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More thoughts on the Coronavirus pandemic… it almost feels like the Walking Dead or those Mad Max movies… getting there…

Each time I go out in public, I almost feel like I’m in the Walking Dead or in those Mad Max movies… maybe Zombieland or “Contagion” or something like that… the George A. Romero flicks… blah blah blah…. the United States and the rest of the world starting to look like that.

Dead towns and dead cities with no one around at all but staying at home. There are people that still go out but only to go grocery shopping, get some supplies or get takeout food. That’s all you can do around here.

Even though most everything are closed, I still try to get out of the house somehow… just to go to the store or go for a ride with someone somewhere… just to get out ’cause this “stay at home” thing is really getting on my nerves now. Admittedly, I am mostly a homebody kind of guy but I only go out of the house to go to the gym, go for a walk or a bike ride or go shopping and see a movie in the theaters. Since I can no longer go to the gym, go shopping and go see a movie… I’m home a lot more. Yeah, admittedly I don’t work… have been unemployed for a long while but when the country opens back up, I’m gonna do my best to look for a job.

Anyhow, I find it scary that people are panicking over this virus. I’m not gonna panic and not gonna live in fear ’cause it’s not a good thing to do. People wearing masks and gloves everywhere out in public… that actually scares me more than the virus. People taking the news seriously. The news successfully got us to stay home and stay away from people… they’ve successfully killed the handshake and hugs, now they’re trying to get us to stay inside since the so-called death numbers are going up. If that isn’t more proof that the media creates panic then I don’t know what else it is.

They should be spreading positivity and calming people down instead of spreading panic. All this panic is all on the media. You turn on the news and all you do is see them trying to scare people to death. That’s more scary than the virus, in my opinion.

All the death numbers being thrown around are inaccurate at best and Dr. Fauci is a clown who isn’t to be trusted.

Whether or not the virus is real or fake, I don’t care either way, I’m not panicking. That’s not how I roll. I’ve always been the type of guy who isn’t afraid of anyone or anything. It’s understandable that people are scared for their lives but they really need to stop watching the news.

To keep myself busy during the shutdown, I just bought a bunch of albums from Itunes (about 12 albums) and 5 books for my Ipad ’cause I know you can’t go shopping out there at the time being. Buying a bunch of albums and books is something I won’t do again in a long time, just for this one time to keep myself occupied and help defeat boredom during this shutdown since you can’t go anywhere, ya know??? It sucks.

May as well shop digitally which I did. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy while stuck at home too…..

….. playing my guitar, working on music, playing video games, watching streaming services, doing some reading, doing some home workouts and I’m starting to go out for long walks since the warm weather is just about here.

This shutdown sucks and I hate it so much but we’ll get back to normal real soon.

Hope you all are doing well out there and stay strong.


How I’m doing in this time of the coronapacolypse… yes, it will be all over real fast…

Well NY State is in lockdown. It has been for a while now and will probably be on for a long while, hopefully not. I’m predicting this virus called the Corona Virus aka “covid-19” will disappear real quick and everything will get back to normal.

As for how I’m doing in this awful lockdown which is unnecessary and pointless, huge waste of time… I’m doing good but at the same time already getting sick of this boredom. I don’t believe in this “stay at home” campaign and not buying into this “social distancing” nonsense but since NY is in a lockdown may as well sit home and do nothing. A lot of businesses are closed out there in NY State and all gyms are closed. I can’t go shopping anywhere, can’t go to the movies, can’t go out to eat anywhere and can’t go to the gym. Fucking crazy and bullshit if you ask me. So here at home I stay, bored out of my mind.

I hear ya, though ’cause I’m sure everyone else is bored to death staying at home. That’s why internet traffic has skyrocketed lately. Everybody’s online now ’cause they’re bored. It’s why musicians are streaming live concerts at their homes and why celebrities are doing Q & A sessions with their fans via live streaming.

