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Hmmmm…. an interesting revelation about Trayvon Martin…

Rachel Jeantel, a witness who testified at the Trayvon trial was on the Pierse Morgan show, and she said the reason Trayvon reacted violently ’cause he feared that Zimmerman might have been a gay rapist. Trayvon thought Zimmerman was following him ’cause he was planning to rape him or something. Rush Limbaugh went onto his radio show and said that Trayvon may have been a homophobe.

More on the story, here.

Everyone wants to mistakenly believe that Trayvon was an angel and this sweet little harmless little boy that the media makes him out to be but really? Come on. Rush Limbaugh may not be everyone’s favorite radio host (not mine either) but what he said makes a whole lot of sense and for once, I agree with him. You don’t attack someone if you think he might be gay and Trayvon may have been a gay basher.

That could have what made Trayvon brutally attack George.

Trayvon was no little angel people. He was a punk little kid. Someday, America will wake up and realize it once too much information gets out there.


MLK Jr. days… De Ja Vu???

Are we up for another race war? It seems so. Back in the MLK Jr. days… the blacks were fighting for Civil Rights Movement. Now it seems they are fighting for something else. I wonder what Dr. King Jr. would have thought of this if he were around today.

Anyway, here is a writer who wrote his thoughts on the Zimmerman verdict and this writer named Mychal Massie is a black dude by the way, and even he thinks GZ is an innocent man. He also knows Trayvon’s death was his fault and brought it upon himself.

Read Mychal’s thoughts here:

Mychal Massie: “The ugly fact so many are unwilling to acknowledge is that Trayvon Martin would be alive today if he had behaved himself like the sacrosanct individual he is now portrayed to have been.  His conscious decision to attack George Zimmerman epitomizes the street thug mentality he embraced and that decision cost him his life.  Regardless of what the media and other race-mongers would try to have us believe, it is inconsistent with appropriate behavior to physically assault someone because you do not like that they are following you.  I applaud the jury for taking the facts of the trial into account and rendering the only verdict possible — George Zimmerman is not guilty of the charges brought against him.”

All the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case really did is ignite another race war. Check out Mychal’s site. He’s a good writer and knows what he’s talking about. Even he’s disgusted about what’s going on.

Yeah, it was pretty predictable that blacks are gonna start rallies which are going on right now in NYC and other cities in the USA. I’m reading stuff in facebook about the riots that they are getting violent and hateful toward the whites as expected. Burning American flags and wrecking buildings and all.

MLK days revisited indeed!

Like I said before, nobody’s gonna prove his guilt no matter how many times you put Zimmerman in trial. Even Obama/Holder won’t put him in prison.

I don’t see anything wrong with me siding with GZ. I’m certainly not alone on this as there are many others that are with me too.

In order to prove George’s guilt… you need hard evidence to prove it. I mean, “hard evidence”. They weren’t able to prove his guilt in the last trial ’cause there were no hard evidence… at least… not yet anyway. If the upcoming courts can somehow prove Zimmerman’s guilt… then I’ll believe that he should be sent to prison for life. As long as they keep proving his self defense… then I’ll stay on his side.

A lot of people are bringing the Marissa Alexander case into this, and I’ll get to that in another post sometime this week. Of course those idiots Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are going to jump in and help.  They just want more publicity and attention for themselves.

See? I’m not racist. I respect Mychal Massie’s work and am a fan of his writing. Check out his facebook page too if you want… he’s an interesting guy. I also believe Dr. Conrad Murray killed Michael Jackson. M.J. was born a black guy until the bad plastic surgery turned him into white.

We got another race war here folks, and it isn’t going to end anytime soon. It also wouldn’t surprise me that Obama will give all his power and money to put Zimmerman behind bars no matter if he’s proven innocent. Just ask Bradley Manning… he knows.

