4 more days and we can finally say good riddance to Obama!!!


So Obama has finally been defeated which was a pretty long battle against Obozo but we finally took him down. He should have been taking down even sooner, though. Liberals and some independent voters keep hailing Obama as a hero president but really? What has Obama accomplished over the last 8 years of his presidency? Has anything positive came out about Obama’s presidency? I would say no to both of those questions. Obama hasn’t accomplished anything over the last 8 years and nothing positive came out about his presidency. If you think Obama’s presidency was positive and successful, I want to know what drugs you’re using. If you think Obama’s presidency was positive & successful then you’re probably brainwashed by CNN, NBC or the Washington Post. Maybe you follow garbage FB groups like Being Liberal or read liberal blogs like Media Matters.

Everything about Obama was so negative and evil… it’s crazy. If Hillary won the election instead, no doubt we would have to put up with Obama even longer. What if Obama was a part of Hillary’s administration or if he was appointed Supreme Court justice? Thank god none of that will be happening. Obama will be long gone. Oh yeah, btw y’all, so because Obama may be done with his presidency this week, that doesn’t mean we’ll forget what he did to the country. Once Obama leaves office, hopefully federal prison will be next for him ’cause he totally deserves that. Committing a lot of government crimes and thinking he can get away with it all. Hopefully once Trump gets in office, Trump will find enough evidence to prove Obama guilty especially for crimes like Benghazi, Operation F&F, the IRS targeting, etc. Hopefully that will happen soon. Hillary is not the only one that needs to be locked up. The entire Obama administration needs to be locked up too.

Anyway, Friday is a really exciting day and I can’t wait. Yes, I will be staying home on Friday so I can watch the Trump inauguration. The inauguration usually starts at 9 in the morning in D.C. and I’ll be up in the morning before then. Hopefully, Friday will be a peaceful day with no violence and no disruptions by those whiny crybabies.


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