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It’s interesting how the libtard left freaking out over Kim Davis and Nicole Arbour… don’t you have better things to focus on?

I just came up with another idea for a video rant for youtube. The libtard left like to freak out over the dumbest and ridiculous things like Kim Davis, Nicole Arbour, etc. It seems that each time someone opposes the left’s human rights movement anything that has anything to do with their human rights and “equal” crap, the whole libtard community will be angry at that. If you’re against gay marriage or even homosexuality itself, if you’re against abortion or contraception, if you’re against people who are fat/overweight, if you’re against equal pay for women, if you can’t accept the transgender, etc. prepare to get a kick in the ass by the libtard community. That’s all they’re for and that’s all they care about… their bogus “human rights” crap. The so-called human rights movement that’s going on by the libtard left is getting a lot worse for sure. Like I said, it’s getting even more difficult to try and win a debate with them. You can never get into intelligent discussions with them anymore ’cause all they do is call you names and you can never get into civilized discussions with them, ya know?

I don’t care about that “human rights” trash. I’m more worried about our corrupt and tyrannical government. I’m more worried about our corrupt and evil president. That’s the stuff I’m most focused on. That’s more important than all of this human rights garbage.

You think 9/11/01 was bad? Well wait until you see what Iran has coming for us. They can nuke us anytime they want to. The libtard left cares so much for their homosexuals but Iran does the most discrimination against homosexuals. They hang them and throw them off of buildings. All kinds of proof of that everywhere but no outrage from the left but they think Iran are the good guys. They support Obama working with them. Fucking pathetic if you ask me.

I’ll have a video rant of this pretty soon. I got a pretty good list of videos I would like to do.


Here we go… *sigh* Nicole Arbour fired from film she was working on over her “Dear Fat People” video…

First we have to get forced to accept gay-marriage. Then we have to get forced to accept transgender people. Here’s the new thing that we have to get forced to accept… we now have to get forced to accept people who are overweight & obesed.


It’s real funny that people are real outraged over Nicole trying to bring up that obesity is a huge problem in this country and other countries as well. People have been talking about that obesity is a huge problem for years. A lot of people in the fitness community have been talking about it but they never got any outrage.

Scooby1961, the popular bodybuilding youtube channel has been all over obesity in America for many years but he never got any media outrage. He’s been criticizing obesed people on his channel for a long time now. Scoob was never afraid to tell it like it is.

Obesity in this world is nothing new so why are people mad at the truth now?

I’m in total agreement with Ms. Arbour that this “fat acceptance” movement is silly and dumb. She did nothing wrong. Spoke the truth but unfortunately speaking the truth is the new hate speech these days.


Sorry, y’all but I stand with Nicole Arbour… no such thing as “fat shaming”… obesity is a problem in America…

This is a great video and I agree with all of what she said 100%. Once again liberals are outraged over “fat shaming” when they are doing all the fat shaming toward Kim Davis (once again, hypocrites).

What she’s saying in this video is true. Obesity is a huge problem in America. There’s overweight people everywhere you go and everywhere you look. It’s pretty saddening really. You don’t see too many skinny people these days. The reason that some people call it “fat shaming” is ’cause they can’t take the truth of how they look and they want us to accept who they are? It is pretty much their fault that they look like that. I’m not fat at all ’cause I don’t eat a lot.

She’s so right that people who cry “you’re fat shaming me” is kind of playing like the race card a little bit.

Once again, liberals are mad at Nicole Arbour ’cause they can’t take the truth. Obesity is a huge problem and when overweight people say things like, “You’re fat shaming me, don’t blame me”… they’re playing innocent victim so they blame others.

Being overweight isn’t healthy at all. Do you wanna suffer a heart attack and die early? Do you want Type 2 Diabetes? Do you wanna get high blood pressure, blood clots and all kinds of other diseases? You can also get all kinds of cancers.

Why do you think comedy actor, John Candy died so early?

So Nicole Arbour got censored and youtube shut her channel down for a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with Nicole’s “Dear Fat People” video at all, in my opinion. Just for that video, she just earned a new subscriber.

I’m starting to hate youtube more and more. They’re really starting to be more liberal than ever. They shut down the Dr. Of Common Sense’s channel for a while and now they shut down Nicole Arbour’s. Yet, I’m sure they still have all the ISIS videos and the Planned Parenthood videos up. This is messed up.