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BREAKING NEWS: Stone Cold returns to WWE at tonight’s Cyber Sunday ppv as special guest referee for main event…

Just got done watching “Cyber Sunday”. It was actually pretty good. I enjoyed the ppv.

Best matches of the night were Kane vs. Rey Mysterio in a “No Holds Barred” match (Mysterio won), Undertaker vs. Big Show in a “Last Man Standing” match (Undertaker won), Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy in a WWE Champ match (Triple H won), and the last match Jericho vs. Batista for World Heavyweight title match with Stone Cold as the referee (Batista won, and is the new Champ).

The Honky Tonk Man wrestled against Santino Marella for the IC Title Match, Honky Tonk Man won by disqualification but Honky didn’t win the IC Title. Honky did do his famous finisher, the Shake Rattle and Roll on Marella and it was great. Just like the good old days. Honky is looking older but he his looks hasn’t changed a bit. It’s good to see him though. When the match was over, Goldust and Rowdy Roddy Piper came out to the ring to beat up Santino Marella some more. It was an entertaining segment.

The worst parts of the ppv was the Diva Halloween costume contest and the tag team match with Cryme Tyme vs. Johnny Morrison/The Miz, those two were boring. Other than that the rest of the ppv was good.

No Vince McMahon appearance yet, but I have a feeling that Vince McMahon will return now that Stone Cold is back and Vince will try his best to get rid of Stone Cold again. It looks like Stone Cold will feud with Chris Jericho for a long while and that’s when Vinnie Mac will come in.

It is confirmed during the “Cyber Sunday” ppv during an advertisement that John Cena will return to WWE at “Survivor Series” ppv in November. Don’t be surprised if Cena happens to return to WWE a little earlier. Stone Cold will probably be on RAW tomorrow night as he is back for another full time run for a while.

WWE is getting better and I hope they keep up the good work.


Stone Cold Steve Austin to return to WWE tonight at “Cyber Sunday” ppv???

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the three choices of special guest referees for the fans to pick for the World Heavyweight Champion match with Chris Jericho vs. Batista. Randy Orton and HBK Shawn Michaels are the other two choices of special guest referees.

WWE is also teasing the returns of Goldust, the Honky Tonk Man, and Rowdy Roddy Piper as well.

“Cyber Sunday” is an interactive ppv where fans decide to vote of what they want to see.

More info on tonight’s Cyber Sunday ppv here:


I’ll be watching this tonight of course. And of course Stone Cold will make an appearance as Special Guest refferee tonight.

I’m glad Stone Cold is coming back for another full time run. RAW does not have any star power “superstars”. No Triple H, no Mick Foley, no Rock, etc. The only legendary icon we have on RAW is just HBK Shawn Michaels.

With the way RAW is going now, Stone Cold is needed back.

If you think about it, there may even be a Vince McMahon appearance tonight as well ’cause storywise he’ll hate Mike Adamle the new RAW GM for bringing Austin back.


BREAKING NEWS: Stone Cold Steve Austin is returning to the WWE…

And that’s the bottom line ’cause Stone Cold says so. Yes, that’s right! The Texas Rattlesnake and the beer drinking redneck is making another full time return to the WWE.

Last night on RAW Stone Cold was announced as one of the three referees for fans to pick for the Batista vs. Jericho Champ match at the next ppv “Cyber Sunday”. Goldust and Randy Orton were announced as the other three special guest referees.

Goldust who is played by Dustin Rhodes (who is Dusty Rhodes real life son) is also making another big return to WWE.

Look like WWE is set to form another big stable and that is the stable called Priceless which includes members Ted Dibiases Jr., Cody Rhodes, and Manu. Since Dusty Rhodes is Cody Rhodes real life brother, it is possible that Goldust could join the Priceless stable. There is also a possibility that Randy Orton may join Priceless in the future as well.

The word “stable” is another wrestling term which means that wrestlers forming 3 or more people into a group…other stables in the wrestling world includes the n-W-o, D-Generation X, The Four Horsemen, and Evolution. Look like Priceless is going to be WWE’s next big stable in the works.

As for Stone Cold’s return, who is he going to feud with? Vince McMahon is no longer around and Stone Cold has been known to be feuding with McMahon. Stone Cold to feud with new RAW GM Mike Adamle? It’s possible.

It’s going to be great to see Stone Cold back. He is needed back in the WWE pretty badily, all the big iconic superstars (like the Rock, Mick Foley, Hogan, etc.) are gone and we need the veterans back.