover songs on the internet. It’s all bullshit really. Give it time… record labels will take over facebook too once they see that facebook has a problem with musicians covering songs over there.

In my opinion, I thought youtube was originally made for real people like me to upload whatever kind of videos you want? It used to be that way before google and record labels took over. Then the TOS got even more strict. This is why I have a pure hatred for youtube now. It’s got even worse with these new services on youtube. I don’t like YoutubeRed and I don’t like YoutubeMusic either.

Youtube is really going down the toilet. Give it time, y’all. Soon youtube will end up being like the next myspace for sure. Another reason for the new services is that they noticed they lost a lot of support and they’re trying to win people back. Pretty shady, I must say.


Proof that people watch videos @ facebook instead of youtube…

Here ya go… more proof that people watching videos at facebook is getting bigger than youtube.

Like I said before, I know videos get more attention in facebook than youtube ’cause I’ve witnessed it myself when I upload my own videos at both places. When I upload my videos on youtube, they don’t get a lot of views at all but when I upload videos in facebook, videos seem to go viral quickly in facebook.

Videos going viral don’t happen in youtube anymore. Facebook is the way to go these days so don’t be surprised that facebook will soon be launching their own video site to rival youtube. I have a feeling this is gonna happen soon.

I’ll continue to use youtube, yes but I won’t use it upload music with anymore. I’ll make my homemade live music videos to facebook instead of youtube. I’m noticing that when I upload a video of myself performing a song on video on my youtube channel, it gets less views than facebook. So each time I upload a homemade music video of mine, it’ll go to facebook instead of youtube. I’ll just use youtube for videoblogs.

My “Take My Breathe Away” cover got almost like 400 views in facebook. In youtube that video wouldn’t have gotten that many.

Just watch everyone. Pretty soon all the youtubers will be switching to facebook. Facebook will be the future of videos.


Youtube will soon become the next “myspace”… watch for it…

Youtube has always been the place where people go to make videos of all kinds and youtube has always been the place where video will go viral. Youtube has helped people become “stars” and has gotten a celebrity “status” ’cause of their viral videos.

Well I have noticed lately that people are slowly losing interest in youtube and videos seem to go “viral” a lot more quicker in facebook. I know this ’cause each time I upload a video of me performing cover songs in facebook, they seem to get a lot more views than my youtube channel. Pretty soon facebook is going to steal “youtube’s” spotlight and they already did, in fact.

I too am losing a lot of interest in youtube simply because of the low “view” numbers but when you upload it in facebook, you get more “view” numbers in facebook there. I am also losing interest in youtube ’cause of the strict third party “copyright” laws. I really am thinking about ditching youtube for videos and post ’em all on facebook from now on.

Pretty soon everybody will be switching from youtube to facebook to make videos on. Just like people switched from myspace to facebook quickly. It’s gonna happen. It’s only a matter of time.

If I ever decide to delete my youtube channel, I’ll make a whole new “like” page on facebook to upload videos on so I can talk about politics, music, movies, etc.


The Facebook “dislike” (or thumbs down) button is on the way, says Mark Zuckerburg…

Some have wanted the facebook “dislike” or the thumbs down button for many years but it looks like they’re finally getting their wish. Facebook is planning on making that happen.

To be honest, I don’t like the idea of a “dislike” button and hopefully they’ll give you the option to turn it off if you want to in the “settings”.

I don’t want people hitting the “dislike” button even if the post is good, positive and informative. Some will hit the “dislike” button just for the sake of bullying others and that’s my problem with it, ya know? People will hit the “dislike” button just for the fun of it. That’s why I don’t agree with it.

I’m disliking facebook more and more. I came back to it ’cause I have too many supporters and a few friends I like to talk to in there.


Conservatives should get off of facebook and avoid it completely…

1 full day staying off of facebook yesterday. It’s gonna stay that way today and for the rest of my life probably. Why did I get off of facebook? I think you would probably figure out right away that it was probably the big gay marriage celebration and I’m sure it’s still going by libtards in facebook now. Ever since the ruling announcement by the corrupt, Supreme Court, the rainbow has taken over the internet. The rainbow is everywhere you look now.

The rainbow was all over my newsfeed all over facebook yesterday. It did drove me crazy so right away, I deactivated my account without telling anyone I was leaving. That’s okay, though. I’m sure people won’t miss me and won’t care ’cause I’m not that important. At first, I thought about deleting and blocking everybody that put the rainbow as their profile pic but then I thought to myself, “Why don’t I just leave facebook completely”? That’s what I just did. Just my way of telling gay marriage supporters, “Fuck you, I’m outta here”.

The rainbow is even all over celebrity pages, musicians & bands pages and all that stuff. A lot of people in the entertainment industry kept politics out of their careers but when the “gay marriage” ruling came, it turns out that liberalism is everywhere. Even from your favorite bands & movie stars are liberals as well. When celebrities & bands would change their profile pic to a rainbow, it would anger their conservative fans. Many conservatives have threatened to “unlike” their page. I know it sucks but just get off of facebook completely like I just did. It’ll save you a headache.

Liberals and “gay marriage” supporters think they are winning but they aren’t really. So liberals wanna start a fucking war with “conservatives”? Well, they’re gonna fucking get one and us on the “right” are gonna fight back real hard now. Liberals think that “gay marriage” being the law the of the land now is gonna end well for them but it’s not gonna end well for them. It’s gonna get back to them somehow. Well, they’re so obsessed with wanting “gay marriage”… well how are gay couples gonna divorce when they find that they don’t really love each other after all? A gay divorce is gonna be kind of tricky. So if “same sex” marriage is what they want, they better make sure that they love each other for life ’cause “divorce” is never gonna happen. Someday, liberals are gonna realize that “gay marriage” is impossible after all this time ’cause of the “divorce” part. Think about it, right?

Back to facebook, I deleted it ’cause it was also too liberal for me for the most part. Most everyone in my friendslist were all liberal people. I did have some conservatives in my friendslist but not too many. I feel proud what I did, seriously. After several years being on facebook, I decided it was best for me to get the hell out of there. There are other reasons why I left… too much drama & negativity. I also felt I had better things to do in my life and wanted to spend more time away from social networking like work on my guitar playing and music. Leaving facebook was probably the best thing I’ve done and I really mean it that I’ll probably stay away from there, permanently.

In facebook, I tried my best to tell everybody about Barack Obama and the US government but nobody wants to listen to me. The left is pretty one-sided, it’s crazy. As usual, all the left wants to do is defend Barack Obama and dispute everything I say of what’s going on in the country.

I have noticed that more and more people decided to leave facebook and I can see why. It’s crazy as hell in there. Twitter is better so I’ll stay there. I’ve always liked twitter more than facebook, anyways.