Liberals really are horrible at defending gay marriage… they always come up with the same shit…

Liberals try their best to defend gay marriage but they fail every time. How? They always come up with the same shit. They can’t come up with anything new. That’s why liberals are a piece of work when debating liberals on gay marriage. Since the Kim Davis thing happened, the “gay marriage” debate started back up again.

Liberals always come up with the lame defenses when they try to defend “gay marriage”… here is the list of gay marriage defenses by libtards. They repeat themselves… always saying the same shit: “If you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t get married”, “You’re a homophobe”, “How will gays getting married affect your life?”, “People who don’t agree with gay marriage usually are secretly gay themselves”, etc. etc. etc. You get the deal.

All that stuff is not worthy of a response. Libtards are really delusional and misinformed people. They can’t understand that marriage was originally supposed to be between man and woman only. We did our best to defend traditional marriage but we clearly lost.

It doesn’t make someone a homophobe for disagreeing with gay marriage. We should have every right to disagree with gay marriage. I’m tired of liberals winning at everything.

We have every right to give gay marriage the middle finger and like I said, sooner or later we’ll all get arrested for opposing it. Sit tight, it’ll come.

The world doesn’t revolve around liberalism. There’s no such thing as “right vs. left”.

I’m tired of liberals accusing the “right” of being opinionated when the left are just as “opinionated” when it comes to gay marriage. The left enjoys thinking “gay marriage” being an equal right is fact when it’s not. They think they’re smarter than us but they are not at all.

People who support or defend gay marriage are a bunch of losers. This country really is obsessed with homosexuality. Are they trying to turn us all gay? It seems like that is what this country is trying to do.


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