Libtards are being hypocrites over this Kim Davis stuff… are they really feminists as they say they are??? Hypocrites…

Liberals don’t like people fat shaming those who are obese. They’re all about preaching “fat acceptance”. Yet, here they are calling Kim Davis all kinds of names and saying offensive stuff about her weight.

Liberals don’t like men bashing women and calling them out. They’re like, “Waaaaahhhhh, you can’t bash Hillary ’cause she’s a woman” and they’re like, “Waaaaaaah, you can’t bash Megyn Kelly ’cause she’s a woman”. Well, Kim Davis is a woman and there’s a lot of liberal men trashing the hell out of her just like they trash the hell out of other conservative women such as Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and others.

In this day and age, it’s okay for liberals to bash “conservatives” and bash those who don’t agree with “gay marriage”. They call us bigots and troublemakers but they are the ones being the bigots and troublemakers. Bigotry works both ways. Bigotry seems to be the libtards favorite “word” these days.

Liberals… hypocrites like they always are.

Like I said before, our beliefs in believing in traditional marriage is just about over. If I got harassed by a bunch of liberals for disagreeing with gay marriage and if I called the police for all that, the police would probably do nothing. Soon they will probably jail me for disagreeing with gay marriage and everyone else who disagrees with it too.

The liberal party think they are big and tough but they are not. This proves that they can be more hateful than conservatives. Liberals are nothing but a bunch of bullies. It’s why it’s best to ignore them and avoid them like the plague.


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