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Amy Lee of Evanescence, just another Trump hating nutjob… she’s upset about the acquittal… nothing to see here…

Amy Lee of Evanescence stayed apolotical for a long while until now. Sounds like she’s just upset about the acquittal and that’s all I see here. Just another Trump hating nutjob and she’s suffering some major Trump Derangement Syndrome. She’s so upset about the acquittal that she had to finally vent.

The reason no witnesses were needed in the Senate trial is ’cause the House had 17 Democrat witnesses and all of them couldn’t prove Trump’s guilt and that’s why we didn’t need more witnesses/documents in the Senate. It would be a waste of time. Trump did nothing wrong and no crime was committed. That’s the truth and the truth always wins.

Amy Lee is just another Trump hating nutjob who can’t accept it.

Trump has never abused his power, lol…. the only people abusing their power are the Democrats in Congress… especially Pelosi and Schiff. The Democrats are the ones trying to take our freedoms away, Trump isn’t doing that at all.

Hey Amy, why not bring up Trump’s name in your dumb write up? Afraid he’ll attack you back? Probably…

Say it with me, Amy, “Trump is not guilty and acquitted”. Get over it.

No surprise, though. Most of the music industry is pretty liberal so I expect a lot more will come out as Trump haters.


Evanescence to finally release a new studio album after a long hiatus from the music industry but the album isn’t what you think…

Evanescence may have disappeared from the music industry for a long 6 years but the band is finally reuniting and coming back for a new album…. however, though, the album isn’t what you think it is. The album won’t be an album full of their original rock songs. It’s going to be something different this time around.

This album is gonna be a collection of all their songs from their past three albums but they’re getting rid of their heavy distorted rock sound like they’re known for. They’re going for a classical and electronica approach with their sound. Yes that means there will be a full orchestra with real orchestra musicians playing in their studio. Amy Lee says there will be both strings and brass instruments in orchestra. Amy also says while the album will be mostly their old songs she said there will be two new original songs, though.

Yeah, we’ll be hearing songs like “My Immortal”, “Call Me When You’re Sober”, “Bring Me To Life”, “Going Under”, “Everybody’s Fool”, etc. with a full orchestra and all added with electronica sounds.

Amy even says she’s taking the full orchestra on tour with them too.

I’m a pretty big Evanescence fan so I’m looking forward to this album for sure. This project sounds interesting.