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Now that President Trump is off to work in the White House, Eric and Don Jr. is off to work the Trump organization…

It’s been a long weekend for the Trump family. The Trump family spent the whole weekend at the Trump White House in D.C. after Donald Sr. got sworn-in. Now that the weekend is over, it’s time for everyone to go back to work. President Trump is off to work at the White House and these two will be off to work the Trump Organization. Remember, at Trump’s press conference before the inauguration Trump announced that he’s giving up his business empire to his kids. Trump announced that Eric and Don Jr. will be running the empire. Ivanka wanted nothing to do with it ’cause she wanted to look after her kids which is good on her.

I guess that means Eric and Don Jr. will be in charge of Trump Tower in NYC now. I’m sure these guys would do a great job ’cause they are entrepreneurs themselves. I’m sure their father taught them a lot. This is a big job for them and I wish them good luck!


Trump kills TPP trade today, liberals will never admit that was a good thing…

President Trump is already doing a great job. He just signed three different executive orders today. He’s been signing executive orders like crazy ever since his inauguration last Friday. The big one TPP is dead for good.

I’ve noticed some Bernie fanatics in FB admitted that was a good thing even though they still don’t like Trump. They actually gave Trump props for that one; however, though most liberals still won’t admit it even though claim TPP is bad. They will always hate Trump no matter if Trump does good things for liberals which is sad and pathetic. Well, this is proof that Trump wants to make America great again for everyone. Doesn’t matter what side of the spectrum you’re on.


I’m already impressed with Trump which doesn’t surprise me really. He’s already getting right to work ever since he got sworn in. He’s been working all weekend long. There’s gonna be no breaks with this guy. President Trump will work all week… even on weekends. He won’t take much vacations and he may not take vacations at all during his presidency.

Over the years of Trump’s life, he was never much of a vacation guy. He spent over 30 years of his life working hard in Trump Tower. He will do the same in the White House. Spend most of his presidency working. That’s all he wants to do is work. He has always been a workaholic. Admit it, right?

It’s so awesome having Trump in the White House. From Obama to Trump, what a difference. Now that Trump is in the White House, I am now following the @potus and @flotus twitter handles and I’m following the official White House facebook and youtube channel. Trump is already doing a great job and I’m impressed with Sean Spicer the new press secretary. We finally  have an honest press secretary for once.

Thank you President Trump for coming to save America! You ROCK, Mr. President! \m/


President Trump’s official president photo is out!!!

Well, here it is guys. Trump’s official president photo was released. Very cool!

It is crazy though, how the Trump haters are still imploding about yesterday’s inauguration. It’s like, instead of bashing him like spoiled rotten crybabies why don’t you act like a grownup and pray he does a good job? Nope. They continue to bash him. That’s because that’s what the MSM want them to do.

It’s time to get over it and accept it, haters. We had to get forced to accept Obama twice, you should do the same with Trump. You don’t have to like Trump, just respect the fact that he is our president is all.



Jackie Evancho killed the “National Anthem” earlier today… WOW…

I used to watch “America’s Got Talent” and I remember she was the winner of one of the seasons. This girl has got the pipes too. She did a beautiful job for sure. Makes me want to check more of her music. She’s a classical and opera singer. I remember saying I want to start getting into classical and opera music more and I think getting into Jackie’s music might be a good start. Thinking about getting her Christmas album soon.

Anyway, while I’m no fan of Barack Obama, it is kind of interesting to see him sing along with Jackie while Michelle in the background has her typical angry look on her face. I’m so glad Michelle is no longer first lady ’cause Melania has way more class than her. Hey Michelle, when you’re in an important event you’re supposed to be in a good mood and smiling.

Back to Jackie, she did a killer job. No lip syncing there unlike Beyonce.



Congratulations President Trump! So proud and thrilled for you, man! \m/


You’re witnessing a historic moment today. It must be a long day for the Trump family but I’m sure it’s worth it for them. You can tell by the look of Donald’s face all day that he’s dying for all this to get over with so he can get right to work in the White House. That’s all he wants to do pretty much is work for us, the American people.

My eyes has been glued to the TV all day. Historic stuff you’re watching. I’m sure all the liberals and Trump haters are not even watching though but that’s okay. Let ’em cry like babies.

I’m very happy that Obama and Michelle are finally gone. Trump takes over. Today is a great day.

Trump delivered another great speech. I loved when he said that he’s not the one to break promises. Yes, he’s gonna build the wall. Yes, he’s gonna kick illegal aliens out. Yes, he’s gonna stop Islamic Terrorism. Those are the things we voted him for. We also voted him for better and stronger economy.

