Cool Photo: Christian Bale visits Aurora victims after all!!!!

After reports claiming that actor Christian Bale was out of town filming a movie that he won’t be able to visit Aurora victims, it appears that he found the time to get around to that today. Christian Bale the man himself, visits the local Aurora hospital to visit survivors of the shooting rampage. Except he showed up as himself, he didn’t dress up in the Batman costume at all, which is good!

Christian didn’t stay real quick just to see how they were doing, they got way more than that. He actually stayed for a long while to chat with fans that are survivors of the tragedy. He took photos with them as well.

Here is a photo of Christian Bale posing with a survivor, here.

Bale is a good man for that!

Hopefully Christopher Nolan and some of the other cast members will get a chance to visit the victims too.

The survivors are pretty lucky to meet Bale! Just imagine the huge smile on their face as soon as Bale walks in the hospital room. The fan in the pic looks pretty stoked to meet him.

And it’s great for Warner Bros. to donate money to the victims too! Clearly shows that Warner Bros. really care for people!


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