Trump kills TPP trade today, liberals will never admit that was a good thing…

President Trump is already doing a great job. He just signed three different executive orders today. He’s been signing executive orders like crazy ever since his inauguration last Friday. The big one TPP is dead for good.

I’ve noticed some Bernie fanatics in FB admitted that was a good thing even though they still don’t like Trump. They actually gave Trump props for that one; however, though most liberals still won’t admit it even though claim TPP is bad. They will always hate Trump no matter if Trump does good things for liberals which is sad and pathetic. Well, this is proof that Trump wants to make America great again for everyone. Doesn’t matter what side of the spectrum you’re on.

I’m already impressed with Trump which doesn’t surprise me really. He’s already getting right to work ever since he got sworn in. He’s been working all weekend long. There’s gonna be no breaks with this guy. President Trump will work all week… even on weekends. He won’t take much vacations and he may not take vacations at all during his presidency.

Over the years of Trump’s life, he was never much of a vacation guy. He spent over 30 years of his life working hard in Trump Tower. He will do the same in the White House. Spend most of his presidency working. That’s all he wants to do is work. He has always been a workaholic. Admit it, right?

It’s so awesome having Trump in the White House. From Obama to Trump, what a difference. Now that Trump is in the White House, I am now following the @potus and @flotus twitter handles and I’m following the official White House facebook and youtube channel. Trump is already doing a great job and I’m impressed with Sean Spicer the new press secretary. We finally  have an honest press secretary for once.

Thank you President Trump for coming to save America! You ROCK, Mr. President! \m/



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