I’m so happy that he’s finally President Trump and I can finally stop calling Obama, President Obama which is awesome.

Now I can’t wait to see President Trump’s official president photo and I’m sure that will get released soon. Today is a happy day! I’m in such a good mood. 🙂


Trump may be using the teleprompter for his speeches but at least he writes his own speeches…

Two more days away. This guy will be your next president. Even though Trump has been using the teleprompter a lot this year for his speeches, at least he writes his own speeches unlike Obama who has speech writers who writes for him. Trump is no doubt a really good speaker. He can speak with or without a teleprompter. That’s a part of why a lot of us respect the man so much. Can’t wait for inauguration day this Friday as I will be watching the Inauguration. The inauguration will probably go on for most of the day like they usually do. I heard somewhere that the parade after will be short ’cause Trump wants to get to work right away. I’m looking forward to Friday for sure. Hopefully it will be a peaceful day with no violence and no disruptions.


Kris Paronto gives Hollywood celebs the ultimate smackdown… GO KRIS!!!! \m/

Kris Paronto is the freakin’ man! He is so right that in the last 8 years in the age of Obama, the Obama presidency was nothing but celebrity. I’ve actually been trying to say that for a long time now. There’s no doubt that Obama is a huge narcissist and ego-maniac. He thought being a president was all about being “famous” and being a “celebrity” when being a president isn’t about that at all. Being president is about leading the country which Obama never did. Obama wanted to be famous himself and that’s probably the only reason he became president, I think. Obama wanted Hollywood to accept him which he did a good job at that because most movie stars and most music stars love him. That’s probably because Obama thought he was them. It’s why Obama didn’t do much to lead the country. He wanted to do whatever it took to become accepted. He definitely thought he was a “celebrity” which is why he did all of these talk show appearances, it’s why he did all of this golfing and going on vacations. He did all that because he thought he was a “celebrity” or something. Those are the kind of things what celebrities do, ya know?

I find it ridiculous that celebrities get defended when they get into politics. They get called “courageous” for speaking their minds. Liberals also defend celebs speaking politics because they feel that celebs has every right to an opinion. *ahem* No… celebs don’t talk opinions at all. They paint their “opinions” as if they are talking the “truth”. Ya know, treat their opinions as if they are “factual” which is rude and it’s why we’re fed up with them pretty much. They think they’re better than us ’cause they’re rich and more famous than us so they believe we see the world the same way they do when we don’t. Celebs are people who are probably brainwashed by their Obama and the mainstream media.

Kris Paronto is right… they need to shut up about politics and entertain us like they were set out to do. Ya know, when celebs whether movie stars or music stars ram their liberal politics down our throats, they don’t realize they are alienating their own fanbase. People get turned off and they’ll stop supporting their work when they do that stuff. I can’t tell you how many movie stars or music stars I put on the boycott list ’cause they won’t cut the shit: Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, U2, Madonna, Stephen King, Robert Deniro, etc. The list goes on and on. It’s real sad… all these people I used to like and admire.


When Trump gets in office, he won’t waste his time with fame. I don’t think you’ll see President Trump on Jimmy Kimmel, Fallon or Ellen or any of that junk. Trump is already a famous celebrity so he doesn’t need to care about fame unlike Barack Obama. This is why celebs hate Trump ’cause he’s not like them.


4 more days and we can finally say good riddance to Obama!!!


So Obama has finally been defeated which was a pretty long battle against Obozo but we finally took him down. He should have been taking down even sooner, though. Liberals and some independent voters keep hailing Obama as a hero president but really? What has Obama accomplished over the last 8 years of his presidency? Has anything positive came out about Obama’s presidency? I would say no to both of those questions. Obama hasn’t accomplished anything over the last 8 years and nothing positive came out about his presidency. If you think Obama’s presidency was positive and successful, I want to know what drugs you’re using. If you think Obama’s presidency was positive & successful then you’re probably brainwashed by CNN, NBC or the Washington Post. Maybe you follow garbage FB groups like Being Liberal or read liberal blogs like Media Matters.

Everything about Obama was so negative and evil… it’s crazy. If Hillary won the election instead, no doubt we would have to put up with Obama even longer. What if Obama was a part of Hillary’s administration or if he was appointed Supreme Court justice? Thank god none of that will be happening. Obama will be long gone. Oh yeah, btw y’all, so because Obama may be done with his presidency this week, that doesn’t mean we’ll forget what he did to the country. Once Obama leaves office, hopefully federal prison will be next for him ’cause he totally deserves that. Committing a lot of government crimes and thinking he can get away with it all. Hopefully once Trump gets in office, Trump will find enough evidence to prove Obama guilty especially for crimes like Benghazi, Operation F&F, the IRS targeting, etc. Hopefully that will happen soon. Hillary is not the only one that needs to be locked up. The entire Obama administration needs to be locked up too.