I know I said I was going to stop these postings for a while but I actually got some positive feedback from a few followers and said I was doing a good job. I feel that I need my voice heard just like I do with the Obama stuff. I know this stuff is gonna get people to not like me anymore and will get me in trouble but I speak the truth no matter the consequences. I’m not afraid of it.


Report: Donald Trump planning to build movie studio much larger than Universal Studios in Florida…

Donald Trump, is known to have a huge empire. He owns everything from casinos, hotels, etc. Well, he’s looking to expand his empire even more. He’s planning to build a movie studio called, “Trump Studio City”, and that would double the size of Universal Studios. If this studio is built, it could be the biggest studio on Earth.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

Can The Donald’s ego get any bigger?


More on the Florida flesh eating man…

Actually, I find it kind of creepy and a little scary that so many people found the Rudy Eugene story, entertaining and funny. Seriously, cannibalism is no joke and it’s pretty bad. I get this bad feeling that even more people are going to try to eat other people ’cause they think what Rudy had done was cool. They’ll look at him for inspiration and more people are going to want to try it. This is pretty scary and evil stuff.

What if a cannibal person tried to eat you? You wouldn’t be laughing, then would ya?


Brock speaks out on the flesh eating man in Florida…

The internet seems to be fascinated and interested about the naked flesh eating man in Florida. A lot of people seemed to be entertained by this story, calling it a zombie apocalypse or whatever. People act like this is the first time that these things happen in America. Which is expected, since this new generation of people don’t really understand true crime in this world. Learn all about, Cannibalism, here. Cannibalism has been going on for many many many years. All over the world. It’s still going to this day as you can see.

I believe a lot of people forgot the story, of Jeffrey Dahmer. He wasn’t the only serial killer that was into cannibalism, there were many others. Jeffrey just made it well known in the news.

I’m willing to bet that Cannibalism still happens all over the US, but I’m sure they happen in small towns, where the national news can’t pick up on it. Weird people, doing weird things is nothing new. This story of Rudy Eugene is so huge in the news, ’cause it was in Miami. What made Rudy want to do something like this? Well his girlfriend blamed it on LSD and a voodoo curse, see the article, here.

Maybe Rudy didn’t have a very good childhood. Maybe this had something to do with sexual frustration. Maybe he was simply mentally ill or insane. Maybe he had a strange obsession with death ’cause people can be like that. What he did was sick and disgusting yes, he deserved to be shot and killed, but don’t act like that these things haven’t happened before. Learn more about the Jeffrey Dahmer story if this Rudy story excites you. Jeffrey did MUCH worse things.

Usually serial killers and cannibals don’t have a very good childhood. They usually get their start at killing small animals and it escalates to killing humans when they get older. I think people calling this a zombie apocalypse is pretty lame.




Why I have been silent on the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case…

I haven’t been writing about any of this ’cause I was afraid that I might write something controversial about it. It might upset people and I might get a backlash over this. I am afraid I might get flooded with comments and e-mails. That’s why I never discussed this case anywhere, here in the blog or in facebook.

So if you want to know my thoughts, on how and why George Zimmerman wasn’t charged for killing Trayvon Martin, truthfully, I don’t know. Neither do you. None of us weren’t there to see it. Even I wasn’t.

A lot of people are upset at law enforcement, for not charging, George Zimmerman, and everyone’s protesting. Why? Sure, he was just a young kid, but what if it was self defense. WHAT IF! Maybe Trayvon was just a stupid punk kid and he was out bullying, George. I mean, christ, the reports say that at the time of Trayvon’s death, he was suspended from school ’cause he had weed in his bookbag, read it yourself. Sounds like a troublemaker to me, right? So why is everyone saying that this kid innocent?

The reason George probably wasn’t arrested, because he probably had a legal gun permit to carry a weapon. There are regular people with gun permits which makes them able to carry a gun in public for protection. I’m not defending George and don’t think, Trayvon should have been shot.

