Internet trolls still a problem online? Yes, you just have to ignore them and move on…

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve always had a problem with online internet trolls coming after me and I still have that problem today. I was doing a little research on this stuff and came up with this interesting blog about this so I decided to share it here. Really though, I have seen a lot of these types of trolls online especially “The Insult Troll” and “The Persistent Debate Troll”.

This article describes “The Insult Troll” as someone who is pure hater who does nothing but attacks and cyberbullies this person they are targeting. “The Persistent Debate Troll” is someone who decides to challenge a debate with someone they’re targeting, always thinking they’re right no matter the situation hoping this person they’re targeting would give up the debate.

I have gotten both of these types of trolls over the years mostly.

Yes, I still get online trolls and haters everywhere I go online whether it’ll be this blog, my facebook, my youtube channel, instagram and twitter…. blah blah blah… but I’ve gotten much better at handling the trolls and haters. Lately, I’ve been ignoring them and just block block block and delete delete delete. Most of them don’t like it when I do this but that’s tough. That’s why social media gives you the block and delete features so you can decide what stays and what goes.

The question is, why do people troll online and attack other people for no reason?

Simply put ’cause people out there are “assholes” that’s why. Period. End of story. I would think that’s how a lot of them are in the real world. When they go online, they mostly attack people “anonymously” so the people they’re targeting won’t find out who they are. When anonymous trolls attack me online, they fail most of the time ’cause it only takes me a second to figure out who they really are. Most “trolls” attack someone ’cause they just find it amusing and entertaining to get a rise out of someone. All they do is try to get you pissed off as much as possible ’cause they get a laugh out of it. That’s why they do what they do really. They are like a bully in high school picking on kids smaller than them. They’re just losers with nothing better to do.

I just find it hilarious that the same trolls out there have been following me online for years and the same guys still attack me for no reason. When they do want to start a conversation with me it’s usually them replying to a blog post I posted they disagreed with. They don’t ever want to discuss anything positive with me. All they want to do is argue with me online.

Why do trolls attack? Maybe jealousy is a big part of it for sure. Maybe they’re jealous ’cause they know you have good things going on in your life and they know that a lot of people like you. There could be many reasons why they target you. Maybe they target you ’cause they know that you are smart and they want to challenge a debate with you hoping to make you look foolish. Things like that, ya know? Trolls attack you ’cause they know you’re doing more in your life while they’re doing less. They have a lot of problems in their life and they know you’re a good person. They’re hating that and it’s killing them.

The trick to dealing with negative people is just don’t care what people have to say anymore. That’s all you need to do really. Just ignore the negatives and keep moving forward. I’ve been getting much better at having a “not give a fuck” attitude. Not caring what people have to say about you is the best attitude to have.

You don’t want to focus on the trolls and negative people anyways. There will be people who will truly appreciate for who you are and there will be people who will truly support you. You were not put here to please everyone. Just remember that.

The trolls are still obsessed with me for whatever reason but I don’t care. My life is real good. I’ve been going to the gym a lot and I’m now a competitive powerlifter. People say I don’t do a lot in my life but I am. I try to keep busy and active as much as possible. I do have a lot going on and I’m grateful and happy.

Oh yeah and remember, the trolls are your biggest fans too even if they don’t want to admit it. Deep down, I think some of them actually like me but they won’t publicly admit it. That’s okay, though.


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