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Proof that people watch videos @ facebook instead of youtube…

Here ya go… more proof that people watching videos at facebook is getting bigger than youtube.

Like I said before, I know videos get more attention in facebook than youtube ’cause I’ve witnessed it myself when I upload my own videos at both places. When I upload my videos on youtube, they don’t get a lot of views at all but when I upload videos in facebook, videos seem to go viral quickly in facebook.

Videos going viral don’t happen in youtube anymore. Facebook is the way to go these days so don’t be surprised that facebook will soon be launching their own video site to rival youtube. I have a feeling this is gonna happen soon.

I’ll continue to use youtube, yes but I won’t use it upload music with anymore. I’ll make my homemade live music videos to facebook instead of youtube. I’m noticing that when I upload a video of myself performing a song on video on my youtube channel, it gets less views than facebook. So each time I upload a homemade music video of mine, it’ll go to facebook instead of youtube. I’ll just use youtube for videoblogs.

My “Take My Breathe Away” cover got almost like 400 views in facebook. In youtube that video wouldn’t have gotten that many.

Just watch everyone. Pretty soon all the youtubers will be switching to facebook. Facebook will be the future of videos.


Youtube will soon become the next “myspace”… watch for it…

Youtube has always been the place where people go to make videos of all kinds and youtube has always been the place where video will go viral. Youtube has helped people become “stars” and has gotten a celebrity “status” ’cause of their viral videos.

Well I have noticed lately that people are slowly losing interest in youtube and videos seem to go “viral” a lot more quicker in facebook. I know this ’cause each time I upload a video of me performing cover songs in facebook, they seem to get a lot more views than my youtube channel. Pretty soon facebook is going to steal “youtube’s” spotlight and they already did, in fact.

I too am losing a lot of interest in youtube simply because of the low “view” numbers but when you upload it in facebook, you get more “view” numbers in facebook there. I am also losing interest in youtube ’cause of the strict third party “copyright” laws. I really am thinking about ditching youtube for videos and post ’em all on facebook from now on.

Pretty soon everybody will be switching from youtube to facebook to make videos on. Just like people switched from myspace to facebook quickly. It’s gonna happen. It’s only a matter of time.

If I ever decide to delete my youtube channel, I’ll make a whole new “like” page on facebook to upload videos on so I can talk about politics, music, movies, etc.


The Facebook “dislike” (or thumbs down) button is on the way, says Mark Zuckerburg…

Some have wanted the facebook “dislike” or the thumbs down button for many years but it looks like they’re finally getting their wish. Facebook is planning on making that happen.

To be honest, I don’t like the idea of a “dislike” button and hopefully they’ll give you the option to turn it off if you want to in the “settings”.

I don’t want people hitting the “dislike” button even if the post is good, positive and informative. Some will hit the “dislike” button just for the sake of bullying others and that’s my problem with it, ya know? People will hit the “dislike” button just for the fun of it. That’s why I don’t agree with it.

I’m disliking facebook more and more. I came back to it ’cause I have too many supporters and a few friends I like to talk to in there.


Conservatives should get off of facebook and avoid it completely…

1 full day staying off of facebook yesterday. It’s gonna stay that way today and for the rest of my life probably. Why did I get off of facebook? I think you would probably figure out right away that it was probably the big gay marriage celebration and I’m sure it’s still going by libtards in facebook now. Ever since the ruling announcement by the corrupt, Supreme Court, the rainbow has taken over the internet. The rainbow is everywhere you look now.

The rainbow was all over my newsfeed all over facebook yesterday. It did drove me crazy so right away, I deactivated my account without telling anyone I was leaving. That’s okay, though. I’m sure people won’t miss me and won’t care ’cause I’m not that important. At first, I thought about deleting and blocking everybody that put the rainbow as their profile pic but then I thought to myself, “Why don’t I just leave facebook completely”? That’s what I just did. Just my way of telling gay marriage supporters, “Fuck you, I’m outta here”.

The rainbow is even all over celebrity pages, musicians & bands pages and all that stuff. A lot of people in the entertainment industry kept politics out of their careers but when the “gay marriage” ruling came, it turns out that liberalism is everywhere. Even from your favorite bands & movie stars are liberals as well. When celebrities & bands would change their profile pic to a rainbow, it would anger their conservative fans. Many conservatives have threatened to “unlike” their page. I know it sucks but just get off of facebook completely like I just did. It’ll save you a headache.

Liberals and “gay marriage” supporters think they are winning but they aren’t really. So liberals wanna start a fucking war with “conservatives”? Well, they’re gonna fucking get one and us on the “right” are gonna fight back real hard now. Liberals think that “gay marriage” being the law the of the land now is gonna end well for them but it’s not gonna end well for them. It’s gonna get back to them somehow. Well, they’re so obsessed with wanting “gay marriage”… well how are gay couples gonna divorce when they find that they don’t really love each other after all? A gay divorce is gonna be kind of tricky. So if “same sex” marriage is what they want, they better make sure that they love each other for life ’cause “divorce” is never gonna happen. Someday, liberals are gonna realize that “gay marriage” is impossible after all this time ’cause of the “divorce” part. Think about it, right?