Just being real. Nobody knows anything about Trayvon’s past, and considering that he was suspended from school, being caught with weed, he doesn’t sound like a normal kid to me. So why are people trying to stand up for him? Nobody knows anything about George’s past. He could be the good guy and a normal person, yet, everyone thinks he’s a cold blooded killer.

Of course, when it comes to murder with the victim and murderer being in different races, it’s almost always the white guy being bad, and the blacks always innocent. Please. Racism still goes on in this country and it’s offensive. This will be my only post on this case ’cause I don’t follow it too much.


Cool Video: The Brock goes to Universal Studios Orlando

Finally, here is footage from Universal Studios Orlando. All songs played throughout the video are original songs written by me. I had to use my own music because I shouldn’t use music by major label bands ’cause I don’t want to get lawsuit threats by record labels. In my future videoblogs, I plan to use songs by other local music artists/bands with their permission though.

Enjoy this.


Terminator 2: 3D @ Universal Studios will give you deep insight on how Skynet all started…

Since I’m a huge Terminator fan and a huge Arnold fan, the first thing I wanted to make sure I see when I went to Universal Studios, is the “Terminator 2: 3D” thing. Yes, I did exactly that, as soon as I arrived at Universal, you will see footage of that too. I do not film inside the theater where they showed it at ’cause it might be considered, illegal bootlegging, so I kept my camera inside the camera bag while I’m watching the film inside.

As I walk through the doorway of the Terminator 3D theater, it was almost like a real movie theater, except the inside of the place, all had metal walls and metal floors to give it a Terminator feeling. It made you feel like you were on the set of a Terminator movie. As I wait in line with hundreds of other people waiting to get in, the security finally allowed us in theater after a half hour of waiting for more people to show up. The lights go dark, I put my 3D glasses on as did everyone else.

A commercial comes on the movie screens. We had to stand up for the first part since there were no chairs in the first room. Up above was a small stage, where a young woman appeared in front of a microphone. An actress wearing on orange Cyberdyne uniform. She starts talking saying she’s the president or CEO of Cyberdyme, a Cyberdyme commercial appears on the  movie screens in fancy 3D images. Suddenly, the commercial gets interupted with Sarah and John Connor (played by Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong) trying to warn this woman talking on stage, of what she’s doing is dangerous and trying to warn her about Skynet. After all that gets over with, the woman takes the audience to another room, a huge theater with chairs this time. The Cyberdyne woman stands in front of the mic, talking and talking about Cyberdyme, then she introduces new Terminator machines, which Terminator models pop up on both sides of the stage. The movie starts on the screen, and an actress looking like Sarah Connor runs to the stage where the woman was talking behind the mic. Sarah Connor held a fake machine gun pointing it at the woman, and the Terminator machines will start shooting their machine guns.

The Terminator 3D movie, “Battle Across Time” starts”. You know how in the actual, “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” movie, they never showed the resistance leader sending Terminator Arnold back to 1996 to protect John Connor? Well this film shows all that. It also shows the beginning of Skynet which got it’s start from Cyberdyne.

You’ll see lots of crazy special effects on the screen and live in the theater, you’ll see smoke machines, the robotic Terminator machines on the stages shooting their machine guns, toward the end water will spray down from the ceiling so you will get a little wet while watching this. Toward the end of the film, Arnold was fighting some creature that was seen in the film. As you see Arnold destroy the creature, when it blows up, your seats in the theater will do a thunderous LOUD thump. Seriously, you’ll feel your seats do a quick bounce that will scare the living hell out of you.

Terminator 2: 3D was quite an experience. I’m glad I got the opportunity to see it. It was very cool. I really miss seeing Arnold on the big screen, even though this film was old, it was still badass to see Arnold on the big screen again. T:2 3D was badass. You’ll see more than just a movie on a theater screen, there are actors doing theatre in it too. It’s a blast to see. Check it out if you ever go to Universal Studios someday.