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Report: Rupert Murdoch pissed off at Facebook getting more popular than myspace…

Well folks, look like I am not alone on how myspace sucks so bad. America is finally starting to realize how bad the site truly is!!! People are starting to go to Facebook now! For the first time ever in history of the world wide web, Facebook’s popularity has risen over myspace!!!!! YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!

More on it here:

Awwwwww, poor Murdoch! Coochie coochie coo. Cat got your tongue!  Get over it, pal!

It’s a fact that your site called myspace is pure crap and people are starting to finally realize it.

Expect to lose more people, Murdoch because of the launch of the new look which a lot of people are hating on. Not everyone has broadband internet and not everyone have good computers and it takes a long time for some people to log into myspace because of the front page advertisements with videos. This is probably the reason some people are moving to facebook.

Fuck myspace. Fuck it. Facebook is the way to go! I think I’m definitely making a facebook music account and I can run my own music page at facebook instead of fucking myspace! It looks better and much easier to use than myspace. The world is quickly losing interest in myspace and it’s nice to see Murdoch finally know that!



Report: The truth about the new myspace look…

Want to know the real truth behind the myspace look? Just the other day myspace just redesigned the whole site, and to be honest, I’m hating it. The more myspace continues to change the site around to make it look impressive the more I despise the site. So back to the question, why the new look?

Vince McMahon impersonation… “It’s all about, the Moooneeeeyyyyyy…”. Yep, that’s it. It’s all about the money. That one word. Myspace is about advertising so Rupert Murdoch and News Corp can make more cash.

More on it here:

They don’t care about people. They don’t care about you. All they care about is pulling more people in because do you realize that every myspace page in that site is connected to advertisements so News Corp can get more dollars thrown in? It’s true, do your research on myspace and see for yourself. While myspace is a free networking site, how News Corp makes their money is the users using the site and they get paid from the advertisements. This is why Rupert Murdoch bought myspace 3 years ago, because he is a greedy cash cow.

While I do have a personal myspace account still, I keep it so I can keep in touch with my true friends and my brother who lives across the states, but I have news for ya people. I barely ever touch my personal myspace account, maybe I log in once everyday for a few minutes that’s about it, but I’m never in myspace for hours like I used to when I used to have my music account.

Like I said, all myspace cares about is marketing the site so News Corp can make more money from advertisemtns. In my opinion, “myspace” is not a cool site that you all think it is. It is horrible. That what’s myspace wants is for people to be addicted to the site, they add all of these cool new sites (like karoake, applications, etc.) in myspace and extra features to keep people in there. They want people’s lives to be devoted to “myspace”.

Myspace wants to take over the world and it officially did just that. Seems like all people think about is myspace. Myspace myspace myspace, it’s all about myspace. This is why I’m soon going to be turning my blog into my new official site hopefully this summer because I want nothing to do with myspace. Myspace continues to disgrace itself, Tom made the biggest mistake in his life by letting News Corp buy the site off of him.

The reason for the new site design is that myspace just realized that people are losing interest in the site. Don’t be addicted to myspace ’cause you’re doing nothing but supporting Rupert Murdoch and News Corp which you don’t realize you are doing. There are better things to do and more to life than just myspace.



Report: How to become an internet celebrity…

Yes, there is a such thing of becoming an internet celebrity, there are ways to get your 15 minutes of fame online and make it spread nationally. It worked for people like Perez Hilton, Tila Tequila, Chris Crocker, Tay Zonday and plenty more to list.

Click here to see how these people do it:

Am I on my way there? You may ask?

Either way I don’t care. I’m not blogging and playing music for fame.

If I do happen to get my 15 minutes of national fame over this in the future, that’s fine. I won’t be so glorified over it, I’ll just continue to do what I do. Blogging my honest thoughts about entertainment news.