Will I get into karate soon??? Thinking about it…

For a pretty long time, I’ve been wanting to get into karate and martial arts so I can have the fighting skills to defend myself just in case. I couldn’t find local karate lessons until now. I discovered that there is a karate school in my hometown in Greenwich, the “NY Martial Arts Academy”. I just contacted them in facebook the other day and they say that adult karate classes costs about $45 a month which isn’t bad. I know right where the NY Martial Arts Academy school is in Greenwich. Not hard to find at all.

If I were to get into karate though, I would have to stop boxing bootcamp class at the Y ’cause I don’t want to do too much, ya know?

Actually, I got into karate for a little while when I was a kid but I want to get back into it. I’ll think about getting into karate this year. I’ll stick with boxing for a little while longer and might think about switching to karate in the Spring/Summer. Not sure. Karate is something I’ve always wanted to do.

I just want to learn how to fight better. Learn how to defend myself in case I run into some bullies out there, ya know? I’ll never go out there and pick fights with people ’cause I’m not a violent guy at all… I just want to be able to defend myself. Plus karate is good for your health too and it’s fun.

I won’t ever give up Yoga, though. I’m sticking with Yoga for life. I’ll have to think about getting into karate instead of boxing soon. Not sure yet.



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