Back to facebook, I deleted it ’cause it was also too liberal for me for the most part. Most everyone in my friendslist were all liberal people. I did have some conservatives in my friendslist but not too many. I feel proud what I did, seriously. After several years being on facebook, I decided it was best for me to get the hell out of there. There are other reasons why I left… too much drama & negativity. I also felt I had better things to do in my life and wanted to spend more time away from social networking like work on my guitar playing and music. Leaving facebook was probably the best thing I’ve done and I really mean it that I’ll probably stay away from there, permanently.

In facebook, I tried my best to tell everybody about Barack Obama and the US government but nobody wants to listen to me. The left is pretty one-sided, it’s crazy. As usual, all the left wants to do is defend Barack Obama and dispute everything I say of what’s going on in the country.

I have noticed that more and more people decided to leave facebook and I can see why. It’s crazy as hell in there. Twitter is better so I’ll stay there. I’ve always liked twitter more than facebook, anyways.


Get ready for Obamanet tomorrow…

The US Telecom Association tried to block the Net Neutrality rules but of course, they failed. The U.S. Court of Appeals rejects their request to block Obamanet. Thanks to the US Telecom for trying though. It seems like it’s tough to defeat anything against Obama these days.

I’m actually kind of nervous about Net Neutrality tomorrow and you should be too. You never know what it’s gonna be like so don’t assume anything.

If you think the government taking over the internet is a good idea, then you’re fucking delusional and an idiot. The internet should not be government controlled at all.


Youtube maybe 10 years old today but soon Facebook video will take it’s spotlight…

You know how that myspace is a thing of the past and is now dead and gone? Well the same thing is gonna happen to youtube. I’m noticing that youtube is getting less and less popular. More people are losing hope for youtube and I am too. It used to be a cool site to upload your homemade videos but I’m starting to lose interest which is pretty much the reason I slowed down on making youtube videos. Why? Too many ads and third party copyrights are bullshit. That’s pretty much the reasons people are turning away from youtube.

Each time I upload a video in facebook instead of youtube, I’m noticing that the video views are better there than youtube. Things go viral quickly in facebook than youtube these days. I am noticing that people don’t post videos from youtube in facebook anymore. Instead they upload videos to facebook itself.

I really am thinking about ditching youtube and just upload my videos to facebook from now on. Facebook video may only have a few features but give it time, though, folks. Mark Zuckerberg will make facebook video more like youtube but he will try to make it even better.

I used to love youtube in the old days but it sucks now. Thanks to google who bought youtube. I blame google for ruining youtube. Facebook video seems to be the way to go.


Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk is very powerful and intense… worth a listen!

I just listened to Monica Lewinsky’s TEDTalk today and I’m blown away. Her speech is very powerful and intense. I listened to the whole thing. Ya know, she made a mistake years ago and after listening to her TEDTalk, I think it’s time to forgive and forget. She deserves it. This was a very brave and ballsy speech. She was honest throughout the whole thing.

So what, she sucked someone’s dick? What woman hasn’t done that? Big deal, ya know? That doesn’t make her a slut and all that stuff. People make mistakes, learn from them and they change for the better.

I do agree with her that cyberbullying and trolling has become a huge problem in this day and age of the internets. It continues to be even more of a bigger problem today.

I know what it’s like to become a victim of public humiliation on the internet ’cause I experienced that myself many times. I get cyberbullied and trolled by losers all the time and still do to this day. This is part of why I’m very strict on moderating in social networking, my blog, youtube, etc. It’s just my way of eliminating trolls and losers. I have no time for that crap. People actually thinks it’s okay to say what they want about me and I’m not gonna let ’em, ya know? I don’t let trolls and losers get me down. I even gotten bullied by the local music community too over the years but that’s okay.

You just gotta learn to ignore that stuff. Be tough and stay above ’em if you wanna survive. All I care about is my music, working out in the gym and doing my online stuff. Don’t have time for negativity and bullshit.

She does have a point that cyberbullying, public humiliation and online harassment has become a huge problem. I’ve been putting up with this stuff for the past decade or so. Why would people troll and attack others? In my opinion, they’re just losers who don’t have much going on in their lives. Successful people wouldn’t waste their time with this stuff. Haters are gonna hate.

Just ignore ’em and continue to be yourself. Fuck everyone. Can’t please everyone, ya know what I mean?


New wordpress editor interface is garbage… hope they get rid of it soon!!!

I hate the new wordpress editor interface they just changed today. I figured out how to still be able to use the old one by going directly to the dashboard, go to “posts” and click on “Add new” instead of going to the drop down menu.

