CJ Pearson on Ferguson… video worth a watch…

I absolutely agree with CJ here that we need to move on from this “Black Lives Matter” crap and move forward.

I’m sorry these things happen too but ya know? These things happen all the time and even if those kids that were killed were innocent and harmless, who cares. Once again, these things happen. Life moves on, it always does. I don’t understand why these things have to be huge news to begin with ’cause it’s all just a ploy to get ratings and money from the media. That’s why they’re all over it.

Another thing why are people feeling sorry for young kids getting killed when people of all ages get killed in cold blood all of the time? Why do we have to focus on one kid when people should feel compassionate for other lives?

While “blacks killing blacks” is a huge problem in America, absolutely… people of all races get murdered. Murder is a huge problem in America. Always has been. Whites getting murdered by blacks is also a huge problem that the media never reports.

Why do we have to focus on Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner? These things happen. They didn’t need to be big news, in my opinion.


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