Anyway, Friday is a really exciting day and I can’t wait. Yes, I will be staying home on Friday so I can watch the Trump inauguration. The inauguration usually starts at 9 in the morning in D.C. and I’ll be up in the morning before then. Hopefully, Friday will be a peaceful day with no violence and no disruptions by those whiny crybabies.


More on the Stallone brothers at the Mar-a-Lago (Trump’s FL home) for Trump’s New Year’s Eve bash…

Enjoy the pics, y’all. The first pic is Frank Stallone, President Trump and Sly! The second pic is Sly and his wife Jen hanging with President Trump and our new first lady Melania.

I wonder if Sly’s liberal fans are gonna boycott Sly’s movies? Sly’s already getting all kinds of hate comments from his liberal fans in his facebook page, threatening to boycott his career. No surprise. Liberals are a bunch of crybabies for sure. Liberals don’t like me supporting Trump either but tough shit, I support who I want.

Congrats to Sly and Frank. Wish I could meet Trump too!


Trump and his supporters don’t hate, we just want you to wake up and realize that there are violent people out there… that is ALL!!!

It is interesting how the left continues to show so much disdain toward Trump and his supporters. They’re still like, “OMG… they’re so hateful toward people… they’re so disgusting and they shouldn’t be supported or respected.” blah blah blah, you get the deal. They falsely believe that we are racist only because we point out that some black people, illegal aliens and Muslims are violent people. They think we’re bigots and racists for that, I totally get it but the thing is, I don’t think liberals get it yet, sadly. You see, Donald Trump and his supporters are not hateful toward other people at all.

All we are trying to do is look out for each other. We’re trying to look out for all Americans even our liberals here. We care for all American lives. All we’re basically trying to do is trying to get the left to wake up that there are violent people out there in this world. It’s really that easy to understand is it? All of this started back when Trump announced his campaign for the presidency when he said that illegal aliens are bringing in rapists, drugs and murderers. Trump also gets a lot of flak for calling black people thugs for rioting at Trump rallies and calling some Muslims violent & dangerous. The left really can’t see that we’re trying to look out for them but they won’t let us. They just keep getting caught up in this politically correct madness that was started by the mainstream media.

We Trump supporters don’t hate at all. Just trying to point out that there are bad people out there and just looking out for your well-being. We get fed up with the left a lot ’cause they refuse to see what we’re trying to explain to them. We’re not racist. We’re not hateful bigots at all. We’re just scared people who are just scared for the safety of our country. Simple, right? We’re trying our best to teach liberals that not everyone is your friend around here. We just want them to stop feeling sorry for black criminals. We want them to stop feeling sorry for illegal aliens. We want them to stop feeling sorry for Muslims. These are the type of people they shouldn’t be feeling sorry for at all. All we’re trying to do is protect the people of America, including liberals.

America is the country where we live and grew up our lives on. Wouldn’t it be cool if we no longer have to look over our shoulder when we go out in public? If we go out in public anything can happen. It’s not a safe world out there at all. Yeah, you can get jumped by a bunch of black thugs when you’re just walking the streets. You can get an illegal alien pointing a gun to your face or holding a knife to your throat when you’re just out and about. You can become a victim of Islamic terrorism too. It’s not safe out there at all.

That’s what President Trump’s goal is to keep America safe… hence his slogan, “Make America Safe Again”. Crime rate is really high in America and it’s finally time to take care of that problem. This is pretty much one of the big reasons I got on board with supporting Trump ’cause I want to keep myself and my family safe from evil people. Liberals think there are wonderful and lovable people in this world and I’m just trying to tell them not everybody is their friend. I supported Trump ever since he announced his candidacy back in June of 2015 and I never turned my back on him no matter what anyone said.

I really hope he builds that wall like he promised to keep illegals out ’cause they are dangerous people. They are called “illegal” for a pretty good reason. Anybody who believes that black criminals, illegal aliens and Muslims are good people is probably brainwashed by the media or Bernie Sanders (who I fucking hate). There’s a lot of bad people out there, folks and that’s all we’re trying to tell you. It’s interesting how people don’t want to listen. If you get a couple of black dudes coming to rob your home or you get an illegal alien kidnapping your kids, don’t blame us. Blame yourself for not listening to us in the first place. These things happen. Do your research and get educated. You’ll be thankful that you did.