Kris Paronto gives Hollywood celebs the ultimate smackdown… GO KRIS!!!! \m/

Kris Paronto is the freakin’ man! He is so right that in the last 8 years in the age of Obama, the Obama presidency was nothing but celebrity. I’ve actually been trying to say that for a long time now. There’s no doubt that Obama is a huge narcissist and ego-maniac. He thought being a president was all about being “famous” and being a “celebrity” when being a president isn’t about that at all. Being president is about leading the country which Obama never did. Obama wanted to be famous himself and that’s probably the only reason he became president, I think. Obama wanted Hollywood to accept him which he did a good job at that because most movie stars and most music stars love him. That’s probably because Obama thought he was them. It’s why Obama didn’t do much to lead the country. He wanted to do whatever it took to become accepted. He definitely thought he was a “celebrity” which is why he did all of these talk show appearances, it’s why he did all of this golfing and going on vacations. He did all that because he thought he was a “celebrity” or something. Those are the kind of things what celebrities do, ya know?

I find it ridiculous that celebrities get defended when they get into politics. They get called “courageous” for speaking their minds. Liberals also defend celebs speaking politics because they feel that celebs has every right to an opinion. *ahem* No… celebs don’t talk opinions at all. They paint their “opinions” as if they are talking the “truth”. Ya know, treat their opinions as if they are “factual” which is rude and it’s why we’re fed up with them pretty much. They think they’re better than us ’cause they’re rich and more famous than us so they believe we see the world the same way they do when we don’t. Celebs are people who are probably brainwashed by their Obama and the mainstream media.

Kris Paronto is right… they need to shut up about politics and entertain us like they were set out to do. Ya know, when celebs whether movie stars or music stars ram their liberal politics down our throats, they don’t realize they are alienating their own fanbase. People get turned off and they’ll stop supporting their work when they do that stuff. I can’t tell you how many movie stars or music stars I put on the boycott list ’cause they won’t cut the shit: Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, U2, Madonna, Stephen King, Robert Deniro, etc. The list goes on and on. It’s real sad… all these people I used to like and admire.

When Trump gets in office, he won’t waste his time with fame. I don’t think you’ll see President Trump on Jimmy Kimmel, Fallon or Ellen or any of that junk. Trump is already a famous celebrity so he doesn’t need to care about fame unlike Barack Obama. This is why celebs hate Trump ’cause he’s not like them.


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