While everyone is stuck at home… we’re trying our best to find things to do to keep ourselves entertained and try our best to entertain others during these trying times. Even though this “covid19” virus is not serious at all, we’re getting massive drops everywhere in the world… yes, I’ll admit that times are tough but what you are all seeing is nothing but government control. Many people don’t think so but the government can control your lives easily… they can control every aspect of your life and they can keep you indoors whenever they wanted. This is what’s going on. If you don’t think they have that power, I wanna know what drugs you’re using? The government shutting down the country, shutting down the economy and shutting down our freedoms. It seems like we’re under house arrest by the government and that’s exactly what this is.

I try my best to tell everyone to calm down, chill and relax. I try my best to tell everyone that this virus is not that serious. There are more recoveries of covid19 than death. The death rates are so low and there are more recoveries. Look at all the stats for proof on that… but each time I show the stats and numbers, people refuse to believe them. They’ll never accept the truth that the death rate is so low everywhere.

They all want to believe that “covid19” is a death sentence when it isn’t. People have survived from it and recovering. Why aren’t the media talking about that? Instead they want to talk about the high number of cases instead of the recoveries and no mention of the low death numbers. They’re all getting brainwashed by Fake New Media like usual. They’re just doing whatever it takes to keep people in panic.

Whenever I show people the low death numbers, they get so mad. Why? Is it because they can’t take the truth that this virus isn’t that serious? They can’t take the truth that the media is lying to you?

Really this virus is not that serious at all… cases of covid19 is dropping massively in China and I think they stopped the tests so that’s a good sign to come. This thing will disappear real quickly and I predict things will get back to normal in the beginning of April… maybe a little later than that but hopefully not too late. This coronapacolypse won’t last throughout the summer that’s for sure.

I understand that people are scared but I’m not gonna live in fear of this. I’m gonna remain calm and strong but somehow that upsets people. When they see that I’m calm and strong, it seems they hate that so much. They would say whatever they can to get me all “panicky” and that’s what they try to do. Trying to get me take the virus more seriously. Well, I’m not going to ’cause living in fear is not good for the mind and soul. You’re just letting the media win by living in “panic” and I’m not going to let them manipulate me ’cause that’s what they’re paid to do.

There was no reason for this shut down of America. It wasn’t all because of the covid19 virus at all… I’m not buying the hype. It was all for political power and gain, nothing more. Just Democrats and Media using covid-19 as a way to bring down Trump and that’s all I see it as. They see it as another Trump take-down. Democrats also see it as a way to destroy the country’s economy.

And also, this is just the swamp going berserk because of all them powerful CEO’s stepping down. Why would all those CEO’s step down before all this started? Those CEO’s including Bill Gates stepping down? What are they hiding about the coronavirus? They are hiding something, that’s for sure.

This is scary stuff though and I’ve never seen anything like it. This is what Democrats destroying America looks like and if you don’t think they have the power to destroy America just like that, I wanna know what planet you’re on? Of course, all of this is political.

Sure, Trump maybe all for this “social distancing” and shutting down the country ’cause of covid-19 but that’s the president’s job. He have to take it seriously ’cause that’s what presidents do. Sooner or later, though, Trump will one day realize this virus isn’t that serious and soon he’ll start to request that America should get back open. Just watch, I know my prediction will be right. Once we get back to normal, our economy will be even stronger than ever before.

Hope you all are doing okay out there. I’m sure am. Yeah, times are tough right now, I’ll admit it but we’ll get back to normal real quick. I’m just doing whatever during these tough times to make the best of it. All I’ve been doing is playing my guitar, listening to podcasts, playing video games, read books and watch streaming services at night. That’s my way of trying to defeat boredom.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy my pic above. I’m trying out for a new look. Going for the mustache look and I’m digging it a lot so I’ll keep it. The mustache look reminds me of the Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead, lol. I’ll keep it I think ’cause the mustache look makes me look a lot older. I’m fine with that.

Hope you all are doing well for the most part. It’s all going to be okay.