Thought: See? Stone Cold really is a tough SOB in real life…

In WWE, he was well known as the “Toughest SOB”. Now that he broke Sylvester Stallone’s neck in real life, well, that makes Steve Austin a “tough SOB” in real life as well. Stallone is a tough dude as well. Do you think anybody can break Stallone’s neck? No. Austin was somehow lucky to do it to Sly.

I’m pretty sure Austin really doesn’t care if Sly broke his neck in a fight scene with Austin. Austin would think that’s what “Stone Cold” is all about in real life, not in wrestling. He would think breaking Stallone’s neck as an honor for him. So for those who would think Austin may be worried about Sly being hurt, don’t be. I’m 100% positive, Austin LOVED every minute of it. People used to think Stallone is a tough dude, but Austin turned the tables and made Stallone look like a wimp.

The fight scene in the Expendables movie was real between Austin and Stallone. Stallone was willing to get hurt for it to make it look real. From the sound of things, this fight scene sounds fuckin’ brutal and can’t wait to see it. Austin would think of this as a historic moment in his career, breaking a legend’s neck who is responsible for bringing us Rocky and Rambo. Austin doesn’t feel sorry for Sly.


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