Don’t like getting negative messages on Sarahah? Then why did you make one? This is what cyberbullying looks like…

I think it’s pretty funny that people are already complaining about getting negative messages on Sarahah. Many people already deleted their accounts ’cause of it. Seriously? You really thought you would get nothing but positive and lovely messages written about you? This is what cyberbullying looks like for those of you who have never experienced it before.

I know what being a victim of cyberbullying is like ’cause I’ve been a victim of it for many years. People attacked me online pretty much everywhere I went. It goes way back since the old myspace days long before Sarahah came around. I’ve gotten cyberbullied in myspace, local music message boards, facebook/twitter, even right here on my blog, etc. I can keep going.

Some may think it’s my fault that I get attacked by people ’cause they think it’s the way I post but I never thought so. It isn’t me at all, it’s just that people are so dumb. People are simply negative these days, opinionated and judgemental. Period. End of story. If you’ve never experienced getting cyberbullied before well, welcome to it.

I’m not defending “Sarahah” ’cause I don’t condone cyberbullying, I’m not a fan of it myself. I never really believed in going around the internet attacking people for no reason but unless they attack me first, I might attack back.

Anonymous cyberbullying already existed long before “Sarahah”. To those that knock “Sarahah” for cyberbullying, where were those cyberbully activists years ago? They haven’t spoken out about cyberbullying until “Sarahah” came around. I have a feeling “Sarahah” may not last long ’cause the site could possibly get pulled from the internet due to the pressure of cyberbullying activists out there.

Admittedly, I might be an easy target for cyberbullies, trolls and haters but I’m willing to cope with it and rise above it. I used to be upset over this stuff but they helped motivate me to be tough over them. I have no time for drama and negativity anymore ’cause I’m better than that. I’m a musician and that’s all I care about doing… making music.

One thing I liked about Sarahah was that it showed how whacked and messed up some people can be nowadays. It helped showed who people really are.


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