The new editor sucks ’cause they have this message that comes up that says,”beep beep boop” which is real lame and fucking stupid. Who came up with that stupid idea??? I googled on this and most wordpress users aren’t happy with it either. The new editor sucks ’cause it takes a long time to load the posts and sometimes the posts disappear or doesn’t post fully. The new editor is all glitchy as hell and having all kinds of technical issues.

Yeah, I know it’s a new editor so they got a lot of repairing and troubleshooting to do.

I hope wordpress fixes the new editor ’cause if they don’t… people will leave wordpress and go somewhere else.

I’ll just keep using the previous editor. This sucks. I was liking wordpress too. I don’t wanna keep using the new editor ’cause I don’t wanna see that lame “beep beep boop” message. I know they did it as a joke but it’s just dumb.

I know a few of you guys have a wordpress blog. Try making a new post with the new editor and you’ll see what I mean. Like I said, to use the old editor just go directly to the dashboard, click on “posts” and “add” new in the dashboard instead of the “add new” in the upper right hand corner.

If they keep getting worse with upcoming changes… I’ll probably go somewhere else like blogger (or better known as, blogspot).

WordPress is getting a lot of complaints of the new editor design. Hopefully they do the right thing and get rid of it. Let us keep the old one.


Why Q&A sessions with famous people online is getting so big these days…

More and more often, you are starting to see celebrities do online “Q&A” sessions with their fanbase on the internet. Mostly through social networking like facebook, twitter, etc. Celebrities have just started doing Q&A sessions over at Reddit with their AMA (Ask me Anything) so that’s a new thing pretty much.

Some of you may ask why is this a big deal??? Is it a ploy for more attention and to boost their egos even more? Maybe a little bit but it’s more than that. A lot of celebrities do this stuff as an opportunity to promote their latest projects mostly. It helps promotes their latest film, TV show or music album or whatever. It helps hype their projects up and get a buzz going.

Plus, another reason is celebrities are humans like us and this is just their way of showing it. They like talking to people like us and they do this online Q&A stuff to show they have personality. These celebrities also love their fans and willing to take some time to interact with them online. Celebrities like movie stars, music stars, sports stars, etc. are always so busy with their life and careers so they don’t have the time to chat online with fans so they schedule a certain date for an online session.

I think it’s cool that famous people do these things ’cause I’ll admit, I have an addiction reading this stuff. Reading the celebs responses are really interesting.

I participated in Q&A sessions before and yes I’ve gotten responses by celebs before. I’ve gotten responses by Sly Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Bret The Hitman Hart, the Ultimate Warrior and maybe a few others.

It’s really hard to get an answer from a famous person online during a Q&A session. In order to get a response, you have to come up with something unique and make it interesting as possible. Don’t ask questions that celebs get asked repeatedly ’cause you won’t get a response. Celebs get thousands of questions from their fans so they only respond to the best questions. So in order to get a response from a famous person, write something that’ll grab their attention. Flattering them is pretty much key.

Celebs are human like the rest of us and they want to find some free time to chat with us.

I like reading Q&A sessions from movie stars mostly ’cause I love the Behind the Scenes goodies that they give us. Reading the movie stuff is a lot of fun. It’s amazing how honest and real these people can be, too.


Does facebook/twitter destroy relationships???

Another interesting “study says” that is worth posting here. A doctoral student named, Russell Clayton, made a discovery that the use of facebook/twitter can lead to cheating, breakups or divorce.

Over the years of social networking, I have noticed this actually. I have seen couples in facebook break-up/divorce through heated conflicts online. It happens all the time. That’s the way it goes in this day and age of technology, ya know?

There is so much gossip and soap opera stuff in facebook with couples all the time. I get forced to read this stuff every day by people in facebook with their problems in relationships. You pretty much know everything going on in couples lives ’cause they’re posting it all on facebook/twitter. Sad but it is what it is.

I don’t get into stuff like that. All that stuff was meant to be for their personal business but they’re making it public by posting it all publicly in facebook.

Which is pretty scary, ya know? If I start getting into relationships with women myself, I have a feeling a lot of them aren’t gonna last long ’cause of my popularity as a blogger and internet person. If I ever start getting into relationships with women, that’s why I gotta try to keep ’em private as I possibly can but it’s gonna be hard to do ’cause people are gonna know everything. They figure things out quickly anyway.

I’m not gonna lie that women can be pretty egotistical and dramatic a lot. A lot of men have been destroyed online because of them. That is a small part of why me hoping to get into a relationship with a woman is pretty scary. That’s why I gotta be careful and be VERY picky with women. Just because women are pretty and gorgeous looking doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be a good person. That’s why I gotta take her personality very seriously. I would want a good looking woman, don’t get me wrong but I’m not gonna date her if she’s gonna be all difficult and tough. Looks doesn’t really matter to me. I just want a good woman who’ll accept me for me and like me for me. A woman like that could be hard to find in this day and age of technology.