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Youtube must not be making enough money through ads, that’s the reason for the new services…

Youtube must not be making enough money through their advertisements on videos. Is that the reason for the new Youtube services like YoutubeRed and Youtube Music? I believe so. I really hate the way youtube is going these days. Youtube was once really cool back in the days before google and record labels took over. Yeah, I’ve been a youtube member for that long. Youtube used to be a cool place where musicians can upload videos of themselves performing cover songs. It’s gotten a lot harder for musicians to play cover songs for youtube ’cause of their strict “third party” copyright laws. It’s not the original artists that don’t like their songs covered, it’s just those whiny record labels who always cry, “copyright infringement”. It’s a proven fact that record labels treat unsigned and amatuer musicians like shit. Record labels are evil which is why I refuse to sign with any of them, not in this day and age.

Musicians should have the legal right to cover songs from bands & artists. I don’t see how it could be against the law ’cause it’s ridiculous, in my book. All the record labels care about is money, that’s all they do it for. Threaten legal action to people for copyright infringement. All musicians should be able to cover songs on the internet. It’s all bullshit really. Give it time… record labels will take over facebook too once they see that facebook has a problem with musicians covering songs over there.

In my opinion, I thought youtube was originally made for real people like me to upload whatever kind of videos you want? It used to be that way before google and record labels took over. Then the TOS got even more strict. This is why I have a pure hatred for youtube now. It’s got even worse with these new services on youtube. I don’t like YoutubeRed and I don’t like YoutubeMusic either.

Youtube is really going down the toilet. Give it time, y’all. Soon youtube will end up being like the next myspace for sure. Another reason for the new services is that they noticed they lost a lot of support and they’re trying to win people back. Pretty shady, I must say.