Why wasn’t Stone Cold at RAW 1000 last night? I have the answer… (post UPDATED)

Everyone wanted Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16 to deliver one of his hilarious speeches and give a bunch of stunners, but we got no Stone Cold last night. Turns out that Steve wasn’t in St. Louis at all. He was in California filming a movie, so he couldn’t go. I’m sure he wanted to be a part of RAW 1000, and I’m sure RAW wanted to use him somehow but scheduling conflicts gets in the way. Austin wasn’t available.

More on the story, here.


CORRECTION: That article I posted above is wrong why, Austin 3:16 wasn’t there at RAW 1,000. The real reason why Austin wasn’t there ’cause he just had knee surgery, had nothing to do with his film career at all. He has a bad knee and is on crutches, so there’s no way he could perform that night, but Austin did watch the show at home, he said. He also said he would have loved to been a part of it but couldn’t. Read Steve Austin’s blog, written by the man himself, here.

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