10 Bands that everyone hates but I love…

There are a lot of bands out there that everyone have been hating on nowadays. Not everyone hates them, though… they still have fans whether you hate them or not ’cause if they didn’t have fans… they wouldn’t be around for so long.

Here are 10 artists & bands that I’m actually a pretty big fan of that most everyone hates:

  • Metallica: The mighty Metallica turned into one of the most hated bands since after they changed their sound & look for their “Load/Reload” albums. Ever since then and since their Napster controversy fans were so vile toward that band for whatever reason, I couldn’t understand. I never turned my back on Metallica and still pretty loyal to them. They’ve always been my favorite.
  • Nirvana: This band, Nirvana has always been hated on over the years too. They’ve gotten some pretty harsh critics toward their music over the years and they’re still getting hated on today. To me, there was nothing ever wrong with Nirvana. They’ve always been my favorite too and still are. They were just three guys enjoying themselves playing rock n’ roll. That was all they did.
  • Phish: People used to respect Phish but people don’t like ’em anymore. No matter what you think of Phish, they’re a very successful band. They play in front of thousands of fans almost every night still. People don’t like ’em ’cause their music is different and they think Trey Anastasio is arrogant on stage. I never thought he was. Phish is one of my favorite bands and still love them. I saw them in concert a couple of times myself.
  • The Spin Doctors: Another 90’s band that got bashed on by people over the years and can’t understand why. Their music is very positive and wrote mostly happy and feel good songs. Unfortunately, that’s not gonna make everybody happy. I always thought the Spin Doctors were a great band and the band is still together too with the 4 original guys. I’m not crazy about their newer music but their first two albums: “Pocketful Of Kryptonite” and “Turn it Upside Down” were great shit. I think Chris Barron is a great singer.
  • Oasis: Another one of the most hated bands out there but I’ve always been a fan. I’ve always thought Noel and Liam were talented dudes.
  • Creed: Another hard rock band trashed by a lot of people but that’s one band that I like too. I’ve always been a fan of Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti. I’m still hoping for a Creed reunion someday.
  • Led Zeppelin: Enough said? I think Led Zep is worthy for a list like this ’cause Led Zep isn’t for everyone, I guess. Whenever I talk about Led Zeppelin with people, I always hear negative criticism like “they’re not very good”, “they’re overrated”, etc. I guess you can safely say they are most hated too.
  • Slipknot: I wasn’t a big Slipknot fan up until their “Gray Chapter” album and I was like, woah… that album was freakin’ badass and now I’m a fan. I finally realize that Corey Taylor is a very talented man. Their music is great shit. Wish I could see them live someday.
  • Avenged Sevenfold: I wasn’t a big fan of them in the past but until I’ve heard their two albums: “Hail to the King” and “The Stage” — I think that band is freaking awesome.
  • KISS: I have always been a huge fan of Kiss over the years of my life. They aren’t for everybody either but I love that band. I have 12 Kiss albums on my Ipod, right now including their classic live album, “Alive”.

Hope you enjoy the list.



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